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October 9, 2015
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Michael Douglas Calls Son's Jail Sentence 'Adequate' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted May 3rd 2010 1:30PM
Michael Douglas spoke out on son Cameron's sentencing last month to five years in jail for dealing meth and possession of heroin, calling the sentence "adequate" given his son's crime on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC).

"Look, my son was a drug dealer and he's been trying to kill himself for a while and I can't condone his behavior," Douglas said. "So, I think that the court recognized his drug addiction as well as the crime that he committed, and it's an adequate, I think, amount of time ... and the best part is he will be able to start his life afresh."

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Donna Kennedy

Every parent who cares about their children or extended families have many challenges these days, I know for a fact; rich or poor, a parent is a parent, most of us do the best we can do to give the best; most times, sadly, it involves sacrifice; when we give birth to beautiful children, we never anticipate the worst. Times have changed, discipline has changed, kids know how to work the system; ALL parents are left to carry the burden; even though we do the best we can do; Michael Douglas is celebrity, but he has bore the same burden as all of us do; his son is in prison, but he is alive; there is hope; so many do not have that chance; there was no way drugs could have come into our family, but it happened, and led to other things; I did all I could do, others have had the same experience. It is not about money, fame, it is an awful issue that we all face as parents; and we are helpless. I know what I have dealt, and many of you have dealt worse; what I say is that we can't change the paths of our children, we can't even discipline as what was acceptible at one time; but if our children are alive, and face the possibility of rehab, they are not dead, and we still have hope; dollars doesn't make a difference; they are still our babies; no matter the term, if our child is alive, there is hope. Again, the kids make choices, and in the best of circumstances, drugs are out of our control. It is painful, at any level, and we always try to blame us; or someone else; truth is..it happens; no matter where you live, HOW you live; care about your child, and everyone affected; if you can feel good about yourself, then you can work through the process with your child; beyond that, they made choices; it is painful every day; but I can say; my daughter did do drugs, but more worse, her mates did, and are not past them; it cost me my life; but, I take one day at a time; forget about jail terms, think about your loved one, and start living for you; don't laugh, the pain does not go away; but we did not create it; I cry every day, but I know I did right; you will find that if you think about it; there was no break for the Douglas's, just a last ditch effort to save their child; sorry if I said too much; and most won't see; I care very much and care deeply for your kids; Michael Douglas could not prevent his son from prison; you could not either, or what will happen to mine; but no matter the age, circumstances, etc...there is hope; THAT is the most important thing; few will see this, but as one in pain, I promise, I work every day, look at what is good, and though I am a mess at times, I feel good about what I did, and gave, you need to do that as well. I love all of you that keep strength, it is hard, but we can do it; love for our chilren, we can't let that go, but we are also here for a certan amount of time....we deserve our time on earth; I talk too much sometimes; hope I helped. Be well. dk

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