Kris Allen Will Return to 'Idol' on Feb. 25th for Haitian Relief

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 18th 2010 8:20AM
kris_allen_microphone_american_idolAmid all the singing and interviews and pressure to make it in Hollywood, 'American Idol' actually slips in some good, humanitarian work. This year the giving is starting early to benefit the earthquake victims in Haiti, and last year's 'American Idol' winner Kris Allen will go to Haiti to offer a first hand account of the devastation.

'American Idol' teamed up with the United Nations Foundation to dedicate the February 25 'American Idol' episode to Haiti. During the results show -- and yes, there will be results -- viewers will see a video of Kris from his trip to Haiti, hear his music, and be encouraged to donate to the relief efforts via texting or an online web site. All the funds go to the bigger 'Idol Gives Back' drive that culminates with the April 21st special episode.

This is Kris's first return to 'American Idol' since he won in close battle with Adam Lambert last spring. Allen's trip to Haiti will take place this week, February 19, and it sounds like Kris really said these words in the statement because, to be frank, he comes off as a very sincere and honest guy. He said, "I'm looking forward to traveling to Haiti to see the UN's work firsthand. The people of Haiti are rebuilding their country, and the UN is there to help them every step of the way. I look forward to sharing the images and stories from my trip with 'Idol' viewers across the country."

Watch for him to find just the right song to express his feelings about the trip. It should make for a memorable show.

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Please someone (who knows) explain to me how as a naton we go be hero's to another when we can not help our own? Where were other countries when Katrinna hit?Yes I feel sorry for those in Haiti BUT what about us? Spending money again the US DOES NOT HAVE, now Idol steps in whatever. Did not WE ARE THE WORLD remake do anything,hell by the time America is done rebuilding Haiti.....we will have nothing left..... yeah we Americans showing off once again.

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Unfortunately, some people think that by dissing Kris it will somehow elevate Adam. It's just plain wrong for people to diss Adam as well in order to defend Kris, and if you're a Kris fan, Kris would be so ashamed of you. He doesn't need us defending him in that way. His critics said his single would never make it on the charts, and they have been proven wrong as it keeps climbing. His video has been #1 on VHS twice, and Adam's three times. They are both great friends, accepting of each other, though very different. Adam's album is outselling Kris' but I have no doubt that Kris' sales will pick up when he starts touring. You just have to watch the videos of Madison Square Garden or his Asia tour to see how well he connects with his audience and how much he is loved. He doesn't get the publicity that Adam does, but that's fine with him. I introduced his album to a friend yesterday and she was so impressed, she's already downloaded it. That's the way he'll gain fans - slowly and surely, which means he'll be around for a very long time. What an honor to be chosen to partner with the UN Foundation to share the needs of Haiti with the Idol audience. Wow. So proud of him. Can't wait until Thursday!

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I don't care what show it is already, but I am so damn sick and tired of every that has to do with Haiti now. Haiti NEVER did a damn thing for anybody ... now why should we have to rebuild a place that doesn't do anything for the world. We here in this country can't even afford to pay our own bills .... Screw American Idol. Oh yes I know this topic is about Kris Allen

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He has to do something with his time. Haiti first and then "Maybe" Country Fairs ! Adam Rules>>>>>>

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as I always stated... "KRIS WHO"? That is what he should've named his CD. "KRIS WHO? You mean Adam didn't win?"

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It's too bad that Kris isn't getting the push and support he deserves. I thought Adam Lameburt (see what I did there?) has only made an ass of himself and insulted what so many gays have been trying to establish, some dignity and respect. So, while Adam is kissing and grinding on his BBF on stage, I will be rooting for Kris, who is doing his thing...representing this great country. Adam, you can kisss offfffff.

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I'm a big fan of American Idol and I've never heard of Kris Allen. Is he the head of the Haitian Relief Committee?

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Kris Allen was a humanitarian long before he ever thought of being on Idol. While in college, he went to Tailand to help rebuild houses after the tsunami. He also went to Africa to help children with aids. Of course, this was not considered an interesting "back story" as Adam's gayness. We claim to want heroes or "idols" for our children, but then we idolize someone like Adam Lambert whose biggest concern is what color eyeshadow to wear. Give me a break!!

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Hooray for you luluu. I agree 110%....

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