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October 10, 2015

Soap Round-Up: Erica's Scandal on 'AMC' ... and More

by Allison Waldman, posted May 21st 2010 9:25PM
Erica_Greenlee_All_My_Children_ABCWelcome to the Soap Round-Up, a weekly recap of all the soap action this past week. Remember, we'll sum up all the best stories from each and every soap, from 'All My Children' to 'The Young and the Restless.' If you don't want to know what aired already, consider this a SPOILER ALERT. Oh, one last thing, please comment and join the conversation. We love hearing from you!

'All My Children'
David and Greenlee framed Erica to make it look like she embezzled funds from the Miranda Center. Damon and Colby came close to making love. Marissa softened toward JR giving him hope for their marriage. Liza comforted Tad when he learned that Damon wasn't Stuart's father. Jake proposed to Amanda and she said yes. Without waiting for her plane to be safety checked, Erica took off for Pidgeon Hollow.

katie_as_the_world_turns_cbs'As the World Turns'
Margo was shocked to learn that Craig was Gabriel's father. Vienna told Henry and Barbara that she was pregnant. Craig was overjoyed to have a second chance at fatherhood with Gabriel. As part of Lisa's 50th anniversary in Oakdale, Katie and Chris were cast as young Bob and Lisa and shared a kissed on television. Gabriel lied and said that Craig left him to die in the fire. Ali rescued Chris and Katie from the WOAK basement. For Janet, Dusty planted a tree in Rocco's honor. Parker confessed to Margo that he had attacked Gabriel before the fire.

'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Oliver saw Steffy's vulnerable side, and she was touched by his perceptiveness. Rick warned Hope not to underestimate Steffy. When Bridget bailed on the New York trip, Jackie arranged for Aggie to accompany Nick. Owen was shocked when Bridget told him that he was her baby's father and that Jackie knows about his infidelity. Steffy declared she'd steal Oliver from Hope using sex. Oliver exchanged matching necklaces with Hope. Brooke witnessed Stephen being hit by a car in the Forrester parking lot.

'General Hospital'
Jason and Sam shared a romantic time before he had to leave for Pentonville. Luke worried when Tracy missed their anniversary dinner. Jason's deal with Claire hit a snag because of Mayor Floyd's interference. Nikolas got Warren Bauer to drop the civil case against Alexis. Carly decided to use Brooke Ashton's friendship with Dante to destroy Lulu and Dante's relationship. Johnny and Ethan teamed up to undermine Sonny's organization. Maxie was impressed with Matt. Helena held Tracy captive. An inmate made sexual threats against Michael.

'One Life to Live'
John read the letter from Natalie, leading to his breaking up with Marty. Cole was released from jail so he could take Starr to the prom. Jessica stuffed the ballot box so that she and Cristian were elected prom royalty. Frustrated that they couldn't have Jessica and John, Brody and Natalie made love with each other instead. Penny gave Rex and Gigi the lock box from the jewelry store. Cristian and Layla got engaged. Langston and Markko had it out over her infidelity with Ford. Matthew told Dani that he loved her. At the airport, John confronted Natalie before she flew out of Llanview.

'The Young and the Restless'
Mac told Cane that she agreed with Lily about not using the fetal stem cells for chemotherapy. Tucker refused to let Malcolm out of their deal. Ashley took the Jabot job even though it meant working for Tucker. Sharon and Victor investigated Adam's trip to Minnesota before his death. Abby protested Jabot cosmetics. Ashley and Victor shot down Abby's plans to become a reality TV star. Lily agreed to go to France with Liv to try an experimental procedure. Nick was released on bail. Jana was unable to feel emotions, while Lauren was overcome with memories of their being held hostage. Daniel called Abby a spoiled brat. Sharon wondered if Richard Hightower's disappearance was connected to Adam's death.

daniel_chloe_days_of_our_lives_nbc'Days of Our Lives'
During questioning by Rafe, Anna collapsed. Rafe later learned that Anna had been poisoned. Carly told Caroline that Hope was harboring anger at Bo. Chloe nearly confessed her indiscretion with Phillip to Daniel. Nicole urged Baker to move ahead with the plan to frame Arianna. Baker and Hope attacked Roman. Later, nighttime Hope revealed that her ultimate target for attack was Bo. Baker planted evidence at the crime scene making Arianna look like the culprit. Sami was impressed when EJ stopped Stefano from corrupting Will. Chloe lashed out at Nathan when he advised her to get sex therapy.

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