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October 14, 2015

'Damages' - 'All That Crap About Your Family' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 6th 2010 6:42AM
Damages, Lily Tomlin(S03E11) "I'm not your mother, Ellen, if that's what you were thinking." - Ann Connell

Well, my goodness. Louis Tobin's Ponzi scheme seems like small potatoes now, doesn't it? Joe Tobin was worried about having to live out his father's crime-ridden legacy? No worries on that; Joe's creating his own twisted legacy all by himself.

And Marilyn Tobin - gack! She's willing to waste her own granddaughter for the sake of what? A few bucks? 'All That Crap About Your Family' is a great title for this episode.

So we learned a little bit more about Ellen's home life when she was a child. It appears that her dad was abusive, if not sexually abusive to Ellen's sister. That would certainly contribute to all of her issues in the present day. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Ellen has to be mad at her mother for suggesting that Ann adopt her.

Who else thinks that Patty Hewes is behind Tom Shayes' death in the flash forward? Patty is pretty ticked off, first at Ellen because Curtis Gates found out she was working with Patty behind his back; then at Tom after he told Patty that it was he who thought it was a good idea to reach out to Tessa.

Patty: "So the two of you were strategizing behind my back? And then you lied to me about it."
Tom: "Yeah, I lied to you. Have you ever lied to me?"
Patty: "I've got work to do."
Tom: "I made a judgment call, and I took a risk. I'm done apologizing."

And, ooh, Patty is seeing too much of herself in Ellen: "It's always been about ambition with you," she told Ellen. "But I know you now ... you're a climber, a parasite, and you're ruthless. Just go. I want you out of my apartment. I want you out of my life." Go look in the mirror, Patty. You're talking about yourself. And then there was the whole thing about Patty firing Alex as she harked back to Ellen saying she thought Alex would fit right in at the firm. How do these people even function with all that mind-game baggage they're hauling around?

I'm not even sure what to think about the Arthur Frobisher movie. It still seems a little gratuitous, like they stuck it in there to get Frobisher back in the show. Then again, we did get these quotes out of it:

"Listen, this is Patty Hewes you're playing. The kind of woman who eats her young. When she looks across the table at the Frobisher character, she is pure unadulterated evil." - Frobisher to the actress playing Patty Hewes in the movie

"Ray Fisk was gay. Toss that in. Play with it a little next time." - Frobisher to the actor playing Fisk in the movie

Let's talk about Joe Tobin becoming completely unglued, afraid that Tessa will be a problem. This family is seriously messed up. First, Lenny tells Marilyn that she needs to tell Joe that Tessa is his daughter. Then, Joe has Tessa killed in cold blood, so there could be no ratting the family out on her part. And finally, we learn that Marilyn never told Joe, instead leading him to believe that Tessa was Louis' daughter. Oh, she's a cold one.

What did you guys think about this episode? I hope we get another season out of 'Damages.' I really want to see where the Ellen-Patty girl-mance goes next.

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Does anyone think Patty Hewes is really Ellen's mother?
I Love Glenn Close. And she is brilliant as Patty Hewes!
~ As is the show.

But I was watching a repeat of the last episode,
and the thought occurred that perhaps Patty is Ellen's Mother?????

When ellen was talking to the woman who took her in as a child, concerning her past.....
~ the woman NEVER mentioned ellen's mother's name. just kept saying "your mother"...
now what IF.. it turned out patty is ellen's mom, and who the woman was referring to.....

i know Weeks ago patty flinched when asked if she had ever had another child..

maybe i am just reaching...
all i know is

i just LOVE "Damages" !!!!!
and dontcha just love comedian lily tomlin
now that her character on the show has taken a turn as a conniving vindictive beotch!!! what a stretch from her comedic stints as Edith Ann and Ernestine!!! Love the show and the cast !!!!!

April 07 2010 at 12:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm sorry, one more question about season 2. near the end, when tom was trying to warn patty in the office, what exactly was that about? what had he just learned that he didn't already know? was it about the investigation? or did he just learn that they were going to have a third season?

April 06 2010 at 8:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Oh, and will they please just be done with it and butcher Corey? He's the only living creature without sin on this show and therefore must die a horrible senseless death. The waiting for it is making me ill.

April 06 2010 at 8:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ok. In a period of 84 hours we've watched seasons 1 and 2 and the first 11 episodes of season 3. We were Damage virgins before this and now not only has our view of humanity changed for the worse but something is wrong with us but we aren't quite sure what, we just feel sick all the time. But we have some ideas about what is going to happen.

