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October 6, 2015

'Cougar Town' - 'Turn This Car Around' Recap

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 25th 2010 12:02AM
Sheryl Crow and Josh Hopkins in 'Cougar Town' - 'Turn This Car Around'(S01E18) Is it weird of me to think that the less I see of Courteney Cox in an episode, the more I like it?

Don't get me wrong; since this show has settled into being an ensemble show instead of being just about Jules Cobb, Cox's performance has become more nuanced and realistic. But what's also been happening is that the surrounding characters' stories have become more interesting, while Jules stays the same wine drinkin' fool she's been since day one.

So tonight, when Jules vows to not drink wine for a month, we saw what happens when Jules Cobb turns into Monica Gellar. It wasn't pleasant, but it also wasn't as annoying as it seemed to be portrayed. More on this later.

As has been the norm recently, the episode was very loosey-goosey in nature. We don't have a situation where everyone's lessons are tied together and people learn and grow at the end. Sometimes things are just at stalemate, like Andy's rivalry with Bobby's new dog Travis. Yes, he named the dog after his son. But then again, he names everything he likes after Travis, including his junk. So you can tell that Jules isn't the only one screwing that poor kid up.

It's interesting that the drooling Hooch clone they found to play the dog has a weird resemblance to Ian Gomez. You can just see it as Andy confronts the dog near the end of the episode. Maybe that's why the dog sat on Andy's face...

So now we have Sheryl Crow in the mix as a love interest for Grayson. Two things I figured out about Sheryl while watching this episode: a) she's not a great actress and b) the woman somehow doesn't age. Seriously, she looks the same at 48 than she did at 38, doesn't she? It'll be good to see Josh Hopkins riff off someone else for a while; his puppy dog affection for Jules just wasn't ringing true, and it seems that Herpes wine rep Sara is more of a match for Grayson, anyway.

Actually, I kind of wish we saw more of a back-and-forth between Grayson and Sara before she decided to kiss him. But I guess when you have a guest for only a few episodes, the story arc has to get compressed a bit. Are we going to see Jules eventually get jealous? Maybe. But for now, it was just good to see Crow's character interacting with the skeptical Ellie and the happy-as-a-clam Bobby while she was trying to figure out Grayson. Let's keep the infatuation triangles out of the show for now and just enjoy seeing Grayson get challenged by a woman for once.

Which brings us back to Jules and her desire to still change even after turning 40. You'd think the reverse intervention would be funnier than it actually was, but I don't know if the writers showed enough of how irritating she was being sans vino. Yes, she was more productive, more awake, and more annoying. But was it really enough of a change to get everyone to dodge her, including her son?

At the very least, I'd rather Jules deal with those issues rather than her man issues, so any plot where she plunges her car into a pool is a lot better than her fretting over whether to date some guy who was born in the '80s. Those storylines have gone away for good, it seems, and no one misses them a bit.

More fun stuff:
-- Bobby's dog elevator into the Jealous Much? was ingenious. Makes you wonder what the man can do when he puts his mind to things.

-- Was it me or did Grayson have his little guitar at the ready for the 'American Idol' party.

-- Only a 20-year old blonde would think that having six as a favorite number would make her seem like a nerd.

-- I agree with Sara: "Dude" is proper and timeless. And good in all situations.

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Didn't enjoy the episode. We've seen Jules driving her Lexus everywhere, and all of a sudden she plunks some old car into a pool? And the at the end she's back in her Lexus and pulls over to talk on her phone??? The Lexus comes standard with bluetooth. Just seemed lame to me.

March 25 2010 at 11:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Mike Rogus

He didn't say that he names everything he loves AFTER Travis. he said he names everything he loves Travis. A small difference, but an important one because he has had his junk for far longer than he has had a son...so it would be more accurate to say that he named Travis after his junk, which is FAR more terrifying ;)

March 25 2010 at 2:01 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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