Fox Upping the Music for a Week

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 7th 2010 3:04PM
Homer SimpsonWith the success of 'American Idol,' 'Glee,' and other music-related franchises, it should be no wonder that Fox wants to milk it by having music-themed episodes of several of its shows for the end of April and beginning of May. These shows include 'The Simpsons,' 'Family Guy,' 'Bones,' 'Fringe,' and 'House.'

Before anybody panics and starts envisioning David Boreanaz or Hugh Laurie breaking out in a rendition of 'Feelings' in the middle of a dramatic moment, the article states that the episodes will be music-themed but not necessarily musicals. 'Family Guy' often has musical numbers in their episodes and it's not even a stretch to have Homer and Marge to break out in song. But the character of Bones? Or House? No way.

House will most likely treat a rock star patient and Bones will have to investigate something involving an opera singer or some such plot device. Yes, it's silly, but it could be worse. Remember when NBC went green for a week and introduced Greenzo? I rest my case.

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Erm, House has broken out into song before. A number of times actually. Not to mention how often he plays the guitar or piano. And everyone else has already mentioned the times the Bones cast has too, so I'm not really sure why anyone would think it'd be a stretch or out of character in any way. Unless they really have such little faith in the writers and think that they'll purposefully put music in random intense scenes instead of working it in like they always do.

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doc g

Did anyone see the Tyler Perry movie-AARG, I forgot the name of it-maybe "Diary of a Mad Black Woman?" The ady who plays Cam on Bones had a role as a woman struggling with drug addiction, and near the end of the movie, she sang a Gospel number with her daughter in the movie. She has a fantastic voice. She really should do Broadway. If they do episodes of Bones with musical numbers, the writers/producers should really consider giving her the mike. They definitely won't be disappointed.

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If anyone wants to take the time and google the actors of their favorite shows/movies, they'll find a lot of them have college degrees and they know that the tv/movie industry won't last forever and they have a degree to fall back on. They may not make the same kind of money as in La La Land, but their lives don't and won't depend on Hollywood for income. Smart people always have a backup plan!

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Where does AOL get them? Obviously this TV Squad scribe doesn't know what he's talking about. As already mentioned, both Bones and House feature music as offered up by the shows' stars and also the use of specific recordings on House to highlight the moment. Brad Trechak: A name to avoid in the future.

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Bones already had their musical episode. It was the season finale after Booth had brain surgery and was imagining himself married to Bones and they were owners of a night club. Sweets sang on that one.

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I heard that the Bones episode is a murder at a music camp and that Booth and Bones will do a duet near the end, him on guitar, her singing.
I'm not so sure abou the House episode but I heard mention of karaoke.

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After the limp DWTS and AI this season, cookie cutter series like BONES are refreshing. At least we know the characters are acting! Let's see a few more decent shows to absorb the tedium of these so called reality fiascos. GLEE? I am well past kid soaps and find it presumptive and boring.

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Happy Steve

Sing it Boreanaz! Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking...
Oh Margie, you came and you found me a turkey, On my vacation away from workie...

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Almost any kind of musical episode would be preferable to the glaring product placement scene with Angela and Sweets' fiance Daisy in a recent episode of Bones. The dialogue about Angela's need for a minivan because she is an artist was so incredibly lame, and the whole scene was awkwardly placed in the episode. While I understand the need for sponsorship and advertising, does it have to be so intrusive on the storyline?

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