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September 3, 2015

Which Bubble Show Doesn't Deserve To Be Saved?

by Bob Sassone, posted May 11th 2010 2:06PM
Cold CaseAllison has given you a really in-depth look at all of the TV shows that are "on the bubble," the ones that haven't been renewed and might be canceled. A lot of TV Squad readers have given their opinions on what shows should be renewed for another year, but how about the shows that don't deserve to come back for the 2010-2011 season?

These shows pretty much fall into two categories: shows that have already been on a while and probably shouldn't see another season, and shows that haven't been around long but don't get the audience or darn it just aren't good enough to be renewed.

In the first category we have shows like CBS' 'Cold Case,' which has been on for seven seasons; 'Medium,' which has been on for several seasons and two different networks (currently on CBS); 'The New Adventures of Old Christine,' which has been on CBS for several years but always seems to be a show on the brink of cancellation (or moving -- ABC has expressed interest in the show); 'Law & Order,' which has been on for so many years it's hard to imagine an NBC without it; and 'Heroes,' and 'Chuck,' both of which I predict NBC will renew, at least for 13 episodes each.

We also have 'Scrubs,' though 'Scrubs' is less a bubble show than the others because 99% of the signs point to that show going away after going to ABC from NBC.

Medium'Cold Case' is probably a goner. A lot of critics and viewers were surprised that it got renewed last year. CBS decided to cancel another long-running drama ('Without A Trace') and keep this one. But with the 'Criminal Minds' spinoff coming up and other new shows, it doesn't seem like CBS will keep it this time. 'Old Christine' will probably see another season, either on CBS or ABC, and I bet 'Law & Order' is given another season by NBC. 'Scrubs' is gone though.

I could try to look into my crystal ball and predict that CBS's 'Accidentally on Purpose' will be canceled, but the same network kept 'Rules of Engagement,' so who knows.

In the second category we have new shows like ABC's 'V' and 'FlashForward.' Neither show is doing that great in the ratings. 'V' is so-so at best, and 'FlashForward' seems to hit a new ratings low every single week. There's no way ABC will keep both of these genre shows, and my money would be on 'V' being the survivor for another season. 'FlashForward' hasn't given the network a reason to say it deserves to be saved, though the second part of the season has been better than the first.

Human TargetFOX has a decision to make when it comes to 'Human Target' and 'Lie to Me.' I'd love to see the Mark Valley action show get another season over the Tim Roth drama, for one simple reason: I watch 'Human Target!' Not sure if the network will renew both, and my money is on 'Human Target.'

NBC has two rookie medical dramas that are doing so-so, 'Trauma' and 'Mercy.' I don't even want to guess if they'll save both or neither. 'Trauma' was actually canceled for a short time but NBC changed their mind. Probably not a good sign. The Peacock Network has 20 pilots this season so there might not be room for two medical dramas that don't bring in big numbers.

If I had my druthers -- and if I knew what druthers were -- I'd cancel all of the 'CSI' shows. No, those shows aren't even on the bubble, but they're on my bubble, every single season.

Which bubble show doesn't deserve to be saved?

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Richard Ott

If The Simpsons ever gets on the bubble for FOX,
let me go on the record and say, "I don't want
them to renew that show, I want them to cancel it!"
If Sesame Street got on the bubble after 40 years,
of course, that show wouldn't deserve to be there.
I want Sesame Street to break the world record for
the longest-running children's program ever, at 44
seasons, surpassing any other kids' show on TV.
I hate The Simpsons, but I love Sesame Street, so
I have different taste on some TV shows than others.

May 11 2010 at 8:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Flashfoward season 2. V sucks.

May 11 2010 at 8:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Is there no way to say Lie to Me and Human Target? If there's a choice to be made, Guerroro Must Be Saved.

May 11 2010 at 8:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I actually agree that CSI needs to die. I actually liked the first few seasons of the original but...come on it's been on too long and there's three of them. CBS, please drop at least 1. The same goes for NBC and Law & Order. Even if you like this show, please face it; there are just too many of them taking up space where new shows could have a chance.
Christine needs to die in a fiery TV pit of hell; the only good part of it is Wanda Sykes.
I love both Human Target and Lie To Me, but if one has to go I suppose Lie To Me is much more likely.
Never actually watched Mercy or Trauma so I guess I really don't care about them but I can't condemn them either.
I'll miss Scrubs for sure but it had a good run.
V, while certainly not the best show(and only has the ratings because Elizabeth Mitchell is smoking hot), is decent and I would prefer to see it through to the end, but not if it means FlashForward would be taken off.
FlashForward is a great show and it is too bad how much it lost its audience over its hiatus. It has only gotten better every single week and it is one of two shows(the other being Lost) that is on right now that actually makes me want to see what happens next right away.

May 11 2010 at 6:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't know if it's considered "on the bubble" anymore since the NBC pres hinted that it was going to be renewed, but Heroes really needs to die. I know this has been said a billion times by a million people, but it was good in its first season, sort of okay in its second and then has generally sucked since. I gave it a good chance this season which was stupid because I was content never to watch it last year when Nathan died.... again.

At least if they bring it back, they should make a huge cast change-up and try new characters. No more Claire, please!

May 11 2010 at 3:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to H's comment

I've been praying this show would get both a cast and writer change for years, and after some veiled promises that never came to fruition, I've given up. Heroes must die and must die soon. You can only cheat an audience for so long before it's just cruel and unusual to continue. It's hard to not apply real critical thinking to the inconsistencies of the show, which "fans" don't seem to do anymore. And there is my rant.

May 11 2010 at 8:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm not a fan of remakes, and hence not a fan of V and Human Target - it makes me think that the creativity pool is so dry that they have to borrow ideas from the 70s and 80s. Mark Valley looks too old to be an action star and every time he does a stunt I worry he might break a hip. But guys need an action show now that 24 is cancelled and I think Human Target may survive so that Fox can hold on to some of the 24 male audience.
I used to love Cold Case. Every episode was an emotional pull and great music. But it got depressing watching over a hundred murders. Just like I dropped L&O:SVU because every episode was about sexual abuse.
But to agree with Brian, there needs to be fewer reality shows and more scripted shows - especially comedies because there are just so many crime procedurals out there right now that it makes me think the world is a really unsafe place. I don't even know why the Bachelor/Bachelorette is on the air because none of the Bachelors and only one Bachelorette has ever made it to the altar with the partner they picked.
A reality show has up to 90% less production costs compared to a scripted show, mainly because they do not have to pay the exorbitant salaries that stars command or expensive sets. I see why the networks want to cash in on it, but it's the people who watch these shows that keep them on the air. I blame Survivor for starting it all and I hope American Idol gets cancelled once Simon leaves.

May 11 2010 at 3:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It sucks, because Flashforward is 10x the show that V is.

I watch both, and V is so over the top, and badly acted, where as Flashforward has more compelling story lines, and is much more engaging. So I would like to see V go away, as it's not really honoring the original that was truly original and groundbreaking.

I really would love to see Human Target come back as well. I dropped Lie to Me a while ago, and while it's a good show, it's the same as the other 50,000 procedurals that are on every week.

Human Target doesn't really have an equal right now. It's also way more fun. So Lie to Me should be canceled to make room for something more original.

I never really watched Cold Case or Medium, so I don't care if they go.

Some of the shows I wish they would cancel instead of these dramas and scripted shows, are Dancing with the Stars, Wifeswap, the Bachelor & bachelorette & most reality TV shows. Man am I sick of all that crap.

May 11 2010 at 3:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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