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October 22, 2014

Seven Shows That Could Use a Time Jump

by Rich Keller, posted May 3rd 2010 2:03PM
'Heroes' is one of seven shows that could use a time jumpOver the last few seasons a number of shows -- 'One Tree Hill,' 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Lost' -- have used the concept of time jumping to generate public interest and open up new storylines. Now, 'Brothers & Sisters' will be making a small time jump between this season and next. Money was on this show, 'Gossip Girl,' or 'Phineas and Ferb.' to make the jump.

This, as usual, got us to thinking of other currently running programs that could use a time shift to freshen them up. Subsequently, this led us to put our thoughts down on the hyperlinked paged for debate and comment. After the jump are but a few examples and how a time jump could benefit them.

'Army Wives'
-- This would be a controversial one, but it should be mentioned. Jump ahead to a point where both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are over and everyone has begun returning home. Let that season be the one that shows how the troops, as a group, handle the semi-permanent return back to home life. True, this has been done somewhat since the series began, but this jump could lead to a new set of stories as everyone faces new realities and challenges.

'Dexter' -- While season five of the series will pick up right after the events of the season four finale, it would still be interesting for this show to time jump. Just a few years, to the point where Harrison is around five or six and Dexter has been able to tamp down his desire to kill while raising his child. That could certainly open up new plot points, including a return to Dexter's killing ways and a potential decision to treat Harrison the same way as his adoptive father did to him.

'Heroes' -- If there's a series that needs a jump start from a time shift it may be this one! After a season that was deemed lackluster at best, moving this show ahead a few months, or even a year, could give it the fresh perspective it needs. Especially if they continue the storyline where the heroes reveal their abilities to the public. The time jump could show how the characters now handle their new found fame.

'The Office' -- Since Steve Carrell is thinking of leaving 'The Office' after season seven, now would be a good time as ever to time jump this series. A year into the future, all of those hours of film have been turned into a hugely successful documentary, making Michael Scott a star. The Scranton office is now run by someone new (best guess: Heather Locklear), with some new and old faces getting ready for a follow-up documentary. Ricky Gervais did this in the original 'Office's' holiday special, so there's a precedent here.

'The Simpsons' -- For the last two decades the writers over at 'The Simpsons' have had good luck squeezing as much story as they could out of Bart and Lisa. Now, it's time to age them a bit. Not into their biological ages of 28 and 30, but enough years to put them in middle school (6th and 8th grade, respectively). That gives them some new teachers and students to bother or impress. Oh, they can leave Maggie as a baby if they want.

'Stargate Universe' --
While the show's current concept of discovery and survival is intriguing right now, viewers are going to get tired of the latest ship breakdown or stranded crew very soon. Perhaps the creators of the show can time jump out about 6 months at the beginning of the new season and show a more stable ship and a crew willing to explore more and bicker less. If fans have questions, the creators can fill in the missing half a year in other future episodes.

'Hannah Montana' -- Forget the move to a horse ranch for the last season! Jump ahead four years...Miley's now a washed-up, former teenage pop star that got married, had kids, shaved her head, then drove around L.A. with her newborn in the driver's seat. Hmmm, where have I heard that storyline before?

Which show do you think needs a big time jump?

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