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October 10, 2015

'Dancing with the Stars' - 'Performance #8: Results' Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted May 19th 2010 1:00AM
Melissa Rycroft and Joey Fatone's Tango(S10E17) There have been 99 eliminations on 'Dancing with the Stars' and tonight's elimination brings the 100th. Somehow the mixed amount of contestants in all the seasons left the most poignant elimination in the 10th season. Len's recap reminds us that we have the best semi-final ever. Quickly afterward, Evan & Anna are the first couple in the finals.

Purdue beat UC San Diego last week, even with lower scores. Our last two formation teams Rutgers and Utah Valley faced off to see who will take on Purdue.

Encore - Evan & Anna's Paso Doble - One of the best pluses of the performance was the fact that Evan benefited from a Paso cape solo. He had the best solo section because of the passion he had in the dance. He gets a standing ovation again.

Maks' Background - Maks was born in Ukraine, but his family moved to Brooklyn. His passion for dance kicked in almost immediately afterward.

Musical Guest - Sarah McLachlan Medley - While I'm a bit confused that Sarah wasn't in front of a piano, her voice is still as beautiful as it was before. To accentuate the beauty, real life couple Jonathan & Anna. They glide beautifully and watching Anna spin is breathtaking. As the tempo picks up Dmitry, Lacey, Kym and Damian continue to unleash pretty shapes and sharp movements.

Cheryl's Background - Cheryl was so quiet, her mother thought she was deaf; turns out that she was just really quiet. Dance brought out passion in her life and started with ballet. She eventually switched from ballet to ballroom because of the glitz and glamor.

Macy's Stars of Dance - Design a Dance: Melissa Rycroft & Joey Fatone's Tango - Did Joey pack on even more weight or did the costume make him look rounder? Joey looks uncomfortable during the performance and it throws off Melissa; his steps were smaller and behind Melissa's steps. Melissa's extensions are pretty, the lifts are strong, and her arm motions are sharp. I was upset because the performance transformed into an Argentine Tango near the end with the leg flicks and lifts. Maybe next season, they will realize that it should be two pros or a return of a celeb/pro couple.

College Dance Championship

Rutgers - Cha-Cha - The Rutgers formation team was newly formed but they want to prove they are a team to be reckoned with. Sadly, the group underwhelms overall. There was a bit of unnecessary chair time, but the formations were interesting where the couples changed. There were definitely moments of awkward, but the women's motions were slick and their extensions were strong.

Len thought it was a great effort for the small amount of time to practice, there were a few moments of nervousness. Bruno complains that the group needs more time to work on formation. Carrie Ann loved the formations but there were a few slip-ups. Score: 21 (7,7,7).

Utah Valley University - Cha-Cha - If anyone is interested, Utah Valley has a bachelors in Ballroom. The dancers are under a lot of pressure by their teachers and coaches, and are comparable to army boot camp. The group starts off leagues better than Rutgers with formation and play with synchronization. Some of the men looked a bit off.I also had a problem that one of the girls was slow in the pot-stir. Visually, the group was more exciting to watch. I'm under the assumption that lifts aren't as badly scorned upon.

Bruno thought the choreography was fantastic and was well executed. Carrie Ann thought it was incredible and still effortless. Len thought it was very accomplished and the difficult choreography was aced. Score: 29 (10,9,10).

Anna's Background - Anna had a rough childhood in Russia, but dancing was natural to her. The family moved to the US because of her asthma. Jonathan warmed Anna's personality and eventually the two got married.

Musical Guest - Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed' - Kudos to Miley for trying to think out of the Disney box; fortunately the performance isn't really risque. The dirty bird dancers actually do a decent job even though there was a bit too many of them distracting Miley standing there trying to keep from singing off-key.

Derek's background - Derek was from Utah and was forced to go to dance because of his sisters. Ironically, there is no mention of Julianne. Derek trained with Corky and Shirley Ballas and would apparently get punishments of "no hair gel."

The fate of the contestants continue and Nicole & Derek are safe. The bottom two are obviously Erin & Maks and Chad & Cheryl. Carrie Ann compliments Chad for blossoming and finding the joy in dancing. Bruno thinks that Erin's momentum will help her make it to the final. Len knows in a normal season, both Chad and Erin would have been in the final, but the standard has been high. The team with the lowest score is Chad & Cheryl. Chad is grateful for his time and Cheryl thinks he's a great guy.

Erin & Maks join Evan & Anna and Nicole & Derek for the finals. There are four competitive dances, including the freestyle. I would have been really disappointed if Erin was eliminated because she was the only contestant that could have broken the Evan/Nicole battle.

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D Colin

So what was up with Miley? Twice they went to a shot of Miley to tease her performance, going to commercial, and she looked so bored. She didn't smile or anything just had a mopey face. I was like what's going on with her. Just surprised me - I mean your there to sell cds - look like your interested/grateful.

Nothing against Miley - not a fan, but I'm not her target market and that's okay. She is actually one of only two performances I've ever fast forward on the result show.

I like Chad, but it was his time. I'd like Erin to win cause I love Maks - but I don't always like her (in their taped segments) but she dances really well. I'd like Nicole to win, because of Derek. Evan I like, but not fond of Anna -- so for me it's a toss up on who should win. Nicole is a great dancer, but Erin has come further. Evan is great too but I just don't know. Tough choice this season.

I like this College Dance contest they are doing - wish they started earlier in the season to see more teams from more schools.
Loved Sarah McLachlan she is amazing!

May 19 2010 at 6:37 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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