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October 13, 2015

'Desperate Housewives' - 'My Two Young Men' Recap

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Mar 22nd 2010 12:50AM
Desperate Housewives(S06E18) "You should never trust family photos. They are designed to be deceiving." - Mary Alice when describing the Van De Kamp's photos

Last week's episode set a lot of storylines in motion: Preston and Irina's upcoming wedding, Sam becoming a part of Bree's life, Katherine and Robin potentially becoming a couple, and Patrick eventually finding the Bolens. This week, these four storylines continued to be developed and questions were raised as we fast approach the final episodes of this season of 'Desperate Housewives.'

Before I comment on these four storylines and the fact that Preston still has the worst fake mustache in TV history, I must warn you that the next new episode will air on April 18. That means we will have to wait close to a month before getting new dish on our favorite Wisteria Lane residents!

Preston and Irina's upcoming wedding

Lynette and Tom really have underestimated Irina's skills, will and power, eh? Preston is so blinded by love that he doesn't see how manipulative Irina is. She convinced him to ditch college in order to pay for a three-bedroom apartment and to move the wedding up so she would become Mrs. Scavo sooner rather than later, so Lynette could be taken out of the equation.

With such skills and beauty, I wonder why Irina is sticking with Preston instead of trying to find an old rich man to marry her and spoil her with his money. Could it be that really deep down, Irina does have some feelings for Preston? Or maybe she just wants to become a US citizen and decided to have some fun in the meantime? What's your take on Irina? Do you think she loves Preston?

As I've said last week, Irina's presence is offering us some pretty fun scenes. This week, it was the one where Lynette and Tom go down memory lane and remember what it was like in their first apartment!

Sam becoming a part of Bree's life

I admit it, I was blinded by the fact Rex somewhat came back in the picture -- I loved Rex! -- and didn't see the twisted turn of events coming: Sam may not be a Van De Kamp after all! Per Mary Alice's hints and because of the evil smile Sam had while eavesdropping on Bree and Orson's conversation, it does look like the photo is a fake and that Sam is not Rex's son after all.

Who is Sam? This twist means that some of the fan theories from when Sam was first introduced could turn out to be true. For example, Sam could be George's son after all. Sam could have decided to pretend he was Rex's son in order to get close to Bree, have her put her guard down, and hurt her when she least expects it -- to seek revenge for George's death.

I can't wait to see what Andrew will dig up and how he and Orson will use the intel to get Sam out of Bree's life. One great line from this storyline: "If you don't mind, I'll hug you later." - Andrew to Sam

Katherine and Robin potentially becoming a couple

It does look like the writers are paving the way for Katherine and Robin to leave the show. It wasn't surprising to see how much Katherine took to heart what other people thought about her, especially since she is all about appearances just as Bree is. What was surprising, at least to me, was to see Katherine tell Robin that she was wiling to follow her elsewhere and see where their relationship went. Talk about taking a leap of faith! Katherine may not be ready to have her friends and neighbors dish and gossip on her newfound relationship, but she is willing to give it a try. Good for her. She deserves some happiness after all the drama, no?

Katherine may have packed Robin's suitcases, but it's unlikely that the ladies will go to Paris or elsewhere before the season is over. However, since both Dana Delany and Julie Benz are starring in pilots, both could end up leaving Wisteria Lane if their series are picked up.

Patrick eventually finding the Bolens

Angie came clean about telling Rose that Patrick is Danny's son to Nick when she came back from her trip to New York. Even if Nick isn't Danny's biological father, he is the only father Danny ever knew, and he was there every step of the way. We even learned this week that Nick was in the delivery room and was the first person to hold Danny.

Sadly for Nick, Patrick knows exactly where they live now, and he's willing to kill in order to get back what Angie "stole" from him. If Patrick was wiling to kill Iris, Rose's neighbor, in order to keep secret the fact he was going after Angie, imagine what he'll be willing to do to people who'll stand in his way when trying to get Danny!!! Angie and Nick are in danger but so could other Wisteria Lane residents who may decide to step in Patrick's way. I wonder what Patrick would do if Danny told him to go away and leave him alone with Nick and Angie?

What did you think of this week's episode? Where do you think these storylines are going? Did you enjoy the other storyline of the episode which had Susan and Gaby selling candy bars in the hopes their kids would win?

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Once Irina gets the I do, then her whole family will be coming over from Russia & moving in with them.

March 25 2010 at 10:54 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Now that Andrew is continuing his decline (cheating, jealousy, etc.) I still wonder if they will ever revisit that little tidbit about how he put Gaby's mother in a coma (where she eventually died) when he was driving drunk. It seems like part of the show's DNA is that everyone always gets their comeuppance eventually in the end, like the long Orson arc.

March 23 2010 at 10:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Erica H.

Ok, i think you might be right about Sam, he seems more involved than ever.. i would like to know how he got that pic and why isn't anyone calling the grandma about this... maybe she would recognize the photo... who knows... but, obviously you are more knowledgable about immigration laws. But hey, who's to say she can't give immigration a heads up and tell them that they plan on getting married to keep her in the country.... it would "mess things up" for them considerably.

March 22 2010 at 6:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Erica H.

Ok, maybe I overthink the plot a little too much (yes, I am one of those unemployed now stay at home mommies until I get a job), but Lynnette's problems can be solved a little easier than she might think. Irina is not an American Citizen, and not working. How the hell does she have a visa to stay?????? Ok, I know they aren't real characters... but, an anonymous tip to the immigration dept may go a longgg way for her.
Yes, I am on board with thinking that Sam very well could be George's son. Or he's just an obsessive wacko that wants to be near her. I like that Orson and Andrew are in cahoots trying to find this out.
I love how Susan talked to MJ about "It's only a good deed if I keep it a secret." Clearly she saw Gabby's flaws again in parenting and gave in. That was sweet of her to teach her son that lesson.
Obviously Dana Delany is getting written off the show... not sure how missed she'll be, but ehh good luck to future endeavors.
Back to the Scavo's... I would love to see Tim play more of a role here. He has the opportunity to talk to Preston (yes world's fake mustache... my 3 year old could pull it off better) and maybe guide him in the right direction, or maybe a sibling...
Bolin story is getting very interesting and I agree with the author... who's to say that Danny wants to know him. Tell him the truth and let him make up his own mind.. unless Patrick needs a kidney and is gonna force him to give one up.. who knows.. this is DH!

March 22 2010 at 2:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Erica H.'s comment

You must not be very familiar with inmigration laws. Irina entered the US with an American tourist visa which means she can stay until the visa entry expires they're usually 180 days long maybe 90. SO she's probably good in that aspect. To get rid of her she should let them have their own house and realize that her son has grown and that if he wants to live with her and ruin his future its his choice but her and tom shouldnt give them any money. Also I think that Sam guy is in love with bree

March 22 2010 at 5:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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