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August 28, 2015

'Fringe' - 'Over There, Part 2' Recap (Season Finale)

by Jane Boursaw, posted May 21st 2010 1:00AM
Fringe: Over There, Part 2; Leonard Nimoy, John Noble
(S02E23) "Walter, you asked me why I took out part of your brain. I did it because you asked me to, because of what you were becoming." - William Bell

Oh.My.God! I'm wringing my hands in agony here. "Why, why, why?!" Well, I know why. It's because 'Fringe' just loves to take us one way and then do a complete 180 and yank us back the other way. And season three is So.Far.Away! But what are ya gonna do? We'll have to just wait and see what happens next season. Way to keep us hooked, though.

There was so much to love about this episode, from Olivia fighting herself in the alternate universe to Peter realizing that Mr. Secretary, his biological father, only brought him back in order to help him destroy the other universe. That was a big realization for Peter, and he finally understood that maybe he really wasn't supposed to be in the alternate universe. Maybe he was right where he belonged with Olivia, Walter, Astrid and Jean the Cow.

Oh, he's still miffed at Walter for stealing him and not telling him. But at the end, he said, "I'm trying to see this your way, Walter. I can't, but you did cross universes twice to save my life. So that's gotta count for something, right?" That gave me some hope that all would be well, and you could see it in Walter's eyes, too, when he said, "Thank you, Peter. My son."

Well, good freakin' grief. Olivia and Peter finally -- finally! -- get together and kiss and realize they're supposed to be together, only to be separated by a big fat universe! Both my son and I called it as soon as alt-Olivia woke William up in the street with "Dr. Bell!" That didn't seem like something Olivia would say, and it wasn't. So now we've got the wrong Olivia in this universe, our Olivia trapped in a room in the alternate universe, and mean Mr. Secretary completely turning a deaf ear to her pleas. Ack! Talk about an ending!

How long do you think it will take Peter and Walter to realize that the Olivia who came back isn't the right one? And even if they don't -- although I know they will eventually -- I have faith that "our" Olivia will find a way to get back here. She's very resourceful and scrappy when she needs to be. I have a feeling she'll get Charlie Francis on her side there and they'll figure something out.

As for William Bell, I guess Leonard Nimoy was right when he said he's done acting. He might be lured back for some role (though it didn't sound like it in his conference call last week), but it sure looks like William Bell won't be back on 'Fringe' next season or ever. He sacrificed himself so that Walter et al could get back home. And now William isn't even available to help Olivia in the alternate universe anymore. THAT William was killed in a car accident as a young man.

I really loved the scenes with John Noble and Nimoy (who said he likes to call him "Noble John"). Just two old scientists who've got a long history together. I guess we can now say that William's true intentions were honorable. He took part of Walter's brain not because of some nefarious reason, but because Walter asked him to. He didn't like the person he was becoming -- the person he WOULD become as Mr. Secretary in the alternate universe. So many nuances there.

And we got to see a bit more of the alternate universe -- the burned out earth, the Long Island Triangle (off limits because of spatial distortions), Madison Square Garden - Midtown Quarantine (an unstable wormhole that wouldn't close; due to recent legal developments, the 10,000 citizens encased in quarantined amber have been recently ruled legally dead); Liberty Island (now the headquarters of the Department of Defense), and that area next to Harvard University -- another quarantined area that looks like a giant, hardened mold of Jello with people inside it. Super special effects there.

Some quotes:

Walternate: "Hello, son. I've imagined this moment so many times. I can't imagine how strange it must be for you."
Peter: I've seen strange. But this ... this is something else."

"I don't know what you've heard about me, but changing the laws of physics might be slightly beyond my abilities." - Peter to Walternate

Olivia: "How do you know that he's not already in custody?"
William: "I've checked with my sources at Homeland Security. I don't believe Walternate's people have found him yet."
Olivia: "Walternate?"
William: "It's a nickname Walter gave him years ago. Walternate. Over here, he's the Secretary of Defense. The Fringe team answers to him."
Olivia: "To Walter?"
William: "I know. It takes a little getting used to, doesn't it?"

Olivia: "Walter, can you walk?"
Walter: "I can dance if you like. They have absolutely fabulous drugs here, Olivia. I feel great! Oh, and look! Accelerated healing techniques. It's miraculous!"
Olivia: Ok, Walter. Bell is waiting for us."
Walter: "Billy's here?"
Olivia: "Yes, he is."
Walter: "Nice of him to finally show up."

Walter: "Hello, William."
William: "Walter."
Walter: "I see you've aged."
William: "It appears I'm not the only one."

