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October 23, 2014

Lindsey Vonn Lands Bit Role on 'Law & Order'

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 1st 2010 2:09PM
Lindsey_Vonn_cropped_head Was that a real moment between Bob Costas and Lindsey Vonn during the NBC coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Saturday night ... or just a typical cross promotion for the Peacock network? You be the judge.

The gold medal winning American downhill ski champion, one of the darlings of the Vancouver games, appeared with Costas. At the end of the interview, Bob reminded Lindsey that she's the biggest 'Law & Order' fan in the world. Lindsey didn't deny it. She said it was true and the video they showed of her visiting the set and gushing about the show looked very sincere.

Well, just like a game show host, Bob announced that it was Lindsey's lucky day. 'Law & Order' Executive Producer Dick Wolf had written Lindsey into an upcoming episode of the show. Costas even had notes about the role and the lines. She's going to play a jury foreman who says, "We have, your honor" and "The jury finds him guilty." ... Well, so much for reasonable doubt!

It's very NBC to do something like this. Actually, all the networks are guilty of this kind of 'stick a sports star in a TV show' stuff. The thing about Lindsey Vonn, though, is that she's so gosh darn cute as a button that they'll be wasting her as a jury foreman. Lindsey actually volunteered to play a corpse, but that wouldn't have been using her to the best advantage.

While she may not be an actress, I think she could have been used in a more prominent way. Maybe as an expert who offers the detectives crucial information on a case, or even a witness who might know more than she's telling. She simply has a presence that seems magnetic, which may have every eye in the courtroom on the foreman.

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