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September 3, 2015

Mark Pellegrino Talks Jacob on 'Lost' and Lucifer on 'Supernatural'

by Laura Prudom, posted Mar 30th 2010 2:00PM
"You're scheming," Mark Pellegrino accused AOL TV at Creation Entertainment's "Salute to Supernatural" convention in Los Angeles on March 28. "You're trying to figure out a way to get in, but you won't. I challenge you: Go!"

Challenging Lucifer himself is an intimidating prospect, but you can't blame a reporter for trying. Pellegrino is currently starring on two of the most secretive, closely-guarded mystery shows on network television, ABC's 'Lost' and the CW's 'Supernatural,' so extracting spoilers from him was somewhat akin to getting blood from a stone. He revealed that, despite the legendary confidentiality agreements the 'Lost' cast is obligated to sign, he didn't recall ever putting his name on such a contract; but if you think that made him more forthcoming with gossip, you're sadly mistaken.

"If I gave you spoilers, I'd be that guy who ruined 'Lost' and wound up in a 55 gallon drum buried underneath Giants stadium," he told us in an one-on-one interview. While he might not have been able to give away the upcoming ending to the 'Lost' saga, or confirm whether Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will succeed in stopping the apocalypse before the devil deep-fries the planet, we were still able to glean some interesting hints about Lucifer and Jacob's upcoming roles in both shows.

Enigmatic Jacob is generally believed to be the epitome of goodness on 'Lost,' a "Christ-like carpenter figure," according to the show's executive producers, while 'Supernatural's' Lucifer is ... less of an upstanding citizen. To Pellegrino, the distinction is far from black and white. "Sometimes what appears to be evil on the outside may not be, and vice versa," the Los Angeles native said.Mark Pellegrino, Jacob "The characters are ambiguous, they're both kind of pursuing the right thing -- maybe in some inappropriate ways, but they still want the right thing. I leave the judgment to the audience."

As for other similarities between the characters, Pellegrino was quick to point out their differing motivations. "They're iconic and they have a certain say in a lot of universal things ... but I feel like with Lucifer, there can be a lot of experimentation and fun whereas with Jacob it's more stoic -- although there may be places where that changes, who knows?" he paused meaningfully (was that a 'Lost' spoiler we just heard?), "but he's always been more of an even, enlightened being, with a whole different kind of drive than Lucifer."

In the March 23 episode of 'Lost,' the smoke monster tried to convince Richard (Nestor Carbonell) that Jacob was the devil -- a role Pellegrino has obviously become more than acquainted with thanks to his stint on 'Supernatural.' "I don't know what it is that people see in me that makes them think, 'Oh yeah, Satan, Mark Pellegrino. We need somebody who's evil? Let's get this guy!'" he laughed. "Maybe it's something that I'm doing. You tell me, when I come in the room, do I give off a presence of darkness or evil? How do I make my eyes seem more benign?"

Despite the less than flattering typecasting, Pellegrino points out that he tries to approach all of his characters as justified and "good" in their own estimation. "Paul in 'Dexter' just wanted his family together, and this evil, murdering, real bad guy was in the way!" he said, referring to another iconic role he played, that of Rita's (Julie Benz) abusive husband, Paul Bennett, in the first season of the Showtime hit. "People come up to me and say 'I loved you in 'Dexter,' you were such an a**hole!' Why am I the a**hole? I'm not murdering people! Holy cow. I think I need to come back from the dead and haunt him."

To wrangle some 'Supernatural' spoilers from the affable actor, we tried a different tack, and in defining Lucifer's ultimate endgame, we finally found something that Pellegrino could give a definitive answer on: "He just wants to annihilate God, and God's henchman Michael. Annihilate them. Whatever it takes, whatever means necessary, because they're tricky too -- he's not the only one conniving and thinking, they're doing it too."

But God is supposedly AWOL from heaven, which doesn't leave much time for conniving; or so we're led to believe. "Yes, he does often give that appearance, doesn't he?" Pellegrino said coyly. "I think that's a good tool to use for people who've lost faith and hope, but appearances can be deceiving ..."

Mark Pellegrino LuciferAlthough Lucifer has been portrayed as more of a puppetmaster, pulling the strings in the background of 'Supernatural' this season, Pellegrino has still had the opportunity to sink his teeth into a number of meaty scenes. One of the most memorable, in his opinion, came in episode 10, when Lucifer came face to face with 'Supernatural's' other rogue angel, Castiel (Misha Collins). "We were like two gunfighters at the OK Corral, squaring off with each other. It was kind of fun, him in the circle of fire and getting all tough on me ... Well, not so tough; I got you trapped, whaddaya gonna do?" he laughed with Lucifer-esque malevolence. "And it's always fun working with the guys [Ackles and Padalecki] 'cause they're jokers and they have a good time."

When asked whether Lucifer and Castiel might have any more meaty scenes together this season, Pellegrino went back to being infuriatingly tight-lipped. "Maybe I have, maybe I haven't ..." he teased. "Didn't they set up something that might happen between he and I, in a way? Wasn't that what that scene was all about? It could've [led to another showdown] couldn't it? It's possible."

Pellegrino and Collins clearly have a competitive -- if playful -- working relationship; after hearing that the actor beneath Castiel's trenchcoat was very liberal with his cursing during Collins' Saturday Q&A session, Pellegrino was eager to one-up his co-star, peppering four letter words in every answer. Likewise, when our conversation turned towards the weirdest fan questions the actors had ever been asked, Pellegrino found that he even had a better answer than Collins when it came to the strangest pair of underwear he'd ever owned.

"I did a movie called 'Blood and Concrete,' ages and ages ago -- just kind of a freaky movie -- and in it, I had to chase Billy Zane around a table with my pants around my ankles, because I was after him, in that way, and I had American flag bikini underwear on. I actually kept those for a while because I liked them," he admitted wryly. "That's the most unusual pair I think I've ever owned. Unfortunately, I don't have them anymore, I wore them completely out."

You heard it here first, folks; Satan wears American flag undies. We wonder if Jacob prefers boxers or briefs ...

Are you eager to see Lucifer and Castiel face off on 'Supernatural' again? Do you think Jacob is an agent of good or evil on 'Lost'? Share your thoughts below!

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