"It was Wednesday, 1983, and I happened to identify the last of the eleven secret herbs and spices." - Walter, eating KFC with William and Olivia

Alt-Olivia: "What's it like on the other side?"
Peter: "A lot like it is here. Just slightly different. Subtle, but definitely different."
Alt-Olivia: "You know when people find out that you're back, you're gonna be famous ... your kidnapping, it's like a famous story."
Peter: "So I'm like the Lindbergh baby?"
Alt-Olivia: "The what?"

"I told you there would be invaders coming over from the other side, but I didn't tell you they would be us." - Walternate to alt-Olivia

William: "Creating Massive Dynamic was not my idea, Walter. We both talked about borrowing this world's technologies to help our own."
Walter: "You didn't help the world, William. You helped yourself. You pilfered this world for profit."
William: "As a by-product, yes. Let's remember, the only reason I came back over here was to prevent a war and to stop a chain of events set into motion the day you stole Peter!"
Walter: "A little truth, if you please. You say you want to prevent a war while you quietly fuel it. I know that you helped craft the shapeshifters. Your design signature is all over it."
William: "I had little choice. If I wanted to keep tabs on Walternate, I had to remain valuable to him."
Walter: "I've lost 17 years in a mental institution, William. Seventeen years! And even now, I'm still incomplete. I forget things, names, places, connections that I used to be able to make so easily, and they're just dangling, just outside of my reach. I know what you did to me! I know that you cut out pieces of my brain! What kind of man could do that?! You robbed me of my memories of my wife, of my son, of my past!"

"He lied to me. He told me that I could heal the problems of this world ... His bringing me back was never about fixing this universe. It was about destroying yours." - Peter to Olivia, on Walternate

"I supplied Fringe Division with a 76 model ... this is a 77." - William to Olivia, right after he blasts the people chasing them

William: "Phosphorous grenades. Be careful. They're prototypes. They could be unstable."
Olivia: "What do you mean unstable?"
William: "Just try not to jostle them."

William: "Walter, I will be the power. I've traveled between universes so many times, my atoms are ready to split apart with the slightest provocation. You taught me there are as many atoms in the human body as there are stars in the sky. That's how many atom bombs I am. That should be enough power to get you home."
Walter: "I should never have doubted you."
William: "It's ok, Walter. You always were as stubborn as a donkey with a nail in his head."

"Infiltration achieved. Awaiting orders." - What Alt-Olivia typed on the Selectric typewriter back in this universe

A few other things:

William Bell was eating Red Vines (not Twizzlers, mind you - that's an inside joke for anyone who's been reading my 'Fringe' reviews since the beginning).

Alt-Broyles reminds me of a super-hero, with his black t-shirt and manly build.

Olivia and Alt-Olivia both keep their keys hidden in the same place -- but not their back-up guns.

The device William and Walter dragged to the opera house looked like something out of a 'Star Wars' movie.

Who were you rooting for in the Olivia-Olivia fight? Alt seemed to have the edge on her, until Olivia belted her with a blunt object.

So what did you guys think about this finale? Was it everything you hoped for? Any strategies for avoiding insanity while waiting for the season three premiere are greatly appreciated.

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I thought it was a good finale and a great season, but I thought it was highly unbelievable that the quarantined areas would be so easily accessible. Wouldn't they have guards to keep people out? Also, how did Olivia find out where fauxlivia lives, and how did fauxlivia find her way right to Oliva's apartment?

May 26 2010 at 11:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Katie's comment
Gordon Werner

why ... the quarantined sites are all encased in amber.

June 02 2010 at 1:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Best season finale of the year so far. Very impressive

May 25 2010 at 3:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Ikediamonds's comment

They live in the same apartment...

June 12 2010 at 9:11 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Any takers for "Olivialt" vs "alt-Olivia"?

May 24 2010 at 1:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's seems to me it won't be difficult to catch Alivia, first of all her niece is bound to notice as will her sister, it might take a little while since they don't know about alternate universes and such but they will have to know something is up.

What has me thinking is why most people seem to think Walternate is evil. The guy's son was kidnapped and his world was turned into an unstable wasteland and he's the evil one? If anything our side is the evil side. They have 10,000 people stuck in amber and large areas under quarantine. Seems to me that Walternate is trying to save a world that was put in jeopardy by Walter.

I don't think they needed Olivia's powers to get back, they already had a crack to leave through and Bell provided the power to get them through. Walter mentioned earlier that he didn't think Olivia had the power to take them back so they came up with the particle accelerator idea so they could go through the crack in the theater.