When the actor playing Frobisher learns that Frobisher had David killed he will try to tell Ellen and then Frobisher will have the actor killed or Ellen will have Malcolm kill Frobisher because that wasn't really Malcolm on the porch where Tessa was killed, that was the Tanzanian (new character) who had convinced Carol (is Carol still alive?)in an email that his mom is sick and if she can just wire $9.7 billion from the faux charity account set up by Zedeck into his bank in Nigeria he'll pay her back double in a few months, but Marilyn had the Tanzanian killed separately from the Joe/Zedeck hit on Tessa because the Tanzanian is the only one who knows that Tessa is really Joe and Marilyn's child, who Marilyn birthed while on one of her charity excursions to Africa, which explains why she is really so attached to those kids there. Meantime, Tom is alive. It's his twin brother in the body bag, who actually climbed down from the horse in Patty's dream and materialized through the womb/hole in the wall and into real life, which is why his DNA, dental records and other identifying characteristics are identical. Ellen is pregnant with Tom's child who even though she is only 3 months in has doubled her weight. If it's a girl they're naming it Patty Saffron. If it's a boy it's Corey Fiske.

If there is anyone kind out there who can help me understand some things about Season 2 we would be grateful (I'm using we but there's nobody else here). Was the FBI investigation always corrupt? We say no because it started before the UNR/Pell storyline began. We say Pell - who is kind of like the Metternich of this show - jumped in and bought/bullied the "Pam" agent and his boss. The corruption was why there was no official file at the FBI. Patty learned about the investigation from Ellen (brilliant play there to save her cover) but by then it was already compromised and that's when Tom's sister went to work? So everything Patty learned about the investigation was after it was corrupted which effectively provided cover for Ellen, until the church scene between Pell and Patty (sending God screaming for the exits) - an unrealistic scene because neither of them would have made it past the holy water without being scalded. But when Ellen had Tom busted Tom already knew it was corrupt? And then Patty learned from Pell that Ellen was the informant, but decided not to bust her as a fair trade for trying to kill Ellen the season before. Although at that point she and Patty hadn't had their literal tete-a-tete in Ellen's hotel room. And why did Tom give Ellen the gun and did he know what she was going to do with it? Did I fall asleep at some point and miss something? I'm very sorry. That won't happen again. After cramming 37 episodes worth of these people in 3 1/2 days i'm never ever ever going to be able to sleep well again. i'm grateful for the show because all the people in my life who i laughingly believed did bad things to me i've forgiven in my heart and will tell them so. Everyone I know is kind and unsuitable for this kind of programming.

April 06 2010 at 8:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm with you guys!

It seems every week after the show airs I'm saying , "And the plot thickens".... but they haven't gotten around to clearing up so much of the storyline. And yet the season is almost over.

I have a feeling the finale is going to have lots of AHA moments.

April 06 2010 at 12:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

We've only got 2 more episodes, and there seem to be a lot of loose ends/unresolved subplots:

1. The movie. Is it really JUST a movie, or is something more going on here?

2. Lenny's mysterious background and villainous father.

3. The architect who was going to remodel Patty's condo. Whatever happened to him?

4. Ellen's family issues.

I suspect it would take more than the remaining 2 hours to tie this all up neatly, in addition to solving 4 murders (so far) and a huge fraud.

April 06 2010 at 10:20 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to bcarter3's comment

I'm assuming the finale will be two hours, but still ... point taken. There is a lot to cover!

April 06 2010 at 10:51 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

> I hope we get another season out of 'Damages.' I really want to see where the Ellen-Patty girl-mance goes next.

It was canceled last week, wasn't it?

April 06 2010 at 10:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to Jim's comment

FX won't be ordering any more episodes but there's still a small chance that DirecTV might pick it up: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2010/04/02/directv-rescue-damages-fx/

April 06 2010 at 10:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No one has come out and said it has been cancelled. FX has not renewed it to date either. There was a report that they were "talking" with DirectTV about sharing the cost etc.

My fingers are crossed that it will not be cancelled. Love this show!!!

April 09 2010 at 1:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This show sure has a lot of those "I'm boiling on the inside but trying to appear composed on the outside" moments: Ann Connel telling Ellen that her mother tried to give her away; Patty learning from Ellen that her son was still with his girlfriend and they were having a baby; Lenny finding out that his mother had died months ago and no one had told him.

Regarding the Frobisher plot, I don't recall the s1 details but I don't think he ever had to publicly admit to being responsible for the death of Ellen's fiance so it seems to me like a possible trajectory would be for Terry the actor guy to be freaked out by learning what happened and letting it slip.

I'm with you on Patty being behind Tom's death though. That is certainly the kind of thing she would do to someone she has perceived as betraying her. And how about that firing of Alex? Patty has ice water in her veins, that was a brutal scene. It felt to me like she realized at that very moment that Ellen was the best employee/partner she could ever hope to have and wanted to start doing everything possible to get her back and in Patty-logic that meant letting go of "Ellen Lite" so she could go back to "Ellen Classic".

April 06 2010 at 10:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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