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October 10, 2015

Best 'Lost' Tribute Videos

by Chris Harnick, posted May 22nd 2010 9:11AM
Oh, 'Lost.' You've done so much for us. How can we repay you for the impact you've made on our lovely world of pop culture? Through tribute videos posted on the Internet? OK, if you say so.

With the finale right around the corner 'Lost' nostalgia has come to a head. YouTube is filled with thousands of 'Lost' tribute videos and parodies, you can't possibly watch them all. But, we did (well, we watched a lot). Check out some of the best videos we found paying tribute to 'Lost' across the Web. They range from original songs to compilations of scenes from the series. Enjoy!

Thank you, Injustice League. You've summarized exactly how I feel but much more eloquently and with an R&B beat.

This handy video features various scenes spliced together to give us a real-time look at the Oceanic 815 crash. A fresh look at scenes we know very well.

Sometimes 'Lost' can be best summarized by one word: What? Come on, don't lie. You've asked yourself "What!?" at least 100 times during this series.

Take a look back at the first season of 'Lost' with this very fast song 'Stuck On An Island' by ¡Mayday!

Jesse David Weeks' 'Answers' will bring you to an emotional place you probably forgot existed.

"ANSWERS" by Jesse David Weeks from Jeff Hammond on Vimeo.

OK, I mentioned this video of fake opening credits before, but it's still super retro and cool.

Jeff Buckley's version of 'Hallelujah' is timeless, just like this show will be come. I'm not afraid to admit that this song's haunting vocals and the emotional scenes from 'Lost' stirred some tear production from this writer.

Oh, brotha. Desmond quickly wormed his way into the hearts of fans everywhere and with him came "brotha." We'll hopefully see you in another series soon, brotha.

After all those downer videos it's important to remember the lighter moments of 'Lost,' like all of Sawyer's nicknames. You know you love them, freckles.

Ingrid Michaelson may be known to many TV viewers for her songs on 'Grey's Anatomy,' but she's also a big 'Lost' fan. This is only one of a few 'Lost' songs she's paired with other songs in her concerts.

'Lost' had a lot of recurring phrases. Michael screaming "WALT!" Hurley saying "dude," etc. Another motif? Shirtless men. From the Vulture blog. Enjoy.

Who doesn't love funny cat videos? Everybody does. What about cats as 'Lost' characters? Borderline genius. These cats recap 'Lost' in approximately a minute.

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