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October 7, 2015

Will Wright is Bringing 'The Sims' to TV

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 31st 2010 9:00AM
EA GamesIf you ever wanted to produce your own TV show but never had the money, the crew willing to work for free, the ability to design realistic looking sets, or the drive to get up before dawn and shoot during the day's best light, there's hope.

Will Wright, the creator of the iconic line of "Sim" games including the popular "Sims," has created a program called the "Storymaker Engine" that lets ordinary schlubs like you and me create TV shows using Sims.

Wright and company are hoping that the stories created from this engine can be turned into an entertaining half-hour to hour of television for Current TV. "Machinima" shows like 'Red vs. Blue' and the 'South Park' 'Make Love, Not Warcraft' episode have helped bring some video game driven entertainment to audiences, but would you watch an entire show that was produced on a video game?

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Swell if we can make them do whatever we want, and use additions of the sorts so many people have modded to make the Sims better. But if it's exactly like the game, well.... who'd want to watch a show of people having to go to work and to the bathroom all the time?

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John F.C. Taylor

Tried one of the early Sims versions. That was it for me. Doubt that a TV show based on the Sims would be any more interesting. A program on my don't watch list.

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Sims 3 is already sort of boring so why would I watch a TV show made from it?

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Aren't there already two shows on Cartoon Network that are pretty much created in videogame engines? The Korean news 3d "re-enactment" show, and some dadaist show about a bizarre half-man-half-eagle thing that makes no sense.

I think the problem with this is not that it will be created in a videogame engine, it's that they are crowd sourcing the content, and I doubt there are enough good unknown creators out there to support very many episodes before the quality drops sharply. Then again, the Sims brand name has managed to get people to buy all sorts of awful stuff over the years, so there's that.

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