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September 4, 2015

'Parks and Recreation' - 'The Master Plan' Recap

by Kona Gallagher, posted May 14th 2010 1:33AM
parks and rec rob lowe adam scott (S02E22) Here's the main thing I learned from this week's episode of 'Parks and Rec:' When Ron Swanson gets really excited, he looks like a Dr. Seuss character. Seriously. Go back and look at his last scene and tell me that dude doesn't look like he came in on the midnight train from Whoville.

Other than Ron's mustache twitching with glee, it was a pretty big episode tonight: April turned 21, Pawnee was in peril, Mark began his exit, and Adam Scott and Rob Lowe came on board. Some love connections were made, some were broken, and some just ended in confusing songs named 'November.'

I got the feeling from this episode that we're really just setting up for season three. It really seems as though we're going to get a lot of, "and that's how we spend the first three months of our relationship," and "and then we broke up," speeches at the beginning of the season. First, we have Mark and Anne officially breaking up, with poor Mark musing that he should have yelled at Anne more. Aw, poor boring Mark. You should have stuck with Leslie when you had the chance. Of course, even she's forgotten about you, despite being completely in love with you for something like six years, but we won't focus on that right now.

Instead, let's take a moment to talk about the love connections that were made: Thankfully nothing happened between Anne and Jerry, because that would have been traumatic for everyone involved. Instead, she got busy with Rob Lowe, who's fresh off his stint on 'Brothers and Sisters,' and playing a self-obsessed fixer from Indianapolis who takes pills way larger than any rational human should.

He's a pretty bizarre guy, but at least he had the decency to be kind of grossed out by Anne when she drunkenly threw herself at him at April's birthday party. It's also kind of nice that he didn't completely hold it against her and asked if he could call her the next day. He seems way too intense for her-- or anyone really, but the two of them together would be pretty funny.

Leslie also has another love interest. Adam Scott is a dude who ran for mayor and won, when he was 18. That's right up Leslie's alley of course, and she doesn't even hold it against him that he ran the town into the ground in two months. He's passionate about local government, and recognizes her desire to run for office some day. It's a match made in nerd heaven.

Unfortunately, even though April and Andy are also perfect for each other, that's not happening right now. Andy clearly isn't 100% over Anne, but with that said, he maintained a respectful distance, even when she was throwing herself at him. It's funny how now that he's no longer worried about April's age, the age difference really shines through. April saw something that didn't mean anything, and instead of handling it like a mature and rational adult, she acted out like a bratty little kid-- and now Andy thinks she doesn't like him. I've been pulling for this couple since the beginning, but now I'm thinking maybe she's not ready.

What do you think? Do they belong together, or was Andy right to back off? And more importantly, what's Leslie going to do with all of her new-found free time, since the government has been shut down?

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