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October 7, 2015

'Gossip Girl' - 'The Empire Strikes Jack' Recap

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Mar 29th 2010 11:10PM
Gossip Girl(S03E16) "I'm a firm believer in second chances." - Eleanor

I'm a believer in second chances, as well, but some people don't deserve second chances. Where 'Gossip Girl' is concerned, two of these people are Jack and Agnes. Both are bad news and only bring pain to our favorite characters.

Thankfully, the show brought back two beloved recurring characters that bring some balance to the dark side brought by Agnes and Jack: Eleanor and Dorota. How long has it been since we last saw those two? Long enough for Eleanor to have a complete new line of clothes ready to show the world and for Dorota to be ready to pop!

Jack, Elizabeth and Chuck

Let's admit it, seeing Chuck in trouble is entertaining. However, seeing Chuck's heart get broken as it was this week is not a pretty sight. I felt really bad for him when Elizabeth explained that she loved Jack and that she wasn't his mother. Chuck went through so much that I wanted him to get a happy ending for once. I'm glad that Elizabeth turned out to truly be Chuck's mother and that she wants to change. Maybe she will come back a new woman in the future and just in time to save Chuck and give him his happy ending?

Jack is a twisted master manipulator who is ready to crush everyone and anyone to get what he wants. It's understandable that Elizabeth would fall for him since she was crushed by Bart and needed someone who wouldn't judge her. However, Chuck was right when telling her that Jack probably didn't love her. Jack chose the hotel -- aka power and money -- over Elizabeth. Very deep down inside, I wouldn't be surprised if Jack did/does have feelings for Elizabeth; after all, he did ask her if she changed her mind so he sort of wanted her back. But Jack is blinded by power so he is not about to let buried feelings take over.

The war is on! Jack is resourceful, but Chuck and Blair can be, too, especially when working together. However, they'll need to play extremely dirty to win over Jack. Could it mean having to seduce Jack to bring him down? I don't like the thought of Blair and Jack again ... What do you think it'll take for Jack to be destroyed -- I don't want him dead -- and for Chuck to be back on top? Share your thoughts in comments below.

Blair and Eleanor

Speaking of Blair, she matured a bit more this week when she finally admitted to Eleanor that she (Blair) didn't have any friends and didn't fit in. You've got to love Eleanor, as she did and said everything that Blair needed to hear: Waldorf women do not fit in everywhere, and Blair will eventually find a place where she'll fit right in. Do you think that Eleanor tipped those Columbia girls about who Blair was? In any case, that encounter with fans was the boost Blair needed. Will we see her go to Columbia next year with Nate?

Jenny and Agnes

It was rather predictable that Agnes would go back to her old ways and mess things up for Jenny. Why else would the show bring the character back? Just to patch things up with Jenny and walk on the catwalk? I think not. Agnes came back with a bang, and it hurt Jenny. Good thing that Knight Nate was there to save the day. If he hadn't arrived in time, that creepy guy at the bar could have taken Little J's virginity without her consent.

It looks like Jenny's path is going back in the right direction with that job working for Eleanor. However, I sense that Jenny's feelings for Nate have resurfaced when he saved her. The way she looked at that picture of Serena and Nate on Gossip Girl's blog felt like she was about to gun Serena down in order to have Nate for herself. Does this mean we will have a step-sisters showdown?

Other tidbits of interest
  • Dorota is back and pregnant!!! Yay!
  • Message to Dan: Vanessa was right; you are boring and you need to spice things up! Too bad Vanessa caved in in the end, as that couple would have been much more interesting to watch if they had followed Serena's suggestion.
  • Lily was nowhere to be found this week since she is away to see her mother her ex. TV Squad reader Abby commented on my review of last week's episode that Lily is more than likely the one sick, not her mother. I hadn't thought of that option but it makes more sense than Lily traveling alone to see her ex to find a cure for whatever her mother has. It would also explain the really sad look on Lily's face when she lied to Rufus last week about where she was going. Lily hiding her own sickness would be more stressful than hiding her mother's illness. Do you agree with reader Abby that Lily is the one who is sick?

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Jenny better not mess with nate! I've been waiting since the beginning of season one to see him with serena and little j better not screw that up! Did you see the preview?!

March 30 2010 at 9:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Every time Dan and Vanessa come on, I just roll my eyes and occupy myself with something else for the time being. They have nothing to do with anyone anymore and I could not be more bored with them.

I was happy, however, to see the old Blair back and scheming in an effort to help her mother's line get bought by the chain store. Lately, all she has been doing is sitting around in Chuck's room, listening to him and offering advice. I miss the old devious Blair so I was so happy with her last night. And next week looks good for Blair and Chuck scheming together again!

Is the show setting a Nate/Jenny relationship up? I thought they tried this in S2 and dropped it fairly quickly.

March 30 2010 at 9:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Lily's definitely sick... I did noticed her scene with rufus las week, and that phone call somehow suggest that she's sick. why would her mother said that she need to come anyway?? the finale probably not about any pregnancy thing, maybe its about lily gets sicker...

Chuck/Blair scheming nex week...

please...not blair prostituting herself??!@#!#$! even worse if chuck has anything to do with this!!

March 30 2010 at 1:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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