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October 7, 2015

'Saturday Night Live' - 'Alec Baldwin/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Recap (Season Finale)

by Annie Wu, posted May 16th 2010 1:00PM
alec baldwin snl(S35E22) Alec Baldwin returned to 'Saturday Night Live' for the fifteenth time, tying him with Steve Martin for most times hosting. I'm pretty sure Martin still holds the record for pointless 'SNL' cameos, but hosting fifteen times is not too shabby either, Baldwin.

For such a big reason to celebrate, this episode was pretty slow-moving. There were a few solid moments here and there (including the Digital Short), but the majority of the evening involved half-smiles and staring at Baldwin's weird wigs. Also, it's kind of surprising that Baldwin doesn't already have some sort of recurring character for himself, a la Christopher Walken and his creepy The Continental guy. I guess it's too late to bring back Schweddy or the Scout Master.

Cold Open (Oil Spill): Topical? Sure. But this was a ridiculously weak Cold Open, the best part being Fred Armisen's "You might ask, 'How could that possibly work?'" ... At least it was super-short, compared to the usual opener.

Monologue: How dare you, Alec Baldwin! How dare you come back for the fifteenth time and not know to giddily shout, "Stick around, we'll be right back!" while slapping your forearms together like a trained seal at the end of your monologue? Any change in the monologue routine is unsettling to the senses. That tiny and almost pointless note aside, it was an average monologue. The Charlie Sheen joke was pretty funny, but, really, it's tough to go wrong with any sort of Charlie Sheen joke.

Digital Short: Great Day: Kicking off with this short was an awful choice, only because it got my hopes way, way too high for the rest of the episode. Everything about it was perfection, including a brief appearance by Jorma Taccone. I was going to make a list of notable moments, but every second was priceless and beautifully timed.

Arizona Evenings: Two things I loved about this sketch ... Alec Baldwin's accent and bolo tie. But that was about it. There was a definite sense they were trying to make Starfish a possible recurring character but she didn't come off as a particularly interesting character. We all know how crazy Kristen Wiig can go, so playing a character that is basically just a mumbling lady with big teeth is an insult to Wiig's ability.

Swim Team: Which one of the writers had a pile of swim team jokes that they wanted to get out of their system? Baldwin's hair was pretty sweet. The rest of the sketch was okay -- Oh, hey, is that Jon Lutz in the back? I always think of him as his '30 Rock' self and not as a real person who works in the 'SNL' writers room. It's a problem.

Preniva: The "inherently fragile female form" idea could have been pushed a lot further. The Jenga spine was pretty horrifying though, and it was amusing to see the super-young Abby Elliott play Sally Field.

Bedilia: Writing this sketch must be so much fun. Simply take the most creepily enthusiastic lines about parents and make Nasim Pedrad use that voice. This character has been really amusing so far but I don't see it ever being quite laugh-out-loud funny. My friend also made the very important point that Bedilia is the offspring of Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. There you go, shippers.

Grady Wilson: My heart immediately trembled with terror upon seeing Kenan Thompson show up as Grady Wilson. What activities would he and Alec Baldwin be miming together? 'Cause they've never done this sketch with a male host before. None of these were terribly funny (with the exception of "Groundhog Day," perhaps) but I will gladly listen to Alec Baldwin's voice say horrible things like "Naughty donkey!" repeatedly.

Weekend Update: Average jokes from Seth Meyers. Bobby Moynihan returned as Snooki, looking even more orange than usual, and he was the highlight (har har) of WU ("What does PJ stand for?" "Prison jumpsuit ... 'Cause I'm bright orange, and once I'm on you, you really start to question the life decisions you've made up to this point").

Then Bill Hader popped up as Stefon, which explained why The Situation didn't show off his back-abs in the previous Snooki bit. Good, uh, features included Teddy Ruxpin wearing mascara, human bath mats and black George Washington. "Nightmares of a crystal meth addict" wasn't nearly as funny as "visions a dying gay man might have if he were under too many blankets," though. The interaction between Stefon and Seth also led to an internal conflict, as I couldn't decide who to root for ... Stefon/Seth or Snooki/Seth. Also, Stefon occasionally sounds like he's the muttering reincarnation of Vincent Price.

Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig came back as Garth and Kat. It was almost too goofy for me to enjoy but I laughed anyway.

Timecrowave: I thought this was hilarious, but I'm not sure if it's because of my personal bias, as I am a total sucker for time travel humor. However, I will pay good money to never see Bobby Moynihan in that outfit ever again.

Some Big Shot: Long wait for a joke, but the punchline was totally worth it.

Sniper: Baldwin accidentally rolling over on Jason Sudeikis too early was funny and "I was just lying on my bladder weird" also elicited some chuckles. Baldwin probably could have had a little more fun with the exaggeration in his delivery; this was a pretty mediocre sketch.

Catch the full episode below.

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How can anyone watch anything with that child abuser in it?

May 17 2010 at 3:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

SNL w/Baldwin was some very funny stuff, great comedy acting by one of the best.

May 17 2010 at 11:32 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Pat L.

This show was abysmal. Just terrible. Bring betty back as a regular.

May 16 2010 at 3:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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