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August 29, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for June 7-13

by Kim Potts, posted Jun 6th 2010 3:00PM
'The Good Guys' (9PM, Fox)
Until Tom Selleck returns to primetime next season on CBS' cop drama 'Blue Bloods,' we have to give it up to Bradley Whitford's 'Good Guys' moustache for the Best Supporting Performance by Facial Hair in a Drama Series. Really, look at that thing ... it's truly Selleck-worthy. Meanwhile, there's much to love elsewhere about this quirky new series (which actually falls more in the dramedy category), concocted by 'Burn Notice' creator Matt Nix. Whitford's Dan Stark was once a great cop ... in the '80s, a decade he can't seem to let go of, from the 'stache and his wardrobe to his drinking and his love of his Trans Am. But now he's partnered up with the by-the-book Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks), who embraces modern police techniques and desperately wants a promotion. Jack's more, um, laidback approach means the duo is forced to compromise , as in tonight's case, in which the partners have to come up with their own sting operation to bring down a ring of vintage car thieves when their boss refuses to give them access to police department vehicle to bring down the baddies.

'Last Comic Standing' – 'The Office' funny guy Craig Robinson takes over as host, while comedians Greg Giraldo and Andy Kindler add some laughs as talent scouts when auditions begin in Los Angeles (8PM, NBC) season 7 premiere

'Lie to Me' – Howard Hesseman guests as a teacher who claims he saw a UFO. Johnny Fever and aliens ... sounds about right (8PM, Fox)

'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' – The answer to that Adrian pregnancy cliffhanger is revealed ... is Ben going to be a daddy for reals this time? (8PM, ABC Family) season 3 premiere

'VH1 Hip Hop Honors' – Craig Robinson is everywhere tonight! He also hosts this salute to Dirty South, with performances by T-Pain, Lil Jon and Paul Wall (9PM, VH1)

'Last American Cowboy' – Three Montana ranching families are profiled during calving season, when they raise livestock from birth to auction (10PM, Animal Planet) series premiere

'Nurse Jackie' – Jackie's life has spiraled into one big ol' mess as her family, friends and co-workers are all ticked off at her, but not nearly as angry as that drug dealer she cheated, the one who's now out for revenge (10PM, Showtime) season 2 finale

'Persons Unknown' – 'The Usual Suspects' writer Christopher McQuarrie created this 13-episode thriller about a group of strangers who are kidnapped and dropped into the middle of a town that's deserted, save a Chinese restaurant and surveillance cameras everywhere. And yes, feel free to delve into the mystery ... pretty sure this one won't turn out to be some variation of purgatory (10PM, NBC) series premiere

'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood' – Wedding vow renewals ... it's all the rage in reality TV this year (10PM, Oxygen) season 5 finale

'United States of Tara' – Tara, or someone living in her body, begins asking questions about her childhood, bringing up some secrets her 'rents meant to keep buried (10:30PM) season 2 finale

'Dance Your Ass Off' – Spice Girl Mel B. takes over as host of this reality series in which people try to lose weight by shaking their groove thangs (11PM, Oxygen) season 2 premiere

'Justified' (10PM, FX) season 1 finale
If you've been feeling let down by this TV season's finales -- both series and season -- you've come to the right place with the 'Justified' season ender, as good an episode of any series that's aired all year. That little bomb, ahem, Boyd dropped on daddy Bo's drug plans last week? Major consequences this week, not the least of which is a masterful scene in which we finally get a bit of definitive evidence about whether or not Boyd (the so, so, so Emmy-worthy Walton Goggins) is sincere with his newfound devotion to the word of God. Meanwhile, also carrying over from last week's action, Raylan (the also Emmy-worthy Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd's complicated relationships with their daddies come to a head, as a shootout puts several lives in danger and leaves one of the men questioning everything he believes in.

