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July 1, 2015

Nike Writes the Future With New Soccer Ad

by Chris Jordan, posted May 21st 2010 5:08PM
Do you still doubt that soccer is the world's game?

Then you haven't seen the new Nike World Cup-themed ad, a globe-spanning spectacle of action and reaction featuring players Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney and Americans Tim Howard and Landon Donovan along with celebs and fellow athletes Roger Federer, Kobe Bryant and Homer Simpson.

In the piece, entitled 'Write the Future,' what happens on the soccer pitch starts worldwide trends and influences pop culture. When Italian Fabio Cannavaro makes a bicycle kick to save a goal, he's serenaded by a dancing troupe of bicycle kicking babes hanging from circus wires. A goal-saving tackle by Brit Rooney leads to him being knighted by Queen Elizabeth and parents naming their new born lads Wayne. Fancy footwork by Brazilian Ronaldinho becomes a Web sensation and a new dance, performed by everyone, including Bryant during a basketball game.

The dazzling, quick-cut action is accompanied by the '70s progressive rock track 'Hocus Pocus' by Focus.

The piece ends with a potentially game-winning free kick by Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo. As the ball is struck, the image cuts to black with the words "Write the Future" placed above a Nike swoosh.

The mini-film is directed by Alejandro G. Iñarritu ('21 Grams,' 'Babel') and will air in 32 countries starting on Saturday, according to a Nike press release. So far, there have been more than a million -- and counting -- views of it on YouTube.

'Write the Future'

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