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October 24, 2014

'Chuck' - 'Chuck Versus the Honeymooners' Recap

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 26th 2010 9:30PM
(S03E14) Let's review the steps that brought us to this moment: 'Chuck' originally only had a 13 episode order for this season so the last episode wrapped things up pretty well and left the story on a happy note. Then, NBC ordered additional episodes (see details in our Chris Fedak interview), so in effect we're seeing "Season 3.2". Also, there's a good chance that 'Chuck' will be renewed next year.
That's everything. Shall we begin with this episode? Okeedokee then.

Chuck and Sarah are now officially together. The question is, what happens next? That's what they have to ask themselves while they're on a train in France.

Obviously, contrary to what they established at the beginning of the episode, there was no way in hell that they were quitting the spy game. You do that and the show is over. Still, it was nice to have the montage in the beginning where Chuck and Sarah pretty much work off three years of frustration.

It's kind of funny that General Beckman orders Morgan to help Casey find Chuck, given her initial reticence towards letting him on the team. It's even funnier how Morgan knows Chuck so well that he can track him through Europe. Funniest of all, it was Morgan who outed those spies that were after Juan Diego, based on things he read in a guidebook.

Yvonne Strahovski's southern accent was hilarious. I hope she has reason to use it again in the future.

It's also nice that General Beckman, while officially not even acknowledging their relationship, unofficially encourages Chuck and Sarah to be together. Again, it has to be the case otherwise there is no series.

The appearance of Jeffster! only proves how horrible Jeff looks in no sleeves. You could see Awesome's fear at their presence, given how they ruined his wedding initially. Jeff regularly looks horrible, but the lack of sleeves made it worse. Then, after they went all Steve Jobs and switched to turtlenecks, they were actually pretty good. Perhaps Jeffster! could be a viable alternate career for Jeff and Lester.

Chuck is starting to act like a real spy and is making a good team with Sarah to the point where Morgan has taken on the role of comic relief initially reserved for him. It should lead to an interesting dynamic in the future, particularly if Morgan ends up teamed with Casey a lot more. The Morgan/Casey team could become the most interesting part of 'Chuck.'

Didn't anybody on the street in France notice the guns and the people tied up in the bakery? Why didn't anybody alert the gendarme? Still, it did give us the chance to see Chuck and Sarah practice their swing dance martial arts skills.

This episode was a nice introduction to the new dynamic for the show. It was a little light on Buy More drama but I'm sure we'll see more of that in the coming weeks. Is there even a point of involving the Buy More subplot anymore other than seeing more of Jeffster!?

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