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October 7, 2015

'The Mentalist' - 'Blood Money' Recap

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Apr 22nd 2010 12:14AM
(S02E19) "I'll see you clowns in court!" - Sylvan to the CBI team

The prediction I made in my 'The Red Box' review came true: the "clowns" went to court and we saw the aftermath of Jane's investigation methods.

With little surprise, Jane's unusual methods to catch killers bit him in the behind. No matter, it was interesting to see Jane's behavior in court, how the team reacted to the case being dismissed because of Jane's antics, and how Hightower dealt with the ordeal.

Jane clearly stated early in the episode that he was all about revenge. Therefore, we had to expect him to try his best, no matter the cost, to catch the person who hired Sylvan and get Lisbon back on duty. Of course, he did both. However, I would have liked to see Lisbon off duty for at least one more episode to see how it would have affected the team in the long run.

As soon as we saw Annabelle in the wheelchair, I knew she was faking it and was the brains behind the operation. I actually thought that she was the one who hired Sylvan so to seek revenge on the ADA that was prosecuting her son. What a fool I was as the clues leading to the real killer were all laid out in front of us. It took Jane's recount of the events and clues for me to see that ADA Odenthal was the one who hired Sylvan! Never did I connect the dots that Sylvan's attorney would have searched for Jane's presence in the house only if she had been tipped off by someone from the inside!

Odenthal seemed to know a lot about Jane's investigation methods and he surely knew that Jane closed case after case. With that info in hand, it was foolish of Odenthal to use Jane to have the case be dismissed as it was almost a certainty that Jane would eventually find out Odenthal hired Sylvan. Then again, Odenthal was blinded by his aspirations and probably thought he was better than Jane.

Hightower followed through on her warning to Lisbon and Jane that Lisbon would be suspended if Jane wasn't following procedures. She also once again proved that she supports Jane 100 percent and wants him to stay with CBI as she quickly told him Lisbon needed time off anyway. It was her way to smooth things over with Jane so not to have him leave CBI while Lisbon was away.

If Hightower wanted to ensure that Lisbon would keep Jane as much in line as possible, Hightower should not only have left Lisbon suspended for the amount of days she decided at first, but she should have added a few extra days to it as Lisbon returned to the case without Hightower's permission. Even if Lisbon arrested ADA Odenthal and solved the case of "one of their own," she still disobeyed orders and let Jane do his thing so cutting the suspension short means, in a way, that Hightower approves with Lisbon not following orders (aka her suspension). It's a given that Lisbon will be in hot water again because of Jane, will Hightower be able to suspend Lisbon again and have her (Lisbon) not return to the case of the week?

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Hightower made a bad leadership move in cutting Lisbon's suspension short? Share your thoughts below!

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I thought it was a great episode! I always wondered what would happen when people take the cases that Jane had closed to court. It also got back to the way the show had been in season one, where we got to follow along with the cause, and the bad guy wasn't just some random guy. We got to look at the things that Jane saw when he suspected the bad guy.

I also loved the call-back to the season one episode where Jane caught the killer who was pretending to be in a wheelchair, because he checked his shoes and saw that they were scuffed. "I should have checked the shoes!"

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