'American Idol' - 'Idol Gives Back/1 of 7 Voted Off' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 21st 2010 11:09PM
American Idol, Idol Gives Back 2010
It's "Inspiration Week" on 'American Idol,' which means the Idols sang inspirational songs on Tuesday, and 'Idol Gives Back' was on tap for tonight. It's truly amazing how much this charitable endeavor helps people around the globe. It's not easy to see all of the suffering going on in the world -- especially the children -- but it's really easy to pick up the phone and make a small donation that could save a kid's life.

Tonight, celebrities reported on the huge malaria problem in Africa; Save the Children; a food bank in Monrovia, Calif.; and global health, among others. At the end of the show, Simon Cowell reported that $15 million had been raised during the two hours the show aired. That's awesome. For more info and to learn how you can give, check out 'Idol Gives Back.'

The eclectic mix of celebrities and presenters included President and Mrs. Obama, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Victoria Beckham, Jonah Hill, Russell Brand and Captain "Sully" Sullenberger.

Queen Latifah co-hosted from Pasadena, and performers included the Black-Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, the Mary J. Blige All-Star Band (with Randy Jackson on bass guitar), Elton John, Wanda Sykes, Carrie Underwood, Jeff Beck and Joss Stone.

A few highlights:

Jonah Hill and Russell Brand insisted on manning the "phone banks," only no one of interest showed up. It was a little odd, though, because they had a fake Woody Allen, Marilyn Monroe and Tom Cruise, but the real Slash, former Idol Tatiana del Toro and Octomom and some of her kids (at least, I think it was the real Octomom -- it certainly looked like her). Then the real Jim Carrey showed up, but left because no one important was there. It just seemed a little weird that they'd have a few "real" people there, and call them unimportant. But, whatever.

Ryan Seacrest announced that "Mr. Lopez" won the prize of joining him on stage to man the microphone. It turned out to be George Lopez, who did his best Seacrest impression: "Dim the lights! Too dim, brighten the lights! Too bright, now I've got eyes like Danny Gokey! Disco Lights!" When they finally got the lights right, Lopez began judging the judges. Randy Jackson is safe, even though he says "dawg" more than George's relative who works at the dog pound. Kara's safe, even though no cute boy on the show is (camera pans awkwardly to Casey James). Ellen's safe, and when George got to Simon, he said, "Every now and then, wear a large T-shirt. I'm not saying your shirts are tight, Simon, but people at home can tell how cold it is in the studio."

I happened to check George's twitter feed right after this, and he tweeted: "I felt bad talking about Simon when I was wearing spandex under my suit!" Gotta love George.

As mentioned earlier, we saw a video of the judges and other celebs visiting people in need, but my favorite was Annie Lennox, who visited a young girl with AIDS. That poor girl looked so sick and deathly thin, like she wouldn't last another day, but a follow-up visit after she'd had medical care showed her healthy and thriving. That was a really inspiring segment.

Betwixt and between everything, we learned who would be going home this week. Tim Urban, Casey James and Aaron Kelly were in the bottom three, and Tim headed home.

Are you happy or sad to see the Comeback Kid go home? Honestly, it's no secret that he's not the best singer there, but he's adorable, and I'm happy he made it this far.

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