I think they left the door open for William Bell to return if he changes his mind, we never say him die and at the end their was no evidence of a nuclear bomb having gone off that would surely have killed Olivia and Walternate who couldn't have been very far away at the time.

May 24 2010 at 1:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Followup that I didn't think of earlier, is there a site for Fringe similar to Lost with screencaps? Otherwise I'll just dig through some footage as I realized something about the Presidental photo's on Walternates desk. One looked like a grey haired JFK but also with Nixon being on the alt-half dollar(?) maybe he won the first time he ran in some fashion. Or maybe robot-Nixon came back..... Oh well have all summer to delve into that.

May 22 2010 at 1:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Did Olivia kiss Peter or Alternate Olivia? I think it was the later...surely peter could tell it wasnt a genuine kiss.

May 21 2010 at 2:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to Patrick's comment

he kissed the real olivia. that's how she persuaded him to come back.

May 21 2010 at 4:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The switch was made when the grenade was used during the gun fight, not before.

May 21 2010 at 6:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i have one more thought, here's what i wrote on my blog (jessicahuffman.blogspot.com):

what i want to know is whether mark valley's character is still alive in our world (remember he was hooked up to machines at MD) and whether he plays any part in the alternate world? that could bring an interesting twist in the next season now that peter and olivia love each other.

May 21 2010 at 1:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to jessica's comment

Since Torv and Valley have been married and divorced since the first episode--and The Human Target being picked up for a 2nd season--Valley's reappearance doesn't seem likely. But then, shows seem more willing to cross-pollinate than ever before, and showmances break up, and characters still reappear. So who knows. I'm sure if it happens, Olivia will get to kick his ass.

May 21 2010 at 4:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yeah, I saw the ending coming a mile away -- in the opera house, I was screaming at them to check her neck or ask her an Our Olivia-only question. It was so frustrating, but not in that "frustrating bad writing way." It was frustrating in that "OMG you guys! Please! Listen to me!" way...which is actually frustrating and satisfying simultaneously. I wanted to cry watching Olivia in those last scenes with Walternate. (Incidentally, even if I had NOT enjoyed the finale as much as I did, the term "Walternate" would have made it all worth it. I secretly want to believe they had it all so perfectly planned out that the character was named Walter JUST SO they could use the term Walternate. We sat around and came up with other names, too -- our Peter is RePeter or Peterepeated, alternate uni Olivia is Nolivia...yeah. It was fun.)

And I totally agree about the alternate universe storyline -- I would love some sort of web interactive feature where we could read more about their Fringe events and how Walternate came to power. And ah, the Grand Hotel! OH, to have a Gaudi in NYC!

May 21 2010 at 12:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to inkyblue's comment

The Olivia ending was not really a shocker to anyone who watched the show.

May 24 2010 at 1:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Alan C

I love the parallel universe stuff. Although it seems the idea of the alternate side being more chaotic and the people being more aggressive and violent gets used a lot. (Flashbacks of the Bad Capt. Kirk in the other universe.)
Love the idea of Olivia teaming up with the Alt-Charlie. Gives me hope for resolution. I can only take the tension of the displaced Olivia's for so long.

May 21 2010 at 12:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Alan C's comment
Gordon Werner

Well I think that is a natural outcome of the damage done to the alternate universe ... Walternate explained that the crossing over does a lot of damage there ... hence the "amber quarantine" areas all over the place

June 02 2010 at 1:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This season finale was excellent! Best ever!

'Walternate' is the ONLY name to call Walternate. I see Alternate Charlie working with Liv next season, which is great news because that means Kirk Acevedo is back, hopefully. The scenes between Leonard Nemoy & John Noble were no less than brilliant. Special effects were awesome. The alternate universe was perfect especially the alternate characters. Alternate Olivia looks great as a red head.

The only problem I had with the entire 2-part season finale was it seemed a bit rushed, but it's tv show, not the big screen. Can you imagine this show being on the big screen? Wow. And FINALLY Peter & Liv kiss. That 'you belong with me' comment was absolutely priceless. Sigh. LOVE that the writers put in some true romance. What ever happened to that in TV land?! Love is what IT is ALL about. Some writers seemed to have forgotten that over the past years because of the Moonlighting debacle.

And 'spy invades the good guys' comment from above? This has so much more potential because Olivia is a main character while Charlie was not. So many more facets and character arches for this storyline with the relationships Olivia is involved.

The ending was excellent.

Can. Not. Wait. Till. Next. Season. I've already watched my Amazon VOD seasons 1 & 2 three times within the last 3 months. Will definitely be watching again. Excellent job to the writers, cast, & crew!

May 21 2010 at 12:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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