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August 29, 2015

'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' - 'Jumping Ship' Recap

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Apr 29th 2010 10:30PM
Sandra schemes against Russell in tonight's episode
(S20E11) While this season of 'Survivor' is supposed to be the epic battle between good and evil, that's not really how it's going down. We've got a mish-mash going on here, folks. We have had some decent folks in the villain camp, some evil in the heroes, villains battling villains as heroes take on their fellow heroes. The battle lines were drawn, smudged and are now almost completely obliterated. It's a ball of confusion or, as an ex-'Big Brother' houseguest would put it -- 'a spool of lies.'

A good guy like JT upped his game and decided to think this season. That did him in. Overall, the villains have had a lot more going on than the heroes. Tonight we're in for the big smackdown between Sandra and Russell. But that surely won't be the only brouhaha, will it?

Okay, we're starting off the night with five villains -- Russell, Parvati, Jerri, Sandra and Danielle. The heroes are four strong ... um, well, four -- Colby, Rupert, Amanda and Candice. Parvati played both of the hidden idols last week to save both Jerri and Sandra, so no idols are in play. Sandra wants Russell out and wants to flip, giving the heroes the voting majority. But Russell, in his creepy omniscient kind of way, realizes it and feels he needs to flip a hero.

Who can Russell get to join him on the Dark Side? Certainly not Rupert, Colby or Amanda. Candice is his only shot. If he flips her and Sandra stays loyal to the villains, good for him. If Sandra abandons them and he gains Candice, the status quo remains the same. It's win-win for Russell. No matter which woman does what, both are on the bottom of their tribe totem poles. They're both going to have to ride under the radar (Candice) or fight to stay (Sandra).

So we have that pesky dilemma going on for them, but we had even more drama tonight. We had a cat fight! Meow! When the randomly selected team of Amanda, Colby and Danielle won the shuffleboard reward challenge, the girls both went into it thinking they'd find a clue to the next hidden idol. Colby, as he has been for most of this season, was clueless. He watched 'Treasure Island' as Danielle found the clue in the popcorn bowl, tried to hide it and Amanda tried to snag it from her. Fisticuffs! A shot rang out! The maid screamed! Er, not quite. However, it looked like they were almost to the point of slaps and scratches. Colby, much to Amanda's chagrin, declared it was Danielle's clue and that ended it.

Going into the immunity challenge, the heroes were sure that Danielle had found the idol. They don't know Russell's uncanny idol-finding ways. Of course, he found it and kept it a secret from his tribemates. But he didn't hide it from Candice. Like the dubious guy offering small children candy, he showed her the idol and brought her all the way into the Dark Side. I don't know. Maybe he hypnotizes them or something. He's sleaze, but everyone knows it and they keep following him along like rats following the Pied Piper.

In the house of cards immunity challenge, the only two in competition for the win were Jerri and Russell. I thought Russell's house looked more sturdy, but Jerri beat him in the race for height. She won her first immunity challenge ever. Good for her, but she's not going to win the million. Even though she was the snappy witch in her other seasons, she's way too mellow to go with the real bad guys this season.

Now, Candice ratted out Sandra for flipping. Sandra tried to bring Candice back into the hero fold with the logic of numbers. Candice told Russell they were targeting him and, when they found out, they switched the target to Parvati, not telling Candice. They did that just in case Danielle gave Russell her idol. Meanwhile, the villains targeted the best player on the heroes tribe, Amanda. After all, Rupert is only Rupert and Colby is ineffective this season. They should think of getting rid of them. If Colby or Rupert make it to the end, either could win over the jury.

In the end, Sandra and Candice both voted with the villains block. Yep, you heard me. Colby, Rupert and Amanda voted for Parvati. Everyone else voted for Amanda. Russell, nervous for just about the first time, played the hidden idol because he thought the vote was going down for him. This season isn't going as I thought it would, but I'm hooked. I just don't know how Russell does it, do you?

How does Russell do it?
He slips mickies in their coconuts20 (5.3%)
Hypnotism16 (4.2%)
His slime aura is absorbed by nearby victims37 (9.8%)
They're just plain stupid!271 (71.7%)
Aliens, it has to be aliens25 (6.6%)
Other, you tell me in comments9 (2.4%)

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Why, oh why didn't Russell take advantage of the fact Sandra flipped on him, and vote her skanky ass out? It didn't make any sense to me to keep her around if she cannot be trusted. This is the point in the game where if you don't get rid of ppl like her, they go all the way, and win the game. Can't stand the bitch, I think Russell is the BEST gameplayer of all time, only one problem: he never gets the million dollars

April 30 2010 at 7:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Brent McKee

Russell succeeds for one simple reason: none of these people has seen his season of the show! They don't know him and don't understand his strengths and weaknesses. Rob figured him out early but because both Tyson and Coach bought Russell's line of of "bovine scatology"Rob couldn't do anything to get rid of him. Rupert has figured it out pretty quickly after meeting him (must have been a side effect of playing a season with Jonny Fairplay) but nobody respects Rupert as a thinker. Sandra sees it and is using it beautifully.

April 30 2010 at 5:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"I'm swimming in yay!" over this season of Survivor. Although I could read Candice like a book before Tribal Council... if you asked me last week if this would happen, I would have said "no way."

I'm sad to see Amanda go, I think she's a good player, but she just didn't have the right people around her from the beginning and made some serious mistakes (she's too nice) along the way. (1. She was the main cause of JT being eliminated last week because she gave Parvati too much information. 2. She could have switched to the Villains alliance easily, but she decided to say loyal to the Heroes 3. Gave up that clue to Danielle 4. Didn't make a play to keep herself in the game after that.)

I think Parvati has the best chance of winning at this point. Followed by Russell. Then Sandra. Then Candice. Then Danielle. Then Rupert. Then Jerri. Then Colby. See why...


April 30 2010 at 11:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Sir Yuck-Yuck

Tribal council voting see what the members of Yin-Yang said when they cast their votes that led to Amanda's torch being snuffed out

April 30 2010 at 2:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Russell has said how he does it, he just plants the Russell seed.

April 30 2010 at 2:04 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

You gotta love Russell, he is a gamer. He makes these people believe whatever he wants them to. I just don't get it.

Amanda has the eyes of a social-path.
Crazy with a huge C.

April 30 2010 at 12:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Does Russell have one more immunity idol after playing the one tonight or is he out of idols?

April 30 2010 at 12:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to KMAD's comment
Jackie Schnoop

He gave the other idol to Parvati last week, so he's out of them. I don't know how long that will last.

April 30 2010 at 12:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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