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October 6, 2015

Michael Lynche on Having More Kids, Going on Tour and Working With Ruben Studdard

by Andrew Scott, posted Jun 22nd 2010 2:00PM
Michael LyncheMichael 'Big Mike' Lynche caught 'Idol's' radar early on in the season, when he missed the birth of his baby daughter during Hollywood Week. By the semifinals, he had brought judge Kara DioGuardi to tears with his rendition of 'This Woman's Work,' and though he was eliminated during Top 9 week, the now-famous Judges' Save revitalized his chances and propelled the 27-year-old to an impressive fourth-place finish.

Now, Michael is busy prepping for the 'Idols Live!' tour, which kicks off July 1 in Auburn Hills, MI.

In our exclusive interview, read Mike's thoughts on having more kids, working with Ruben Studdard, the Judges' Save and his upcoming tour set.

Have you had any time to relax between the show ending and the tour rehearsals?
Since we got here for tour rehearsals, it's been a very relaxing month. We've been here since the first week of June, and my family's here -- my wife and my little baby. [I'm] just getting excellent family time in right now. It's been beautiful.

How is the baby doing?
Good, man. We just got her ears pierced last night. My wife was crazier than the baby was -- she was more nervous than the baby.

Will the baby get to see any of the tour?

Yeah. We've got these fun little earmuffs for her to wear for the loud stadiums and whatnot. They'll be there with me for a lot of the tour. [Regards to] if they'll actually be seeing the show or not always depends on what mood the baby's in and what not. But for the most part, they're gonna be with me for a lot of the tour. It's gonna be nice.

Michael LyncheCan you tell if she's inherited your singing voice yet?

We're not sure. I think she's inherited both my wife and my love for singing, but my wife doesn't sing very well. [Laughs] And my wife spends a ton of time with her. It's nice for a mom to sing to the baby, but just not too much. You don't want to get her tone deaf. But my baby loves to sing ... She just loves to make noise. It's really cute.

Do you see yourself having kids in the future?

Oh, yeah. Definitely. Well, you know, I say yes, because it's exciting; it's fun; it's good. But a lot of it depends on my wife. We've always talked about multiple kids, but a lot really depends on her, and I gotta make sure that my schedule allows me to be there for this next time. I don't think I'm gonna miss the next one, regardless.

Can you give us a tease of what your set will look like?

Well, I don't think any of my fans would let me get away with not singing 'This Woman's Work.' It's one of my big ones from the season, it's one of my favorite all-time songs, and it's gonna be cool. It's gonna be special. I think it's really gonna mark what my set is really about and the whole mood of my set.

Have you started thinking about what kind of album you want to put out?
Definitely. I think all of us have all dreamed about the album we want to put out. A lot of us are songwriters. Most of us are guitar players or piano players, so a lot of have already been thinking about that kind of stuff. Me personally, I just want to put out a great album that's from my heart, and really, really speaks to the adults out there, and really speaks to the spirit and your soul -- just moves you. I want do something just so creative and soulful.

You teased that you're planning on working with Ruben Studdard.

It's something we talked about during [the] finale. He's an amazing guy, and I got to meet him during R&B week, as well ... For me, he's a guy I've always looked up to, from season 2 from seeing him. It's like, [he was] doing something for the big guys, and then to actually win the show. He's just an amazing dude, and he offered up his studio and his people to work with me, so I'm definitely gonna take him up on it. It's gonna be awesome.

Do you think you could bench press him?

[Laughs] Yeah, probably. I mean, Ruben's lost a ton of weight now. I bench press 500 pounds. Ruben's getting himself into shape. I can't believe he's become a vegan, because I love meat. [Laughs]

Aaron and Lee said that they don't want to bunk with you on tour. Care to rebuttal?

[Laughs] This is what I'll say to that: All season long, I was the only 'Idol' not to get sick -- the only one, because I have a very good regimen that I stay on, and my routine is very, very specific and strict. But because all of them all got sick, I ended up getting congested because of them. So they're to say that I snore. It's just the congestion from being around them being sick. But I was the only 'Idol' not to get sick, and not to have to go see the doctor. So I have something for them when we get on tour.

We lost a lot of good contestants during the semifinals this season -- Lily Scott, Alex Lambert, Katelyn Epperly. Having received the Judges Save', would you be open to extending it to the Top 24?

Well, you know, who am I to say? I think we're given such an amazing opportunity with 'American Idol,' and their rules are their rules. You sign up knowing ahead of time. So regardless if the save had been used on me or used on somebody else or used in the Top 24, I kind of feel like, who am I to say? I'm just merely a pawn trying to just move up in the world, and you're going into a whole other world where it's a whole new set of rules -- and it's not your rules. You don't get to make the rules.

I think you and Matt Giruad should team up and do a duet about the save.
[Laughs] Man, I love Matt Giraud. He came and time spent time with us this year, when he performed with Scott MacIntyre. He's such a cool dude. He could have been on this season. It's like he can be in any group of people. He was just really cool. It wasn't like he was one of the older guys coming in and had the experience. He was just super-cool.

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