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August 29, 2015

How to Throw a '24' Series Finale Party

by Kim Potts, posted May 24th 2010 8:01AM
Sure, 'Lost' is getting all the series finale love -- and viewing party planning -- this week, but the '24' devoted among us want to celebrate the end of our fave TV drama, too. And though bidding Jack Bauer and company adieu, soiree style, isn't as simple as slapping the Dharma logo on everything, here are 24 (of course) suggestions for arranging a fun '24' finale festivity.

1. Need a color scheme for your '24' theme party? Black, white and that funky yellow-y/orange-y color (what the Crayola folks call "Sunglow") are the colors we most associate with the show.

2. Guns, obviously, have been a big part of '24' action for all eight seasons. So, even though Jack Bauer and his CTU-ers don't seem to ever engage in mundane activities like eating or drinking or going to the little federal agent's room, surely they'd approve of this use of weaponry: Serve beverages in toy water guns.

3. Another fun gun that's totally appropriate for a '24' party: Marshmallow shooters. It may be too late to order them online, but we've seen them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, etc.

4. Food idea: Jack Bauer is always on the move, so we're thinking he's a finger food kinda guy. Hot dogs, sandwiches, chips, popcorn ... regular movie/TV-watching food, but served in '24'-colored (see above) bowls and platters. And, for an extra little '24' touch, when you're serving the food, announce it like Jack would: "Here's your hot dog, damn it!" ... "Damn it, do you want some Cool Ranch Doritos or not?!" ... "I don't have time for your personality! Do you want a Coke Zero or not. damn it?!" (Okay, that last one was a combination of Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida).

5. Food idea: Gummy handcuffs, or chocolate guns and chocolate numbers (2 and 4, of course), made in candy molds.

6. Invitation idea: In homage to the iconic '24' digital number logo, cheapy digital watches (we always see them in 99-cent stores), with a little tag tied to them that says "It's time to catch the '24' series finale this Monday night!' ('Damn it!' optional).

7. Decoration idea: Print out Chuck Norris Facts-ish Jack Facts on super size paper and make party banners and/or drink coasters out of them. A few of the best: "Don't ask what Jack Bauer would do for a Klondike bar," "The Boogeyman checks his closet for Jack Bauer" and "Superman has Jack Bauer pajamas."

8. Party favor/name tag idea: Make CTU badges, with photos, for your guests. A quick Google or eBay search will lead you to examples of badges other people have made for design inspiration.

9. Ask everyone to guess how many people will die in the two-hour series finale (bonus guess: how many will be killed by Jack?). Ask everyone to write their guess on an Etch-it cup.

10. Loop the greatest '24' spoof video, "Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa."

11. Food idea: Cupcakes, with '24' spelled out, digital number style, with chocolate sprinkles.

12. Decoration/game idea: Make a piñata of a '24' villain and let guests whack it around during commercial breaks. Seriously, a Charles Logan piñata ... who wouldn't want to smack that around?

13. '24' party favor idea: Inexpensive messenger bags (just like Jack's magic bag of gadgets) from an Army surplus store, filled with thrifty mirrored sunglasses (like Jack's!) from the drugstore, toy badges, water guns, candy-filled cell phones and iTunes cards (for downloading '24' episodes, of course).

14. '24' party game idea: The Jack Bauer "Damn It!" Drinking Game. In the name of keeping everyone lucid enough to actually enjoy the series finale, switch energy drinks for alcohol.

15. Entertainment: Display a '24' library, with '24' novels, official season books and the fan must-have, '24: Behind the Scenes.'

16. Cutest TV-related cupcakes ever: TV Dinner Cupcakes, served in a foil pan.

17. How crafty are you (and how much time do you have)? This Jack Bauer cross stitched handiwork would make an awesome prize for a '24' party trivia game.

18. Party favor idea: '24' Minimates, mini action figures of Jack Bauer, Nina Myers, David Palmer and Kim Bauer.

19. Make it a costume party with Jack Bauer costumes (available at most costume stores).

20. Print out '24' logos and photos on label paper, and stick 'em to balloons, paper cups, napkins and paper plates.

21. Pre-finale/post-finale/commercial breaks game idea: '24' Clue.

22. Food idea: You know those candy hearts you can buy for Valentine's Day? Necco, the company that makes them, also makes red, white and blue conversation hearts, which are totally appropriate for celebrating a patriotic guy like Jack Bauer. Bonus: Necco has donated thousands of dollars to the USO Care Package program, which sends care boxes to U.S. troops.

23. Another red, white and blue themed snack idea: This festive Martha Stewart paper cone, filled with red and blue potato chips. Kick it up a notch with red (Mountain Dew Code Red), white/clear (vanilla milkshakes or Sprite) and blue (like Gatorade Glacier Freeze) drinks.

24. Music: Sure, there's the '24' soundtrack, or there's the Jack Bauer fan song, set to the tune of John Mellencamp's 'Jack and Diane.'

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