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October 9, 2015

'Hell's Kitchen' - 'Episode 2' Recap

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 9th 2010 12:35AM
Chef Ramsay(S07E02) "The food that we're serving ... it's not very good." - Andrew

Remember that episode of 'Seinfeld' where Jerry dates Bette Midler's understudy, the one who cries over every little thing, including dropping her hot dog on the ground and breaking a shoelace? I thought of that tonight while watching this episode of 'Hell's Kitchen.' Siobhan is that woman, crying over everything that happens in the kitchen and outside of it. "I dropped my frankfurter! It was really good!"

I can't imagine Siobhan being named head chef at the Savoy. Then again, none of these contestants stand out yet. Well, they all stand out, but not in the way they want.

I'm going to start a new rating system for this show, "The Risotto Scale." A scale that tells you how bad the cooking was in each episode. A score of one means terrible (uncooked food, burnt food, over-salted food, dishes served cold, dishes taking forever to make) and 10 is fantastic. I don't foresee too many 10s but take a look at my rating at the end of this review.

While I can't see Siobhan winning this season's contest, I couldn't imagine Andrew winning it either. He's too -- what's the word -- bizarre? First the quote about eating raw animals and then the quote above as well as tonight's odd behavior during their trip with Chef Ramsay and talking back to Ramsay when he cooked something wrong. Though it did lead to a great quote from Jason: "Chef Ramsay ... he's like the Jay-Z of f***king restaurants." I hope he didn't mean that as a verb. (He also said that Salvatore wasn't "culinary refrined." I didn't type that wrong.)

I'm wondering where Andrew went when he walked out. He left his shoes with Jean-Philippe and walked out the front door, not even going to get his stuff in the apartment.

So this week we saw that the chefs can screw up from morning to night, breakfast to dinner, as they had to cook eggs four ways for the first challenge and then ended the night with dinner. I think they had a better batting average with the eggs than with other foods, but the women ended up losing yet again. At least the women didn't lose the dinner round. Well, they did, but the men lost too. That's a ... victory?

I knew when the women put up Autumn for elimination that Ramsay would have a problem with it. She's not the worst cook right now, just one of the more disliked team members. I guess that's one of the predictable aspects of this show, but it's good when Ramsay changes things up like this. I certainly wasn't expecting him to disregard the picks of both teams and decide to dump Mikey. That came out of nowhere. I was worried he was going to tell Salvatore to go home (hey, I gotta watch out for my fellow Italians). He's a likable part of this season. Next week's promo shows Sal as a waiter and having lots of problems. Maybe he can sleep with some of the customers?

More thoughts:

- I'm trying to imagine Chef Ramsay's philosophy translated to other jobs, like writing for a TV website. What if my editors got mad at a post I did when they went in to proofread it? Where's the f***ing punctuation? How long until the post is done? Two minutes? Oh, come on, donkey! What is wrong with you? Get out of this blog!

- The show continues to teeter on the edge of being too contrived and too much like previous seasons. The way the cooks act and the way Ramsay acts and the way the show is narrated and edited, you could be shown a random scene from the show and not know what season it came from. But it remains entertaining if you like this sort of reality show.

- What happened to all of the smoking? Past seasons have shown all of the contestants smoking up a storm (realistic, as most of the places I worked in had cooks and staff that smoked all the time), but there hasn't been much of that yet.

Risotto Scale: FOUR. Of course they didn't show every single meal going out, but you know the cooks must have gotten a lot right. Ramsay didn't close the kitchen down, so even though there was lots of food cooked badly and moments where Ramsay swore, threw food and kicked waste baskets, it could have been a lot worse (and often has been).

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for all of your bemoaning about the show being too predictable, i am so surprised you didn't see Mikey getting eliminated. i saw that coming a mile away. if the groups were doing what Ramsay asked, Siobhan and Mikey should have been in the block instead of the who the teams actually picked. Mikey stalled the blue team for about an hour on risotto.

also, Sal has probably the worst fake accent since Miss Cleo.

June 09 2010 at 10:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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