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October 8, 2015

'True Blood' - 'Beautifully Broken' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jun 21st 2010 5:20AM
True Blood: Beautifully Broken
(S03E02) "You're going to invite me in, so I can protect you. Or have passionate primal sex with you. How about both?" - Eric to Sookie

Hmmm ... well, just like in a few other franchises, the vampires and the werewolves don't get along so well in 'True Blood.' We started this episode with Bill killing a few wolves and biting off an ear. They jumped right into the gore (and, of course, I loved it). Then got into Eric's explanation to Sookie about the "Nazi werewolves."

I think that's the first time I've heard that phrase, but Eric said these wolves pre-date World War II, and they're not ordinary wolves. "They're organized, well funded, highly trained and fueled by vampire blood." Something tells me that real-life wars would have a different outcome if they were fought by vampires and werewolves -- though having just watched 'The Pacific,' maybe not. Things were gruesome enough with humans. But I digress. ...

I've said it before, but it takes a strong girl to fend off Eric's advances. You can tell that even though Sookie says she's Bill's, she's considering what it would be like with Eric. And is it just me, or is there more to Eric's statement that Sookie shouldn't underestimate herself, that her life is too valuable to throw away? It sounds like he knows something about her that goes beyond wanting to jump in the sack with her.

The whole situation with Jessica and the dead guy and Hoyt is comical and heartbreaking and romantic. I just hope Hoyt can convince her that she won't kill him. I think that's what she's afraid of. Plus, now she's got a missing body to deal with. I'm really glad she didn't have to use the chainsaw on the dead guy, though. I'm not sure how she would have gotten through that if she had trouble dealing with his decaying body. Hey, at least Lysol would have a brand new use for its ad campaigns. "Spray away those rotting body odors!"

I still think Tara is a whiny drama queen and wish Lafayette had let her off herself. But she does pack a pretty mean punch. Plus, now we've got Franklin Mott on the scene. We'll see where that all leads.

The Vampire King has quite the palatial digs, but I'm guessing that Bill being the sheriff of Mississippi Area Two (the world's only cactus plantation) isn't really an option. At least, it didn't seem that way. But the feast didn't seem all that bad -- warm blood bisque infused with rose petals, blood gelato -- and who knew that chilled, carbonated blood could be cruelty-free and willingly donated? "Note the citrusy finish. This one ate only tangerines for weeks."

Well, now we know a little more about Sam's biological family. His mom and brother are shapeshifters, too. Tommy's ticked that no one told him about Sam. They make a cute pair of dogs. And his dad really, really needs some new underwear. How about boxers?

So, do you think Lorena is dead? I'm guessing not. Also, what do you think the deal is with Jessica's dead guy? I'd mention Snoop Dogg's tribute to Sookie, but the less said about that, the better.

A few quotes:

"Cooter? Seriously?" - Bill, on the werewolf's silly name

Bill: "These wolves do your bidding?"
Vampire King: "Unfortunately, not as well as I'd hoped."

Eric: "Here's what I know about werewolves: there's a reason their existence has remained merely a myth to humans for thousands of years. They're territorial, vicious, pathologically secretive."
Sookie: "Boy, does that sound familiar."

Jessica: "How do you stop?"
Pam: "I think about cryin' children with soggy diapers. Also maggots."

"Please don't do that. Makes me feel ... disturbingly human." - Eric, when Sookie starts to cry

Jason: "There's werewolves?"
Sookie: "Yes."
Jason: "Shit. Bigfoot? Is he real, too?"
Sookie: "I dunno. I guess it's possible."
Jason: "Santa?"
Sookie: "Jason! Focus!"

"This is Jesus. He's a Mexican, but he ain't raped me yet." - Ruby, introducing her healthcare worker to Lafayette and Tara

"He spits in my food through them rotten cheese teeth." - Ruby, on Jesus

"I keep expectin' Bill to come through that door and say '... Sookayyy!'" - Sookie to Jason

Terry, handing Sookie a gun. "You know how to use one of these?"
Sookie: "I ain't that blonde. Thanks, Terry."
Terry: "Hey, I've always liked you, and I'd miss you if you got killed. Just so you know."

"1958 Plymouth Fury. You know, that's the same car they used in 'Christine.' Stephen King? Horror movie?" - Sam to Tommy

"You are a real-life, honest-to-Jesus hero. You're the wind beneath my wings, man." - Jason to Andy

Jason: "I love you, Andy. You're my best friend."
Andy: "Now that's just sad."

"Ten reasons why you can trust me with your kids: Number one, I'm a nurturer. I found a baby armadillo by the side of the road, and I nursed it. Now it sleeps under my bed. His name's Felix. Number two, I have a diploma from anger management, where i learned talkin' about your feelings is the manly thing to do. Number three, I never killed nothin' by accident." - Andy to Arlene

Eric: "Invite me in ... now."
Sookie: "Mr. Northman, would you please come in?"

