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October 7, 2015

'Pretty Little Liars' - 'To Kill a Mocking Girl' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jun 23rd 2010 1:45AM
Pretty Little Liars: To Kill a Mocking Girl
(S01E03) "Heads up, BFFs. It's open season on liars, and I'm hunting. - text from 'A' to the girls

OK, first things first. Does Darren the cop have chutzpah or what?! It's no secret why he's standing in Hanna's kitchen wearing a towel -- not to him, not to her, and not to her mom. And yet, there he is. Sporting just a towel and nothing else and looking at, oh, probably beefcake. Ok, so maybe it's cottage cheese. If Hanna's mom didn't kick him out by the end of the episode, something would be seriously wrong with her. But she redeemed herself in my eyes.

Aside from half-naked Darren, there was plenty to talk about in this episode, and most of it fell into the awkward category. Things got pretty interesting for Hanna, and even though Darren is creepy times 10, he does have a point. Hanna seems to have taken Alison's place. If you look at the flashback scenes of Hanna, she's a little dowdy and awkward. Flash forward to the present and she looks a lot like Alison. I'm not pinning anything on her; just saying it's a little weird.

And IS Alison really gone? Apparently, there was a body, though I don't think we actually saw it, did we? On the other hand, we had Jenna's ominous "send text now" phone call last week, so it seems like she's the one behind the mysterious texts. I don't think she's really blind. There's something about her that doesn't seem blind. At any rate, I'm with Hanna regarding Alison: "I say we hold off and not remember her until we know she's not still here."

Just like Darren, Meredith also has chutzpah, only the dark and twisty and 'Fatal Attraction' sort of chutzpah. Let's recap: She had an affair with Aria's dad Byron. Now she's back in their life, chumming it up with Aria's mom and weaseling her way back into their lives. That can't be good.

I can certainly see why Melissa is ticked at Spencer -- mainly because I think this happened before, that Spencer ended up with Melissa's boyfriend. Still, Wren is the culprit here. He's the one who offered to massage Spencer's back and then swooped in for the kiss. He definitely isn't ready to marry anyone, much less Melissa.

There's definitely more to Toby Cavanaugh than meets the eye. I think he's a good guy. I think he's covering up something for Jenna. He took the fall for the girls because Alison had some dirt on him? There's more to that story, especially since he came to Emily's rescue in the locker room. Maybe he's not as pervy as the girls think he is.

And speaking of Emily, who do you think had all those wall photos of her and Maya kissing? They made it seem like a guy, but ... it could be a girl. Maybe it's a jealous Alison. Maybe it's Jenna. Although ... I dunno. Those photos sure seemed stalkerish.

What do you think is up with Sean not wanting to have sex with Hanna? I mean, that's not a bad thing at all, but it just seems odd for a teenage boy to not want anything to do with her that way. Maybe there's more than one gay character on this show.

I see tough times ahead for Aria and Mr. Fitz (though can you blame her? He's darn cute). He's trying to do the right thing, though.

And couldn't the girls just get new cellphones with new numbers? We'll scratch that idea, because then we wouldn't have a show.

I'll leave you with this:

"I skipped scary and went straight to Snookie." - Maya, on her driver's license photo

Your thoughts on this episode?

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UH Toby is Boo Radley. Could the title of the episode or his character be written more obviously?

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