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October 10, 2015

'The Biggest Loser' - 'Week Ten' Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 24th 2010 5:15AM
Melissa & Lance, 'The Biggest Loser: Couples 3'(S09E10) This week, the contestants got a chance to see what life will be like after their time on the show when they were all sent home for a week. No trainers, no access to the gym, no ranch kitchen. It certainly wasn't going to be a walk in the park. But at least it means we got to see some of our favorite past contestants, as they were there to welcome their loved ones home.

And we got to see Melissa again. Lance's wife has to be one of the most controversial figures of this entire season. Not to let her original stint stand, she was back in über-competitive mode again this week when Alison revealed that there was a marathon of a challenge for the contestants while they were at home.

There've been competitive game players before on 'The Biggest Loser,' and there are some there right now. Michael has proven himself more than willing to strategize to better his position. So why does it come across so poorly when Melissa is doing it?

I find myself wondering if Lance would have eaten 17 cupcakes had Melissa not been right there in his ear, the same way she was in her own when she was still on the ranch, psyching him into taking advantage of any advantage he can find.

The challenge was to ride a marathon on a stationary bike -- the opening challenge of the season the teams had to accomplish together. Each cupcake eaten was five minutes added onto the time of another competitor. I was a little surprised at how many of them actually ate the cupcakes, but even more surprised that they all underestimated Koli. While they were targeting Sam like crazy, and Sunshine and others, nobody thought that Sam's partner was a real threat in this competition?

I have to imagine they just blanked on it. Hell, Lance practically ate a cupcake for everyone there it seemed, and he missed Koli, as well. It was good news for Koli, as he walked away with $10,000 for his efforts. To his credit, he came in second place behind the heavily targeted Sam, so regardless, the original gray team continues to dominate physical challenges.

It was a lot of fun seeing familiar faces again, as well as the enthusiastic reactions everyone got from their homecomings. We got to see Daris take a girl out on a real date, though I don't think she was feeling it perhaps in the way he would like. She knows he's into her, but perhaps can't cross that friend barrier. I think all guys can relate to being on the disappointed side of that equation.

The weigh-in at the end of the week was absolutely insane. When I saw the numbers the blue team were putting up, I thought the black team was done for yet again. The dramatics of the episode were such that the producers seemed to be setting us up for the emotional satisfaction of a black team victory, but I didn't see how they were going to compete.

Luckily, Daris dropped a four creating an opening. An opening the black team apparently didn't need. Andrea split the difference between her fives and sevens and gave a six, but there was still hope. Then the craziness began, with Stephanie dropping the biggest number she's seen since the very first weigh-in: nine pounds! Ashley nailed double digits at ten and suddenly Sam had to drop only two pounds.

This was the guy who's starting to gain muscle mass. The guy who's already lost so much weight, he can't possibly put big numbers. Even a small number would work this week, and what did he do? Fourteen pounds?!

Somehow, for most of the contestants this week, there was no noticeable difference on the scale for their having been home for the entire week. I'm sure pedaling 26.2 miles helped, but still it's an amazing feat. I can't help but worry that it might indicate the next week will be more difficult.

Lance heading home wasn't a particular surprise, nor was his nine-pound weight loss since we last saw him. We have no idea how long it's been since he left the ranch, and I'm sure the time-frames are shortening so that the reveals at the finale will be more dramatic, but it certainly didn't leave an impressed impression. With him talking about how he sacrificed time working out to be with his family, the inconvenient distance to the gym and feeling Melissa needed him, I have a feeling he's struggling to maintain his exercise regimen.

Per the promos, familiar faces will return to the Ranch and fight for a chance to get back into the game, and someone else will show up for a live weigh-in: any thoughts on who that might be? First season winner Ryan Benson, perhaps? More likely, third season winner Erik Chopin who was shown recently in a 'Biggest Loser' special and challenged to get his act together and face the scales again (though I thought that was supposed to be at the finale). Either way, it should make for a crazy week.

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Mr. Bungle

The worst part about this episode was Melissa. I'm thinking Lance wouldn't have eaten one cupcake if it wasn't for her badgering. Funniest thing, as soon as the "What they look like now" segment was over I say to my wife, "I'm glad we don't have to see Melissa for awhile!". Then the promo comes up and look who's back next week! Gah.

March 24 2010 at 4:27 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I must say, Melissa was looking delish in those jeans. Lance is a lucky guy!

March 24 2010 at 9:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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