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September 4, 2015

'Survivor' Exit Interview: Another Two Bite the Dust

by Audrey Fine, posted May 7th 2010 4:30PM

This 20th season of 'Survivor' has been unpredictable in every sense of the word -- blindsides at every turn, mega-bold moves, hidden immunity idols galore -- and last night's episode of 'Heroes vs. Villains' was no exception.

The stress of playing back-to-back games is clearly taking its toll on Russell Hantz who laid in to Rupert Boneham with an expletive-laden diatribe that surely gave the CBS censors fits. "Get your tie-dye ready, 'cause you're going home," he warned with in the only phrase we can't print here.

Danielle survivorTwo immunity challenges and two subsequent Tribal Councils sent Villain Danielle Di Lorenzo and Hero-turned-Villain Candice Woodcock off to The Ponderosa camp to join fellow jury members, get cleaned up and enjoy some private-chef cuisine.

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How did Candice feel about Colby Donaldson's harsh words at Tribal Council? Did Danielle believe Parvati Shallow would flip against her? And, how can their empty stomachs handle PB&J without revolting? Answers ahead ...

Candice, Rupert said that you're "self-centered, greedy and manipulative." And called you a "pitiful player." Were you surprised by how mad he and Colby were at you? It's not like they're new to 'Survivor' tactics ...

Candice: I was amused. I though it was funny that they were surprised by someone being manipulative in the game of 'Survivor.' You guys signed up to play the same game that I did, right? I'm not going to take it personally. And, I mean, really, who's pitiful? I was the first person making the baskets or doing well in challenges, right? I just have to let it go.

candice survivorOne of the very few times we've seen Colby smile this season was when Probst read your name as the 13th person voted out. Did you and he have a contentious relationship the whole time that we weren't aware of, or was he just really mad about your "betrayal?"

Candice: He was just really mad about the betrayal. The thing about Colby is that he's very black and white. He's either with you or against you and is so into his honor and integrity, so I'm not going to take it personally.

During the arm over your head challenge, you seemed to be fully aware of the camera zooming in on everyone's hairy underarms and kept your other hand in front of yours -- was that deliberate or unconscious?

Candice: I think they just happened to grab those times when I was very self conscious -- but let's just say that I wish 'Survivor' wasn't 'filmed in HD.

Danielle, going in to tribal, did you think for one second that Parvati believed what Russell had been telling her – that you wanted her off?

Danielle: Well, we had a conversation, so we knew that he was messing with the both of us. But, I guess for a second I did and maybe I was worried about it on [some level] but we had a great alliance.

After being voted out, you said, "I might have put my own foot in my mouth. What did you mean by that?

Danielle: I shouldn't have said, "you don't know how close me and Parvati are" to Russell. The reason was to say, to point out, that I wouldn't turn my back on her. It happened in the heat of the moment. I was emotionally distraught. I had been a really rough day of trying to make him believe or alliance was solid.

Danielle survivorIn last week's episode, you found the clue to a hidden immunity idol in a bowl of popcorn, the now infamous cat fight between you and Amanda Kimmel ensued and then Russell found the idol. How frustrating was that after you'd fought so hard for the clue?

Danielle: Yeah, well at that point I just didn't want the Heroes to find it. Though it was frustrating when I found out that Russell had found it again, it was still the Villains who had it locked down and safe.

You guys both gave up on the challenge for a plate full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Explain two things: Why? And how can your stomachs handle a pig out after having been starved for so long!

Candice: Stepping down had nothing to do with food for me; I did it for strategic reasons. I was new to them and didn't want them to be threatened by me in challenges. I just thought I'd keep my head down so I wouldn't be a target.
Danielle: Jerri, Parvati and I spoke beforehand about bringing Candice in and getting her to step down so that she'd feel safe with us. It was a team effort at that point and we knew that Parvati could win it for us. And, yeah, you get totally sick from pigging out and you just deal with it.
Candice: [Laughing]: Yep. It's 100% worth it.

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