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October 9, 2015

'Biggest Loser' Makeovers: Before and After Pictures

by Jason Hughes, posted May 5th 2010 4:00PM
Biggest Loser makeover episodeOne of the most anticipated episodes of any season of 'The Biggest Loser' is the one we've come to know as "Makeover Week." After months on campus, shedding pounds and transforming their lives on the inside, the contestants get the chance to showcase their new physique with a fresh wardrobe and professional styling.

This season, they were treated to a new hairstyle by Jonathan Antin of 'Shear Genius' fame. They were then ushered into a room of mirrors where, unbeknownst to them, loved ones were witnessing their new look just as they were taking it in. All of this was in anticipation of a special private concert performed by Ashanti to celebrate their monumental achievements.

Check out pictures of the six remaining contestants -- before and after their makeovers.

Sunshine Hampton, Biggest Loser

Sunshine Hampton
97 pounds lost so far

She shared her makeover moment with her brothers, who were behind the mirrors. Upon seeing her new look, her brother Jazz said, "When I saw Sunshine, I felt starstruck. I could not believe it was her ... she looked amazing."

"I've never seen them so shocked before," she said of their reactions. "They have no idea the changes I've gone through."

"I keep looking at mirror after mirror after mirror thinking, 'That's not me. That's not me. That's not me,'" Hampton said. "I keep looking for the right mirror, and then I'm like 'Holy crap, that is me.' I've never been this happy before."

Koli Palu, Biggest Loser

Koli Palu
159 pounds lost so far

In the Tongan culture, a lei is given during great accomplishments like a graduation. After his makeover, Palu's parents presented him with one in honor of the achievement of transforming his life. "To see him like this," said his mother Melesieni, "To see him have that look that he's happy and comfortable about himself: priceless."

About his new look, Palu said, "I looked at every angle in the mirror and I don't see the big belly. I don't see the hunched over. I don't see the same old Koli. I was able to look myself straight in the eye and be proud of how I look and what I've done."

Ashley Johnston, Biggest Loser

Ashley Johnston
136 pounds lost so far

"She looks phenomenal," her sister Cyndie said upon seeing the new Johnston . "She has this tiny little waist and this skinny little neck ... I was worried. I felt like I was going to lose my sister young. I think for me being able to see her now look so beautiful and feel so beautiful. It's really great."

Johnston could barely recognize herself in the mirror. "I'm just floored at the way I have changed. When I look back at the girl I was when I first came [to 'The Biggest Loser'], I don't feel like I know who she is anymore. And to look at myself now, it's like looking at how much I've accomplished ... I totally feel more sexy and more womanly than ever. I love it."

Sam Poueu, Biggest Loser

Sam Poueu
134 pounds lost so far

Like Palu, Poueu also was presented with a lei by his parents as part of the Tongan tradition. "He turned his whole life around coming here," his mother Joyce said. "He needed this. I look at his face and it's just so much brighter. He's happy with himself."

Poueu said he couldn't help but stare at himself in the mirror. "I know this is me, but is this the real me? It's happening right now," he said. "There you are, take it in. Breathe it in. And that's all I could do. It's like, how do I digest this moment right now."

Daris George Biggest Loser

Daris George
141 pounds lost so far

George's sister and father were there to share the moment with him. They were stunned to find that he had 34-inch jeans in his wardrobe now "He's been big for so long," his sister Brandi said. "I just know he's had to work really heard to get where he is."

"You're looking good son," his father Dan added. "You really are."

"I had to take a double-take because I can't believe it's me and I can't stop smiling," George said upon seeing himself. "I see my face and all that hair is gone. I can look myself straight in the face and like what I see. I'm just loving every minute of this."

Mike Ventrella Biggest Loser

Michael Ventrella
192 pounds lost so far

"This is the moment," Ventrella said of his new makeover. "The clothes, the hair, the weight-loss. Everything came together. I'm looking around and I'm just amazed at how different I look."

"Right now, I'm 343 pounds. I'm not even close to being done and already it's worth it," he added. "I can't even imagine being happier than I am right now."

Seeing his new look, Ventrella's overweight sister Rosangela pleaded for help. "You gotta teach me, Michael," she said.

"I see that pain in her eyes," Michael said. "I've lived with that pain for years, but it breaks my heart. In another way it makes me happy because now she gets it. She's 20 years old and missed such a big part of her life."

"I'll teach you everything," he promised.

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wow. wish I could do that. I'm not that heavy but... I don't stay on diets or exercise well.

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