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October 6, 2015

Holly Madison Talks 'Holly's World' And Loving Las Vegas

by Gabrielle Dunn, posted Jun 11th 2010 6:00PM
Holly MadisonHolly Madison was once one-third of the world's hottest trifecta -- Playboy honcho Hugh Hefner's three blonde girlfriends on the E! show 'The Girls Next Door.'

But now, Madison is breaking out on her own show, 'Holly's World,' which follows the 30-year-old bombshell in her new life in Las Vegas. The Playmate's new solo show premieres on E! this Sun., June 13.

Madison, who performs six nights a week on the burlesque Peepshow, talked to TV Squad about the first couple episodes of her show, getting into local politics, embarrassing Hugh Jackman and writing an insider's guide to her favorite city.

How is 'Holly's World' different from 'Girls Next Door'?

It's less controlled, less cutesy. It's more just me and my friends out here in Vegas trying to make our goals happen and all the drama and laughs and everything that goes along with it. Just day- to-day stuff that people can relate to. We're really trying to keep it real. I would say it's mostly, when it comes down to it, the interaction between me and my little family of friends. Career goals are my motivation to do most things really, but then all the fun and all the texture and all the emotions and relationships kind of weave themselves around that.

Can you tease the first couple episodes?

Yeah, the first episode's a housewarming party where a lot of chaos breaks out. It gets really crazy in my new house I just bought and the second episode is a dating episode. My friend's trying to set me up with some guys so we'll see how that goes.

You've mentioned wanting to get into politics.

Oh, I'd love to one day.

Locally, in Las Vegas?

Yeah! Any way I can help out but first, I need to learn more about it.

What's your go-to hangout in Las Vegas?

Our definite hang-out on the show is this place called the Pepper Mill. It's a restaurant on the Strip. It was built in the '70s. It's this tiny, little anachronism. Things have imploded around it and it's still there. This little one story place that looks like a Denny's collided with a strip club collided with the inside of a limo. It's a really crazy-looking diner so we love that place. We love going there all the time. That's definitely our hang when you see us out eating. We shot the opening of my show there. It's a really fun, cute little place.

How did 'Holly's World' come about as an idea?

Back when the three of us were on 'Girls Next Door,' there was always the thought that each of us would develop a spin-off. Originally when I worked with the Playboy Studio photo editor, we were going to do something like that with me whether it was a contest type, 'Top Model' type show with potential Playmates or a drama around girls who come out to be Playmates but I quit that job and came out to Vegas and of course wanted to still do reality TV because I had such a great experience with 'Girls Next Door' so I wanted to develop a show around my friends and I.

GIRLS next doorDo you still talk to your fellow 'Girls Next Door,' Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson?

Yeah, they'll both be making appearances on my show. We talk all the time. I was texting Kendra a lot last night. They'll both be on different episodes of my show this season.

How is it performing with Peepshow?

It's amazing. We're doing really well. We're really blessed. In this economy, to be doing so well. It's a great burlesque show, the biggest and best in Las Vegas so I'm really proud of it.

Have there been any cool guests in the audience?

Yeah, we had Hugh Jackman come to the show and we pulled him up on stage. That was really memorable. There's a whole audience participation part of the skit, part of the show and so we brought him up for that and it was funny because years ago, before I was on 'Girls Next Door' I went to go see him on Broadway in 'The Boy From Oz' and he tried to call me and my friends up on stage and we were so embarrassed we wouldn't do it. I'm glad he was a good enough sport to actually come up on my stage.

Have you had a chance to see other people's shows?

Yeah, I try and get to all of them that I can but it's hard because I only have one night off a week and other people have that same night off so I can't go see everybody. Well, I love Carrot Top, that's my favorite comedy show. I love Jersey Boys at the Palotzo. I love Cirque du Soleil's 'Love.'

How did you come to design candy necklaces for The Sugar Factory?

I was doing promotional work for them. They have stores all around Vegas and in the Miracle Mile Mall which is adjacent from Planet Hollywood, where I lived. And I'd done some promotional events for them before. I love their candy stores. They're really fun and other celebrities had done lines of lollipops or other candy lines for them and I wanted to do candy necklaces because that's what I love to wear.

What do you hope people will see about you throughout the series?

I hope in the end when this whole season has aired, I hope it's a fun, entertaining, guilty pleasure show but I also hope that it shows that I'm a hard worker, that I'm not just some you know, heiress type who just gets my make-up done and shows up places and is empty-headed about it. I'm writing a book about Las Vegas. I'm doing it all myself and I perform in a burlesque show six night a week and I film my show during the day and do a lot of promotional charity work around town too.

What's the book about?

It's an insiders guide to Las Vegas with tie-ins to my show and a whole chapter on Vegas history. I first started visiting Vegas maybe about eight years ago but I really fell in love with it about a year ago when I came out here with one of my best friends who is from here and I started spending a lot of time here. I love the people here, they're so nice and down to earth. There's so many fun things to do here.

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