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October 4, 2015

'America's Next Top Model' - 'Smile and Pose' Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Apr 8th 2010 1:03AM
Angalea looks like she is in her comfort zone
(S14E05) When 'America's Next Top Model' starts off with a statement about drinking pickle juice and bodily functions, you know there will be something really odd about the episode. Anslee continues to cry through most of the episode, but fortunately for her, Tyra isn't done with airing her emotions on the show, and she doesn't even land in the bottom three.

My biggest concern for this show is the fact that Angelea gets high amounts of praise for looking heavily transsexual. I'm not sure if I get her whole appeal. Whereas Cycle 8 winner Jaslene could look drag, she understood her angles and fixed her chin by the end. Angelea still hasn't been given enough criticism about looking more feminine and could be the winner for 'RuPaul's Drag Race.'

Miss J meets the models at Roosevelt Island to teach the girls about creating chemistry with a male model. Oddly, they didn't do this last week when there was a real male model involved. Thanks to Tyra, who messed up the schedule? The girls have to practice the power of the icebreaker by trying to impress Nigel Barker. While some looked really silly (Angelea) and others mean (Tatianna), the standout performance came from Jessica. I'm not sure if she actually took the whole lesson seriously, but she gets up on Nigel and flirts to the nth degree as if Miss J and the cameras weren't there. She strips her coat and sweater and then starts to feel up Nigel. The look on Nigel's face was priceless.

Later that night, Nigel and Ann Shoket announce a challenge photoshoot. The girls had to wear lingerie and create chemistry with really jolly comedian Ross Matthews. That laugh of his is both annoying and intriguing, and while he does his best to throw off the girls, they mess up on their own. Alexandra squats on Ross, as if she was taking a dump. Angelea decides that putting her leg up and revealing her crotch is a great shot. Somehow Jessica's really pushy attitude comes in handy and she pushes Ross to a good picture, snagging her a $6,500 pair of earrings.

The finding light challenge from Cycle 12The photoshoot is all about counterfeit outfits. Jay tries his best to explain that millions of designers are losing money because of counterfeit fashion, but in all reality, I doubt that many people would want to spend so much money on clothes. The girls wear knock-off clothes, but oddly they recycle fake furs that were used in the "finding light" photoshoot in Cycle 12.

The guest judge is legendary supermodel Pat Cleveland. I had a problem with Krista's shot because not only did she look vacant, she looked like a plastic Barbie doll. Alexandra's photo is decent, but to the judges, it looks catalogue. Tatianna lucks into her shot again. Reina made some good twist for having a very boxy torso. If you want to see rectangles, find the behind-the-scenes shots of her in lingerie. Angelea pulls off the "and what" look on her face; alas, that's her normal face and she still looks drag.

After deliberation, Tyra announces the winner: Jessica. She is followed by Angalea, Krista, Alasia, Anslee, Brenda, and Reina. The bottom two are Tatianna (lucked into photos) and Alexandra (nice body, bad posing). Tatianna is eliminated and is told that she has potential.

There have to have been several previous contestants that lucked into photos week after week, but Tatianna must have been too boring to keep her around. Now that Alexandra has survived at least another week, creating a drinking game around every time Alexandra refers to her competitive nature would be interesting.

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I think Jessica rocked this challenge. I personally think she's the most beautiful girl that has the ability to also look high fashion. I'll be rooting for her, until Tyra realizes Jessica's pretty than her and throws her out. (she does it every "Cycle")...


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