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October 7, 2015

'Grey's Anatomy' - 'Hook, Line and Sinner' Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Apr 29th 2010 11:00PM
The Sloan family adds a member.
(S06E20) After several weeks of repeats, 'Grey's Anatomy' returns with an explosion of cast drama. The episode on a whole underwhelmed and could have been placed before the repeats. The Arizona/Callie baby issues continue, Teddy is still awkward in her situation, Owen still feels caught between two women, and Mark is still in a midlife crisis.

There were classic moments that reminded me of the heyday of 'Grey's,' where Cristina was the squealing fan to the rock star doctor, when Bailey told it like it is to Lexie, and the final moment between Derek and Meredith. It saddened me when we saw a few seconds of the lunch room, and the smallest table had Meredith, Christina and Alex as the only people remaining from the original interns. Alex really needs a plot line instead of having to sit alone and pout about life.

The Callie and Arizona relationship has now gone downhill. I understand in the real world that partners spend long amounts of time discussing the pluses and minuses of starting a family, but the condescending nature of Callie in trying to connect Arizona's brother to her issues turned me off. If Arizona doesn't want a baby, stop pressuring her or trying to think there's some psychological background. It's really tough seeing the two not see eye to eye when they had one of the stable relationships earlier this season.

I stand on my statement weeks earlier that Eric Dane can't act; it's painful to watch when the baby acted better than Mark or Sloan. Dane's three basic moments were "Look at my baby," "Grr, I'm angry!" and "I guess I was wrong, here's your baby." Just because he can get flush in the face doesn't make him a good actor. Hopefully, they could push Mark's character to the supporting side after this storyline. I appreciate the way the storyline was involved, though Arizona being the only rational one made me wonder. How would Mark realistically take a break to take care of the baby and support his daughter?

Owen hit a new low when he tried to underhand Teddy in front of Derek. Just minutes ago he tried to comfort Teddy in the elevator. Does Owen have that much trouble keeping his hands off of Teddy? As for Teddy, she's a good teacher to Cristina, but nothing can compare to Burke. Anyone who reads entertainment news and saw that Kim Raver got signed on as a regular for next season knew that Teddy wasn't going anywhere any time soon.

I'm really liking the Jackson/Meredith connection because -- unlike most of the relationships formed on the show -- there isn't any sexual tension. The two appreciate each other because of the fact that they live under the shadow of their family and see each other as capable doctors. Jackson is the only Mercy Wester who has assimilated on the TV cast who isn't crazy. Interestingly, Jackson was the only male who didn't act like an ass, but I'm sure a writer or Shonda Rhimes will mess his story up.

As for the other nuances of the show, there wasn't enough Meredith/Derek screen time. I hated the irony of the (former) Chief not telling Derek what to do followed by him telling Derek that loyalty was important. April is crazy; I can't wait to have her kill someone. My biggest pet peeve in television/movies are the portrayal of babies. The baby was nowhere near the size, age, or look of a newborn baby. Haven't there been enough breakthroughs in special effects so that a rubber baby combined with some CGI could be created to be more realistic. That being said, the already 1-year-old looked really cute. How did you like the episode? Leave comments below.

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I think Callie and Arizona were both annoying yet both kind of correct. Callie wants kids Arizona doesn't. The way they both told or explained to each other why or why not they did or didn't want kids was annoying but they were both correct in attempting to convince the other. Arizona has been a very nice developed character and has been pretty consistent. I am glad that she didn't just give in because that is not the character that has been established up until this point. Callie has chosen to be with someone that doesn't want kids. She has to figure out if being with Arizona is something she wants or having kids because unless Arizona dramatically changes this is how it's going to be. Arizona shouldn't change who she is, Callie shouldn't change who she is. They have to figure it out and hopefully soon, because as you said, they were one of the most stable couples on the show and were super adorable at that.

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I love it when Calli-Zona make up....and make out.

April 30 2010 at 8:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Nisha Taylor

I have to enthusiastically disagree with two of your assessments. 1) I know bad acting, just look at most of the cast on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Eric Dane is prefectly suitable for his role. I'm not saying he's Oscar material, but he holds his own... and 2) Callie was not the bad guy in this episode, Arizona was. I usually love Arizona, but this episode she was an umcompromising, insensitive, stubborn B**ch! She didn't even attempt to listen to Callie or show any compassion. I was shocked by how almost rude she was. Callie deserves better. I understand some people don't want kids, but gosh, did she have to be so mean!

PS: I would love to see Callie and Sloan raise a family together, but it's nice for this one "couple" onscreen to not be sexual, because that seems to be Shonda's favorite writing mechanism!

April 30 2010 at 2:57 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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I guess I feel more sympathy for Arizona because she has made it clear from the beginning she doesn't want kids and gave clear reasoning why. Callie is the one who was annoying to me- the constant attempts to make Arizona change her mind. It's a good illustration of how people think that even if someone doesn't want kids, once they have one of their own, their hearts will melt, cue music and happy ending comes.

Doesn't work that way. I feel bad for Callie, and I hope the relationship works out between them, but a compromise in order and I think she is the one who needs to make it for her to continue. People shouldn't be forced to have kids if they don't want them.

Meanwhile, I too loved seeing Meredith, Christina and Alex together at lunch. I have been missing that element of the show, which I think is the heart of it- the friendship of these people through everything.

And I loved Bailey's advice and I love more that Lexi took it. This was more like classic GA and I hope they stay here!

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