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August 28, 2015

'The Fabulous Beekman Boys' On Being 'Accidental Farmers,' Relationships & Martha

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jun 16th 2010 10:00AM
'The Fabulous Beekman Boys''The Fabulous Beekman Boys' (premieres Wed., June 16, 9PM ET on Planet Green) is like 'Green Acres,' if Oliver and Lisa were a fabulous gay couple and Arnold the pig was a camera-loving llama with a penchant for driving the boys insane.

The show follows Josh Kilmer-Purcell, a drag queen-turned-bestselling novelist, and Dr. Brent Ridge, a type-A former VP at Martha Stewart. Their decision to buy a sweet little country farmhouse in upstate New York turned into a complete lifestyle overhaul. They now live on Beekman Farm with 80 goats, a couple of pigs, a dozen chickens and the aforementioned scene-stealing llama.

I caught up with the hilarious duo -- always either adorably bickering or finishing each other's sentences -- to get more dish on their show, what's next for their brand Beekman 1802 and, yes, their pal Martha Stewart.

You guys are hilarious -- what can you tell people to prepare them for this show?
Brent: Basically that they're going to be entertained like they've never been entertained before. [Laughs]

The Fabulous Beekman BoysBut there's also a little fighting -- all is not idyllic on the farm.
Josh: Well yeah, I think it'll be apparent to the viewer right away that I'm right all the time, so ... I'm not sure we need to warn them about how wrong Brent is about everything.

Brent: I think that it's a very realistic portrayal of a relationship. Anybody's who's in a personal relationship that's undergoing some type of stress -- whether it's from the economy or just life transition -- or people who are in a business relationship with someone, they're going to see bits of their own relationships in what we're going through. I don't think there's anything unique about what's happening in our relationship ... I think it's pretty universal.

Martha StewartYour pasts are almost just as interesting as what you're doing now -- Josh, you being a drag queen with goldfish in your fake water boobs, and Brent, you working for Martha Stewart. Will we be seeing Martha on the show at all?
Brent: She is in two episodes. She tastes our cheese for the first time, on camera, so we caught her honest reaction to the cheese ... which, thankfully, was positive. And then we have another scene, right before we cook our Thanksgiving feast, where she's giving us some advice.

Josh, you've got some funny Martha stories as well, one of which you share during your book reading in the pilot. I think people will be shocked that she let you use that in the book -- most people think Martha is a robot!
Josh: The really funny part is Martha has a great sense of humor. Like, Martha gets why people sometimes poke fun of her. Yes, people are laughing, but she's laughing right along with them.

Brent: It's something that's kind of pervasive in American culture -- anyone would think, what if I was in the kitchen with Martha? Even the producers of her TV show, when they read Josh's book, they thought that was so hilarious about meeting Martha for the first time. They were like, 'Yes! That's exactly how it is.' Everyone is petrified. [Laughs]

Farmer JohnSo what made a drag queen and a VP at Martha Stewart decide to buy a farm and become the Beekman Boys?
Josh: Well, we kind of call ourselves accidental farmers. This wasn't a stated goal of ours -- we actually just happened to be driving upstate and we came across this farm, and immediately we knew we had to have it. And it wasn't a working farm at the time ... we thought we'd have a second sort of "weekend home." Then shortly after moving in, we get a letter in our mailbox from Farmer John, who had lost his farm, and he had 30 days to find a new home for his goats. It was such a heartfelt letter -- and you can tell by the show how much John cares about his goats! -- so we were like, 'Yeah, sure, move in with your goats.' And that's how we became farmers! [Laughs]

You're doing a lot of back-and-forth to the city on the show. Have you two figured out by the end of this season how to juggle it all?
Josh: Well, I always say, be careful of chasing your dreams because you're probably gonna catch something different. And I think people will see by the end of the show, we didn't quite get what we set out to get, but we did wind up in a different, better place, so we're still going along.

Brent: And oddly decided to chew off even more.

Josh: Yeah, guess which one of us decided that!

Beekman 1802[Laughs] More than just the cheese and the soap?
Brent: Yes! People will see at the end of the season what the next stage of Beekman 1802 is going to be.

Do you imagine Beekman 1802 being a household name? The soaps in every bathroom, the cheese at every grocery store?
Brent: We're never gonna be Proctor & Gamble ...

Josh: Nor do we want to be!

Brent: Right. What we do though is we encourage people to put thought into the products that they buy. Obviously our soap is more expensive than soap that you're going to buy at the drugstore, but ...

Josh: ...there's good reasons for that.

Brent and JoshHave you seen the whole season yet? Anything that you wish you hadn't done on camera?
Brent: Well, we've only seen a few episodes, so we don't really know if there are embarrassing moments coming up, but when we first started filming, I think we were very conscious of the camera, so we were a little bit more reserved. But as we became more comfortable with the situation and more comfortable with the crew ... people will see us let our guard down a lot. It becomes even more realistic. We're not holding anything back.

Josh: Yeah, we'll actually be watching the episodes at the same time as everybody else. And live tweeting! I want to know how it all ends just as much as everybody else. [Laughs]

My dream for you guys is to open up that fabulous home and make it a B&B -- is that an option?
Brent: I say no.

Josh: I mean, who would want to come to a B&B where Brent's gonna make them clean their own bathrooms and make their own beds? [Laughs]

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