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I love that the show does not totally follow the story line of the books. I have read all the series and loved it but I would not be squirming with excitement to see the next episode if I knew exactly what was going to happen. I think that they are doing a great job! Quit over analyzing, and just be entertained!

YES!!! Terry is Great!!

June 22 2010 at 12:09 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Nice episode. I love Bill when he's all enraged. I think we've established it was Bill's house with the info on Sookie and Franklin Mott was the one snooping. I think he also moved Jessica's dead body based on the preview for next week when he asks her if shes missing something.

OK Terry is my new favorite minor character. He has been just too offbeat sweet these last episodes. He better not die this season.

Snoop's video was hilarious. you can see how big a fan he is and I wouldnt mind him doing a cameo

June 21 2010 at 5:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It was at Bill's house and the perp was Franklin Mott. Notice the boots when you play it back. That's why they show the shoes at Bill's and again at the bar...

June 21 2010 at 1:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The house with the info is Bills house. Note how the queen in season 2 had sookies cousin Hadley at her house. In the books the queen learns of sookies powers thru her cousin, whom she is sleeping with, and sends Bill out to I guess spy on her since Bill's family is from BonTemps. He falls in love with though. Later when Sookie finds out about his "job" to watch her she can no longer love him. That is the whole reason Bill went to Merlotte's bar - to find her. Read the books.

June 21 2010 at 12:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to kristy's comment

WTF could you have warned us about that spoiler?! not everyone has read the books. I read the first 2 and frankly im not interested in reading the rest. The books are kinda one note and boring and I personally find the show far superior. So if you like the books thats fine but remember the show is based on them not an exact translation.

June 21 2010 at 5:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought the snooper was in Sookie's house, which she inherited from her grandmother. (Who was killed in season one.) Maybe that stuff had been kept by her grandmother. But Bill could have been keeping stuff on her too. The King of Mississippi hinted that Bill had a task involving Sookie given him by his Queen.
I too am bothered at how much they are ignoring the books. I understand bringing in other characters and promoting more minor ones. I don't mind the whole Maryanne story dominating last season although she was a minor bit player in the books. But the series is changing the basic character of the leads too much.
As I said I don't mind minor characters getting promoted and I quite like Lafayette still being around, but I'm sick to death of Tara. She spent the last two seasons lashing out and ignoring anyone else's problems. She's a one-note character and extremely tiresome. I don't know if I can watch anther season of her going at everyone.
The whole thing with her mom and religion, especially the ridiculous scene with the minister at the house with Tara in the first episode, is also tiresome. It's hamfisted in it's obvious intent to throw scorn on religion and on the mother's substituting religion for alcohol. (As if we viewers are too stupid to get it if this message isn't spelled out large for us.) I'm not a big fan of most organized religion, but I was cringing at the writing of the scene - not the actions of the characters in it. We get it Alan, you think religion is all evil. But you're only going to get militant atheists (and maybe not all of those) liking the scenes with such over-the-top one-sided attacks.
I love the show and read the books before this season started because I couldn't wait to get more. They aren't great literature but they are a lot of fun to read and in many ways better than the series. And I love the characters in the books so much I hate to see them fundamentally changed.

June 21 2010 at 12:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

...and before the spelling police try to hunt me down, it is..."Nazi Vampires" :}

June 21 2010 at 12:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I could be wrong but I think Franklin Mott was in Bill's house b/c I read that he is a private investigator looking into Bill Compton. Jessica was gone that night getting the chain saw and now the trucker's body is gone. *Poss Spoiler* And yes, Bill works for the Queen. In the books there is a link to Bill having some knowledge and interest in Sookie other than an accidential meeting where they fall in love. It was planned and I think that's how their tying it into the show here. Hope this answers without spoiling.

June 21 2010 at 12:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I refuse to watch this show anymore. It has drifted somewhere WAYYYYYY off, far from the book series. I understand "artistic liscense"... and I usually don't have a problem with a movie/show/whatever drifting a BIT from the core material... but this has just gone too far when they've changed the core "universe" and screwed up the characters this much. I'll just keep reading the books.

June 21 2010 at 11:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to april's comment

They bought the rights to the books, and therefore it is their right to do whatever they want. Fleshing out characters of THEIR choosing is why they get the big bucks, and we are sitting at our computers. Geeze, lighten up. It's not like they took the Bible and made them all Nazi vampirs.

I love the show, just how it is. I would like to know whose house it was where all the information on Sookie was found.

AND, the Snoop's video was hilarious. I think they should add the Dogg to the show, and make him a Vampire King or at least the Sheriff of a district. He's a good actor.

Poor Jessica. I think maybe she did give the guy she killed too much of her blood, or maybe someone else moved him. This will be interesting. Lysol is just not strong enough to remove those smells. LOL

Can't wait to next week, and I don't really care if they follow the books or not.

June 21 2010 at 12:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I've read the books as well, and maybe it's me but I'm not really seeing how it's so far off of the book 'universe'.

A lot of characters have been fleshed out more than they were in the books and some have changed, but I am curious as to what changes you're referring to specifically that are so radical.

June 21 2010 at 12:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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