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August 28, 2015

'Ghost Whisperer' - 'Dead Ringer' Recap

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 15th 2010 9:30AM
Ghost Whisperer(S05E21) "You're a sick person." - Kyle to Melinda

In my recap of last week's episode, I mentioned that I couldn't wait for someone in Grandview to say that they either already heard of Melinda's gift through gossip or someone to refuse her help and say she was crazy. This week, we got the latter type of guest star ... with a twist.

This was one of the most emotional experiences for Melinda thus far in the series. Not only was she told that she is a sick person, but she was served with a restraining order. Her visions blended way too much with reality, putting Aiden in harm's way, and she and Jim did something I don't even recall them ever doing: fight!

Let's deal with the ghost of the week first. This was a really interesting storyline as it wasn't clear from the start what was going on. Were the Shadows appearing as a ghost Kyle to seek revenge on Melinda? Was there a dead twin involved? Was Melinda's gift expanding to have sort of ghostly premonitions?

Answers eventually came: Kyle's twin brother Seth had died when they were 8-years-old. I don't recall if the show had a twins storyline before but I found it very intruiging that the strong bond between twins allowed Kyle to see Seth's ghost and interact with him and that Seth changed his appearance along to years to continue looking like Kyle.

One beef I have about this storyline is the fact that Kyle told Melinda she was a sick person. Yes, as I've stated in my intro, I'm happy someone finally refused Melinda's help claiming she was crazy and even got a restraining order to keep her away. However, I felt cheated when it was revealed that Kyle could see Seth's ghost, meaning that Kyle knew ghosts existed. Can't the show give us a hard core true non-believer for once?

We've got confirmation from Seth that the Shadows are around Aiden and Melinda and that, via Bedford, they asked Seth to scare Melinda. One thing is certain, the Shadows are in revenge mode and are doing their best to take Aiden and Melinda out of the equation.

I wonder if the Shadows are behind Carl suggesting to Melinda that she tells Aiden that ghosts aren't real so he loses his gift? If Aiden loses his gift, that means he is not a threat for the Shadows anymore. One less problem for them to face and they didn't even have to kill Aiden in the process.

We've seen how powerful the Shadows are, but they've shown another side of their powers this week as it is clear they are behind Melinda's visions blending with reality. We already knew she was starting to have problems telling the difference between visions and reality but, this week, we saw it first hand.

The visions blending with reality even caused Aiden to fall. This event did not sit well with Jim who was rather angry at Melinda for having watched the scene and not doing a thing. He was more supportive at the hospital as how could Melinda know it was reality?

This event and Carl's suggestion of telling Aiden ghosts didn't exist put the Jim and Melinda on opposite sides and had them do something they rarely do: fight. We are so used to seeing the couple be totally supportive of one another that seeing them argue was rather awkward.

Would it be best to have Aiden lose his gift if it meant saving him from the Shadows or would it be best to have Aiden keep his gift as it is part of him? Not an easy question to answer, especially since his gift could also help him fight the Shadows, thus saving him. What would you have decided if you were Jim or Melinda?

Next week is the season finale and by the looks of the previews, it appears that it'll be an action-packed one, showing us a Melinda we have never seen before.

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As long as Aiden isn't afraid , don't tell him there are no ghosts. He has the Shinies to help him. I wonder if Carl is just saying that because the Shadows are around him, and Carl thinks they will leave him alone if he helps them.

May 15 2010 at 2:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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