'Pretty Little Liars' – Four estranged pals are drawn together when it appears they've all received messages from a fifth friend, who's been missing for years. How very 'I Know What You Did Last Summer,' no? (8PM, ABC Family) series premiere

'Glee' – Quinn goes into labor and New Directions finally faces off against Vocal Adrenaline with celebrity judges Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John. There's also more music from Journey, and, for Mr. Schuester, some bad news from Emma (8:59PM, Fox) season 1 finale

'Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt' – She's baaaack, and full of more celeb rants, including riffs on Sharon Stone and The Big O (10PM, Bravo)

'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' – Creepy: a dead student is found with his blood drained from his body, leading to a cult whose members think others' blood makes them immortal (10PM, USA)

'Super Secret Celebrity Weddings' – When big payouts for selling exclusive photos to the weekly mags are at stake, celebs will go to ridiculous lengths to keep their weddings hush hush, including Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, who pretended they were shooting a music video to keep their nuptials a mystery (10PM, WE)

'Work of Art: The Next Great Artist' (11PM, Bravo) series premiere
Sarah Jessica Parker is an executive producer of this new competition series, in which 14 arty types try to win an ultimate prize that includes a solo art showing and the always appealing cash. The artists, as you might expect, can be described as eccentric (a grand understatement in some cases), which leads to much head-butting and drama as the competition unfolds. First up: Host China Chow challenges the contenders to create a piece of artwork that best showcases the "spirit" of one of their challengers.

'CMT Music Awards' – Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum perform as Kid Rock hosts the ninth annual country music awards show (8PM, CMT)

'Most Daring' – In this "students gone wild" installment, a group of college students decide to streak across campus, just as potential freshman are touring the campus with their 'rents (9PM, truTV)

'You're Cut Off' – Nine spoiled -- yeah, rotten -- women bunk together and have to try to live without their parents paying their ways. Ah, you're gonna hate them all, from the mom who's never changed her kid's diaper (that's nanny work, says her) to the woman whose allowance is $1,000 a day (of her dad's money) to another woman, who got her first Chanel bag at age 5 (9PM, VH1) series premiere

'How'd You Get So Rich?' – Host Joan Rivers closes the season with a special 'Big Spenders' edition of the show, featuring rags-to-riches stories like celeb florist Preston Bailey, who grew up in a house with no hot water or indoor plumbing, and now lives so large that he spend $1 million a year on vacays (10PM, TV Land) season 2 finale

'In Plain Sight' – Mary tries to convince a woman who has Asperger's to testify, but the woman refuses, because her testimony would hurt her friend (10PM, USA)

'Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II' – No Evelyn, no Wes ... looks like Kenny may just emerge victorious (10PM, MTV) season 19 finale

'Top Chef Masters' – Kelly Choi declares a winner (winner, winner, chicken dinner!) (10PM, Bravo) season 2 finale

'Bethenny Getting Married?' (10PM, Bravo) series premiere
Clearly, the series title is a little behind the times ... we already know that 'Real Housewives of New York City' star/chef/author Bethenny Frankel did, indeed, get married to Jason Hoppy and did give birth to daughter Bryn earlier this year. So, what's left for the series to unfold: How she got there. The self-proclaimed commitment-phobe had to get over her reservations about her impending nuptials while planning the big event (which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC). And on top of that, she had to buy a dress, plan a menu and continue running her business while juggling some serious pregnancy hormones. In true Bethenny style, it leads to a lot more laughs than drama, which is a refreshing follow-up to the just-concluded, tension-packed third season of 'Real Housewives.'

'Burn Notice' – Michael helps a fellow burned spy, which is only right seeing as how he's the one who helped burn him last week (9PM, USA)

'Modern Marvels' – The episode examines the "real national treasure," the U.S. Library of Congress, which houses goodies like George Washington's handwritten diary and the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence (9PM, History)

'Real Housewives of New York City Reunion' – It took eight hours to film this emotional, tense reunion, which features multiple meltdowns and several stomp-offs by the Housewives (9PM, Bravo)

'Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t' – Gimme a B! Gimme an S! What does it spell? BS, which is what the comedians call when they examine everything cheerleader-related (10PM, Showtime) season 8 premiere

'Royal Pains' – Yes! The Fonz -- Henry Winkler -- makes his debut as Papa Lawson (10PM, USA)

'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' – Comedian Provenza gets all Bill Maher-y in this new weekly roundtable series that will include guest appearances by celebs, including, tonight, Drew Carey, Larry Miller and Eddie Izzard (10:30PM, Showtime) series premiere

