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October 4, 2015

Six Sexy Cartoon MILFs

by Rich Keller, posted May 7th 2010 2:03PM
Lois Griffin is the top MILFy cartoon mom on the listSince the term"MILF" became part of the lexicon almost a decade ago, there has been constant debate about the sexiest moms in movies, scripted shows, reality shows, and on your block. Now we add another debate to this slate: Sexy cartoon MILFs. Sure it's a little creepy and you may need a shower after talking about having sex with a two-dimensional characters, but it's really all innocent fun. Plus, it does relate to the upcoming Mother's Day holiday.

So, after a comprehensive study conducted with nine drunken college seniors, here are six cartoon moms that could be considered MILFy.

1. Lois Griffin of 'Family Guy'
-- By day, Lois Griffin is the typical mother of three children and loving wife of a slovenly obese and slightly dimwitted husband. By night, when the blue blouse and khaki pants come off, Lois is revealed to be an extremely hot and well proportioned mom. And, from what viewers have seen over the last eight seasons, she is extremely adventurous when it comes to sex. It must've been the result of her wealthy and closeted upbringing..

MILF Rating: Porn MILF

Marge Simpson of 'The Simpsons'2. Marge Simpson of 'The Simpsons'-- Like Lois, beneath Marge's draping green dress is a sexy and well-defined body that would turn the eye of any man or woman ... if she flaunted it. Marge isn't that type of woman -- she's actually quite demure when it comes to sexual relations with husband Homer (another slovenly obese and slightly dimwitted man). Although, there have been times when her inner animal has been sparked, causing her to go into a sexual rage that takes hours to quench.

MILF Rating: Gentle MILF, with occasional tendencies toward porn MILF. Would probably make you a sandwich after relations.

Malory Archer of the FX series 'Archer'3. Malory Archer of 'Archer' -- The head of a secret intelligence service, Malory Archer is an attractive and leggy mature woman who expects to get things done. She also has phone sex with former KGB agents and isn't so adverse to being seduce in order to get some juicy government contracts. In other words, a MILF in the truest sense.

MILF Rating: Angry, drunken MILF

4. Jane Jetson of 'The Jetsons' -- Of the three Hanna-Barbera moms of the early 1960s, Jane Jetson leads the pack. It could be the pointy hairdo, the fact she's willing to spend her husband's money without a care, or that she has access to future sexual technology. It doesn't matter if she got her comeuppance during an episode of 'Family Guy' because she's one hot future mama!

MILF Rating: 'Real Housewives' MILF of the future.

Donna Tubbs-Brown of 'The Cleveland Show'5. Donna Tubbs-Brown of 'The Cleveland Show'-- While some colleagues say 'American Dad's' Francine Smith is the second hottest Seth MacFarlane mom, that honor really goes to Donna Tubbs-Brown of 'The Cleveland Show.' While Francine is attractive, she's a bit of a whiner. Donna has the confidence and the attitude that makes her more attractive inside and out. Plus, to quote the great lyricist Sir Mix-A-Lot, 'Baby Got Back!'

MILF Rating: Bootylicious MILF

Betty Rubble of 'The Flintstones'6. Betty Rubble of 'The Flintstones'
-- Let's compare, shall we? Fred Flintstone: crany, angry, takes advantage of his best friend Barney. In other words, lots of pent up sexual frustration. Barney Rubble: always a smile on his face and constantly laughing at everything. Now, you tell me who the better MILF is! Obviously, Betty is the hands-down winner when it comes to safisfying a man.

MILF Rating: Giggily MILF

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Judy Neutron ("Adventures of Jimmy Neutron") deserves the #2 position -- as you say, all for innocent fun.

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Tony DIMeo


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