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October 6, 2015

Soap Round-Up: 'One Life's' Todd Nearly Dies ... and More

by Allison Waldman, posted May 1st 2010 9:00AM
Welcome to the Soap Round-Up, a weekly recap from all the soap action this past week. To make the column even more timely, check it out every Friday evening! Remember, we'll recap each and every soap, from 'All My Children' to 'The Young and the Restless,' so if you don't want to know what aired already, consider this a SPOILER ALERT. Oh, one last thing, please comment and join the conversation. We love hearing from you!

'One Life to Live'
Cole believed that Todd caused Marty's fall and in an act of sheer violence, he beat Todd to a pulp. Todd was rushed into emergency surgery, and during a touch-and-go operation, Todd had a nightmare in which he confronted his worst fears. Kelly found Rodney's dead body in her office, and she realized that whoever killed her mother may have killed Rodney, too. Cole was arrested for attacking Todd, while John served a barely recovered Todd with an arrest warrant for causing Marty's accident.

jax_general_hospital_ingo_rademacher'General Hospital'
Michael found a friend in Maya when she let him hide out at the boathouse, but later he was spotted by others. Claire got Johnny to rattle Lisa, the lone juror who was voting for Sonny's innocence. Dante wasn't conflicted about what to do, but when the trial resumed, Dante told the judge the truth -- that Michael had killed Claudia, not Sonny. Carly was recalled to the stand and contradicted Dante's testimony to protect Michael. Lucky pulled a gun on Jason when he tried to keep him from arresting Michael.

'All My Children'

Damon learned that Tad was his father. David was frustrated that Greenlee could not return his love. Scott lead Marissa to believe that Annie's infidelity had been with him so she wouldn't suspect JR. Greenlee gave Madison an ultimatum: work at the casino or work for Fusion. Erica told Jack they could not have an intimate relationship. Amanda's stalker grew bolder, while David schemed to get some dirt on Madison.

'As the World Turns'
Janet broke up Dusty. The judge ruled on Eliza's custody, but Emily wasn't there for Paul. Liberty blasted Parker for ransacking Gabriel's room. Carly learned that Craig was broke, and Parker discovered that his trust fund had been cleaned out. A desperate Craig set fire to the Monte Carlo for the insurance money. Craig was unaware that Parker had left Gabriel unconscious and trapped in the fire. Lily and Lucinda recognized Gabriel was Craig's son. Margo and Jack suspected foul play at the Monte Carlo.

'The Bold and the Beautiful'
The photo of Eric and Stephanie kissing appeared online and Eric had reason to worry about Donna's reaction. Bill gave Donna a list of demands for Eric in the event they were divorced. Katie questioned Bill's motives when the demands included Eric forfeit one-half of his part of Forrester Creations to Donna. Stephen urged Bill to punish Eric and Stephanie. At the hospital, Jackie discovered that Bridget was getting a paternity test. Bridget finally admitted to Jackie that Owen might be the baby's father.

EJ_days_of_our_lives_NBC'The Young and the Restless'
Chance arrested both Victor and Nick for Adam's murder. Tucker offered Ashley the the CEO job at Jabot. Heather and Rafe contemplated the possibility that Patty might really be Emily. Sarah forced Patty to go through with the plan to kill Michael. The plan to kill Phyllis hit a snag. Jack found proof that Emily is not the woman he thought she was. Lily decided to go ahead with her cancer treatment. Ryder tried to help Jana and Lauren, but Jana suffered a seizure. Amber was reunited with Little E.

'Days of Our Lives'
Hope's alternate personality became more aggressive. Sami rescued EJ after he'd been attacked. Chloe feared Nathan would tell Daniel that she had sex with Philip. Vivian was disappointed that Chloe kept it together instead of going after Carly. Sami decided to move into the DiMera mansion with the kids. EJ accused Nicole of attacking him, unaware that it was really Hope. Philip told Stephanie that he was responsible for screwing up his relationships.

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I'm finding myself addicted to GH, Days & even AMC (who would've thought that a yr ago!) lately. I think OLTL has rebounded since it's rough (IMO) Feb sweeps Mitch Lawence crap. It's been nice to see Viki back in the mix. I've been most dissapointed with Y&R to the point that I've stopped watching it daily.

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