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October 10, 2015
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An Angry Girl Fight on 'You're Cut Off!' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 10th 2010 3:55AM
An Angry Girl Fight on 'You're Cut Off!'The new show 'You're Cut Off!' (Wed., 9PM ET on VH1) chronicles the lives of nine extremely spoiled young women. These women have all been pampered by their families, and aren't used to dealing with real life. To give you an example of how spoiled they are, one of the girl's dads spends half a million dollars a year on her -- in order to provide her with such things as her own maid and personal astrologer.

Now, the girls are all forced to live together in a single small house. Naturally, this leads to some tension. The women seem to unite in dislike of one of the contestants -- whose name is Gia. The very unpleasant Gia refuses to breast-feed her own daughter or change her diapers, and she forces her husband to attend to her every need.

After meeting Gia, the other contestants decide that she is a terrible mother, and turn against her. Eventually, Gia gets in a fight with housemate Jaqueline. There's some yelling, some hitting with pillows, and frequent use of the word "bitch." It's all just about as trashy as you would expect.

Based on the first episode, this is pretty standard reality show, although it does have an interesting premise. Let's hope that the series can drop the trashiness at some point. Maybe it can rise above, and can actually manage to explore these women's lives and their very real problems.

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These girls if I didn't know the subject I would think it was about street walking whores! And not high class whores! These women seem STUPID and unkept with horrible diction and teeth that where not kept up! They are over dress and over made up with horrible hooker like makeup! Shamefully the society that they live in have taking advantage of their stupidity and lack of knowledge of what in expensive and what looks cheap...It is also evident that all those they went to the finest school they all seem to have learning problem....It shows that low income and super rich children can go to school and come out dumb as a rock! If the only marry one was not rich and white should would be under Child Protection! Of all the sick rich people she is the lowset of low! And her husband is a weak punk that should not have children....He picked a loser to be the mother of his children!

June 28 2010 at 7:25 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jessica is a complete phony sham. Check her AND her mother on Dr. Phil "Repeat Offenders" show that aired on Feb. 25, 2010. Funny, on You're Cut Off she claims she never had to have a job, but in reality she works for a plastic surgeon! She is on a show with a subject matter of one other guest from the Dr. Phil episode. WHAT A PHONY JOKE!!!

June 15 2010 at 3:48 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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