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October 4, 2015

'America's Next Top Model' - 'Let's Dance' Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Mar 25th 2010 5:18AM
Alexandra strikes a pose on ANTM
(S14E03) I find it amusing when two shows start bleeding into each other. This week 'America's Next Top Model' borrowed 'Project Runway's' sponsor Bluefly.com. Granted, this isn't the first time crossover has happened between the two shows. Previous contestants like Dani (Cycle 6), Bianca (Cycle 9), and Anya (Cycle 10) have modeled for contestants on their final runway shows. Because of that, I got several commercials for Bluefly.com with Anthony announcing "Period" each time.

Ren continued to self-eliminate herself throughout the episode, and yet didn't have the guts to actually quit. Tyra must be annoyed that the person that she hand picked didn't succeed.

The girls get on "Fab Bus," where cycle three contestant Tocarra Jones hosts a cheesy game show about model general knowledge. The game was obviously rigged to be biased towards the sponsor Bluefly.com, and it was also Tyra-centric. The final question's answer was, ironically, "Heidi Klum."

The winning team (Krista, Simone, Angelea, Alexandra, and Jessica) are joined by last week's top photo winner Reina to receive a $500 gift card to Bluefly.com. The bigger prize was that they had the chance to impress Melissa Payner, the president of Bluefly.com. One contestant would be selected to be part of their spring collection and receive a $2500 gift card. I have to wonder, at week three, how many photos are in the portfolio? They have the two previous weeks, possibly the make-over photo, and two photos from semi-finals. Simone ends up winning.

Back in the house, Alasia mysteriously disappears from the drama. Instead Brenda gets bashed. Krista calls her Geppetto, but Brenda also gets called Miranda ('Sex in the City') and Chucky. I love how Brenda gets upset at Anslee, instead of the people that called her names.

The photoshoot forces the girls to find inspiration by different types of dance. It's not the first time music has been involved. Most notably, photoshoots included the krump photoshoot in Cycle 6. Sadly, the girls don't use Troy Powell's dance experience to its fullest. If I were photographer Cade Martin, I'd be embarrassed to have my name associated with the shoot. Tyra includes moshing as a type of dance, and it made me wonder which dances could have been more fun. Here are some obvious choices that Tyra should have included: Bollywood, waltz, vogue, or pop.

The guest judge this week is Sean Patterson, president of Wilhelmina Models. There was a lot of negative comments for the contestants; while some lack emotion, others lack neck. Brenda gets bashed for looking like a soccer mom, while Alasia looks like a hooker with her swimsuit-as-a-top look. Tyra asks Ren point blank if she wants to stay or leave. The fact that she even had to ask, you obviously knew that Ren was going home.

I have to complain about the horrible photoshopping jobs this week on the girls. Look at Alasia's photo and you can see that the shadows are in the wrong place and the wood looks horrible. It also seems like the girls are hovering unnaturally too high. I understand that the trampoline was used for several of the shots, but the bottom could have been cropped a bit better.

Tyra announces the winner this week: Alasia. Sadly, she didn't lose any points for the hooker outfit. She is followed by Angelea, Jessica, Alexandra, Krista, Reina, Tatianna, Simone, and Anslee. The bottom two are Ren and Brenda. Ren admits that she is on the show for the wrong reasons. It didn't matter because Tyra was going to eliminate her. Brenda is told that she is getting yet another make-over to make her look less motherly.

Do you think the elimination would have continued if Ren quit during judging? Leave comments below.

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Ren was annoying from the get-go. She says she wants no drama yet, clearly stopped to repeat hurtful gossip to the person they were gossiping about. How did that help? Ren was negative and was afraid she would be eliminated soon, so she was putting her feelers out. She does look sickly and her photos were lousy. Bye.

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