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October 9, 2015

Lucasfilm Making Another 'Star Wars' Animated Series

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 19th 2010 1:00PM
Robot Chicken Star WarsIt's not what you think. It's much worse. Apparently, a Lucasfilm representative at C2E2 confirmed that the company will be making another 'Star Wars' animated series that will serve as a sequel to 'Return of the Jedi' and feature all the original characters from the first trilogy. It will be in the same computer animated format as the current 'Clone Wars' series on Cartoon Network.

Perhaps this will be the comedy series with the 'Robot Chicken' creators that he was referring to in the past. Or perhaps it's a variation of that live-action 'Star Wars' television show that is forthcoming. Or perhaps it's just Lucas messing with the heads of any fans of the franchise even further than he already has.

Anybody who reads the original novels that serve as a sequel to the original trilogy is in for a nasty shock. Lucas has a tendency to ignore concepts that he himself didn't originate that actually enhance his franchise. It's likely that any new series will render those novels as moot as 'Galactica 1980.'

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I believe Seth Green said he wanted to do a third Star Wars Robot Chicken. Also, don't forget Seth Green is on Family Guy, and Seth McFarlane said HE wants to do a third Star Wars Family Guy.

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I think the only new SW animated series that's been confirmed is a YOUNG "children's" show, ala "Muppet Babies"...ugggh. Let's hope it's not true. Still waiting for the "gritty" live-action SW show that was supposed to be on-air by now...but the current animated Clone Wars series surprised me and is actually pretty damn good.

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1 reply to helas's comment

They've definitely confirmed that Seth Green will be doing a SW comedy... just no firm details yet.

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We already saw the live action versions of 7, 8, & 9... It was called Return of the Jedi.

Lucas did originally intend on 9 pictures. However, he got burnt out after ESB and totally retooled his script and story for Episode 6.

Ever thought ROTJ felt like two movies with the Jabba stuff and then Endor? Imagine that... The Jabba stuff was supposed to be episode 6. Period.

Then there were 3 more movies planned with all sorts of known quantities. Leia wasn't initially supposed to be "the other" Yoda was referencing in ESB, Obi-Wan was supposed to return in corporeal form and fight alongside Luke in the lava pit under the imperial palace on Coruscant...

All of these things are moot and pointless now, as Lucas decided in 1982 to only have SW comprise 6 pictures. Star Wars on the big screen as Lucas wants to tell it, is about Anakin Skywalker. Well, unless the comment about not everyone we think is dead is dead refers to Anakin, then that's just not ever going to happen. We'd be more likely to get an Old Republic tale or something totally detached from the Skywalkers. As it is, the story you want has already been told in all its Ewoky goodness. And unless you want Lucas to retcon and actually resurrect Anakin or Vader, there is no episode 7.

All that said, I think there's a great Episode 7 to be made....... just not by George Lucas.

Oh, and IGN reported that this was directly in response to questions about Seth Green's animated project... so......... someone either is putting in info that didn't really exist (maybe IGN?), or someone doesn't know the context of the answer (maybe TVSquad?). Dunno which...

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Richard Ott

Worrying all for nothing, you are. Another animated
TV series on Cartoon Network, it will be. The final
3 live-action movies, I'm hoping this will inspire.
If not, happy I will be, to follow all 3 TV series.
Star Wars, my favorite science fiction movie, it was.
Grown up with Frank Oz & Sesame Street, I have.
Hope this long ride continues, I do.

April 19 2010 at 1:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Enough with the cartoons. Just give the reins to some talented filmmaker and screenwriter and let's see the LIVE ACTION movie versions of Episodes 7, 8, and 9 all ready!

April 19 2010 at 1:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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