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October 4, 2015

'Parks and Recreation' - '94 Meetings' Recap

by Kona Gallagher, posted Apr 29th 2010 10:00PM
parks and recThank you, 'Parks and Recreation,' for finally remembering that Leslie was in love with Mark. I haven't been shy when it comes to my dislike of Mark and Anne's relationship, but the thing that bugged me the most is the fact that after being in love with this guy for something like six years, she's suddenly over him. Not only is she over him, but she has no problem with her best friend dating him -- it just never seemed that believable to me.

Now, with the news of Mark and Anne possibly moving in together and getting married, we see that yes, Leslie does remember the past six years of her life, and this new development does bother her. I'm glad that they didn't make her into an emotional wreck, but the acknowledgment of, "yes, maybe the gazebo isn't the only thing that's bothering me" was really nice.

Speaking of the gazebo, what the hell was going on there? I don't care how many meetings Ron Swanson avoids; you can't just go and tear down an historic site. I understand that things are done a little differently in Pawnee, but it's still a part of the U.S., and historic sites aren't just demolished willy-nilly, and they're certainly not damaged so that horrifically detailed naked paintings of octogenarians can be proudly displayed. It's not as though it's a collection of Duke Silver albums or anything.

How awesome is it that April has always known who Ron is and has never said anything? I guess she sort of lives a double life with her perfect suburban family, so she can appreciate the value of separating her work life from her home life. Except when it comes to dating people who work in the same building -- that's apparently fair game.

I also appreciate Andy finally vocalizing what I've suspected: that he finally realized that there's a pretty big age difference between him and April, and it's freaking him out. It's such a normal reaction, which is something we rarely see from this very abnormal guy. Realizing that the person you're interested in was an infant when you were in third grade is a weird feeling. I love how he's pushing her away, while still trying to maintain their friendship. It's obviously not going to work, but it's realistic in a wonderfully awkward way.

Other fun things from this episode:

- Tom's narrow feet and his "tiny body" that Leslie wanted him to sacrifice.
- Anne having to diagnose people. My step-mother's a nurse, and I always do the same thing to her.
- Jerry getting sent home early in favor of someone who doesn't even work there.
- Andy's crazy, crazy eyes throughout all of his interviews.

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And some other fun things in this episode:Leslie chained to the gate which then simply swung open,April's sister after Ron introduced himself,Leslie asking for some cake after interrupting the party. What a terrific show!

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Key Rick

I guess you could be right about Leslie's saddness over Mark & Anne, but she told Tom her funk was over how when couples she knows marry it's like two single friends of hers die. That, in another wonderfully awkward way, is a realistic thing for her character to say.

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