'Friday Night Lights' (8PM, NBC)
Eric's trying to come up with a new game plan for the team, and Vince discovers a new skill that's only going to get him in trouble, but tonight's episode is really all about two of the show's favorite couples -- Riggins and Lyla and Matt and Julie -- who come together and realize they may finally need to make some definite decisions about their relationships. With Lyla home from college, she and Tim happily reunite and he, at least, feels more than ever that the two are meant to be a couple. But leaving her hometown has only strengthened Lyla's resolve to get more out of life than Dillon can offer, which may force her to make a decision Riggins won't like. Meanwhile, when Matt and Julie go to Austin for a concert, they both come to the realization that he may have made a mistake in choosing to remain a local, and now they both need to decide whether or not he'll correct it.

'Stargate Universe' – Biiiig cliffhanger. Big. Huge, even, and it may or may not involve Rhona Mitra's Commander Kiva (9PM, Syfy) season 1 finale

'Party Down' – Roman is most unhappy when his former writing partner throws a party and hires the gang to work it, only so he can rub Roman's face in the fact that he just sold a script (10PM, Starz)

'The Whitest Kids U'Know' – Among the skits in the opener: 'Grandma's Cookies,' 'Santa Clause', 'Sex Robot' and 'Barf Museum.' Enjoy (10PM, IFC) season 4 premiere

'Glenn Martin, DDS' – Bret Michaels makes a guest appearance -- or rather, his voice does -- when he gives Glenn some advice on how to woo Jackie (10:30PM, Nickelodeon)

'Friday Night Alright' – It's U2 in concert, as the band performs in London, on the roof of the BBC Broadcasting House (11PM, VH1)

'Paul F. Tompkins: You Should Have Told Me' – The delightful comedian talks about turning 40, buying a house and his mother's death, while we remember just how much we miss 'Best Week Ever' (11PM, Comedy Central)

'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM, HBO) season 3 premiere
Werewolves. Yes, move over vampires, because season three will find werewolves getting their fair share of screen time this season, as Sookie (Oscar and Golden Globe winner Anna Paquin) seeks the help of a werewolf named Alcide to find her MIA love Bill (Stephen Moyer). First up in season three, which will loosely follow the storyline of 'Club Dead,' the third novel in the 'Southern Vampire Mysteries' series, Sookie tries to get Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) to help her find Bill, but the sheriff, unsurprisingly, has little interest. Elsewhere, Andy convinces Jason to keep his lips zipped about who really killed Eggs, while Lafayette tries to console a crushed Tara over Eggs' death.

'Beautiful People' – Now that Simon and Sacha have broken up, he heads back home, where he tries to throw a wedding for his parents and deal with the bombshell his sister drops at the ceremony (Sat., 10PM, Logo) season 2 premiere

'64th Annual Tony Awards' – Sean "Just Jack!" Hayes hosts, while 'Glee' cast members Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele, and Green Day, perform, and the musical 'Fela!' and the revival of 'La Cage aux Folles,' with 11 nominations each, duke it out for the most awards (Sun., 8PM, CBS)

'25 Years of Discovery' – 'Dirty Jobs' host Mike Rowe hosts this special, which kicks off a week-long celebration of the cable network's 25th anniversary (Sun., 9PM, Discovery)

'Behind the Music/Storytellers: Christina Aguilera' – Two hours of Ms. Aguilera, including the 'Behind the Music' treatment and a concert/fan Q+A special afterwards (Sun., 9 and 10PM, VH1)

'Breaking Bad' – Still reeling from last week's ending? The season wrap-up is no less dramatic, as Jesse goes on the lam and Walt hatches a plan to save himself and his young cohort (Sun., 10PM, AMC) season 3 finale

'Cupcake Wars' – Remember how cupcakes used to be a delicious, but still simple little treat you had in elementary school on your birthday, or at bake sales? Now they're big business, and sell sometimes for $4 and $5 each, so it's probably not so crazy that the network would devote an entire series to the competition amongst cupcake bakers (Sun., 10PM, Food Network) series premiere

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I have never laughed at a pilot as much as I did for The Good Guys. It was so hilarious. Seriously it out did most comedies I've seen in theaters lately. Great stuff.

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