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October 10, 2015

'Project Runway' - 'The Elements of Fashion' Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Mar 12th 2010 8:30AM
Project Runway's instructions are revealed on the roof.
(S07E08) 'Project Runway' uses this episode to appease their sponsor Garnier. With one day and $150 the contestants had to create outfits based off of the four natural elements somehow making sure that their models hair was incorporated. While I was hoping that the contestants would have had the four seasons instead, they all strayed away from being horrendously literal like Season Five's zodiac challenge. Instead, many were vague and picked blacks and grays to represent their outfits. While it is daring to go so dark, it poses the question: are these contestants afraid of color?

The Elements

Air - Jay, Jonathan, and Seth Aaron
Water - Maya and Ben
Fire - Anthony and Amy
Earth - Mila and Emilio
When Tim comes to visit, he doesn't give much criticism except to Ben. He warns that his pieces are better close up than on the runway. Just watching the contestants work, you knew that both Emilio and Anthony were just making dresses that would deem them safe, but not go too over the top. It's an interesting strategy: create pieces that are strong and well made, but not the show stopper.

I was really disappointed that there was little to no color in the competition. Sure, a contestant may not have wanted to be literal, but it would have been nice to see some reds or blues. If I had air, I would have made a flowy skirted outfit with a sheer sea green and called it "poison gas." I hated Mila's excuse of making an outfit inspired by minerals. I've seen white rocks before, she could have still color blocked. Diamonds and gemstones to fall under the "earth" category as well. If Amy managed to pull off the sandpaper dress last episode, then Mila could have color blocked blacks with browns with no problem.

For having only one day, I credit the designers for not just making a short dress. The creativity in this group overshadows last season where Althea got away with a tailored suit. Kudos to Jay for helping out Ben in the end. It shows that he was both confident in his own piece (immunity has perks) and willing to help friends. It made me wonder what exactly he helped with. It would have been funny if he was asked to sew on the shark teeth.

Fashion designer Roland Mouret joined Nina, Michael, and Heidi on the panel. I'm happy that it wasn't a Garnier correspondent, but it would have been hysterical if there was a scientist or meteorologist. As the outfits came down I have to admit for having immunity, I liked Jay's piece. I assume that his inspiration was a tornado. It has to be bad that the best compliment for Ben's that I had was that Alison's hair looked cool. Speaking of models, Brandise looked like Johnny Weir tonight; I could imagine him wearing Mila's ensemble. I loved how Jonathan's piece continued into Cerri's hair and I'm sure the Garnier people in the shadows were happy.

The high scorers were Seth Aaron (interesting jacket curves, consistent), Maya (beautiful, but referenced), and Jonathan (used model correctly, strong textile). The winner of the competition was Jonathan, after weeks of just being safe. The low scorers were: Mila (normal, not her), Amy (growing hair out of the chest, better without the hair but not by much), and Ben (poor fit, jock strap pants). Ben was eliminated.

It seems interesting to see that the people that got air had higher scores than the rest. Is it that much easier to conceptualize air? I mean, Jonathan created "laughter" and got away with it because of the romance. Other than the one time he was in the bottom, he's been quite consistent. Two contestants have fared better though: Jay (two wins, two high scoring pieces) and Maya (four high scoring pieces). Speaking of consistent, Ben was only in the top once and was safe for the rest of the episodes until his elimination. That has to be the definition of blending in with the wallpaper. How did you find the eliminations? Leave comments below.

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OK, if you are true to your ownself, won't there be natural repitition? Just asking.
I liked the elimination. The dude did a terrible job. Not that that has always meant elimination (bikini a week ago) but it should.
Mila is still in my final three

March 13 2010 at 1:04 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Although Maya's piece moved beautifully, when they got close up you could see the ends fraying and it didn't look well made.

I think it is funny when they tell one contestant that they are a one-trick-pony like Mila but then bust the chops of someone like Maya that uses another designer for inspiration.

March 12 2010 at 8:57 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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