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October 10, 2015

Soap Round-Up: Meg Takes Aim at Emily on 'ATWT' ... and More

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 26th 2010 8:00AM
meg_as_the_world_turns_cbsWelcome to the Soap Round-Up, our weekly recap of all the soap action this past week. Each week, we sum up all the best stories from each and every soap, from 'All My Children' to 'The Young and the Restless.'

If you don't want to know what aired already, consider this a SPOILER ALERT. ... Oh, one last thing, please comment and join the conversation.

For instance, did you see that Meg pulled a gun on Emily on 'As the World Turns'?

'As the World Turns'
Meg pulled a gun on Emily, ready to kill her. Lucinda gave Lily evidence that Molly killed Silas. Craig received $20 million from the insurance claim and gave Carly $5 million. Lily and Carly agreed to go into business together. Craig tried to buy into WorldWide. Parker and Gabriel fought over Liberty. Bob told Chris to let Katie grieve. Lily freed Holden to be with Molly.

victor_the_young_and_the_restless'The Young and the Restless'
Sharon confronted Adam in Brazil. Cane dropped the case when Lily intervened. Mac gave birth prematurely. Nick's bail was revoked. Sharon couldn't convince Adam to surrender. Skye lost a poker game and had to turn Adam over to Victor. Kevin freaked out when he found Jana and Ryder in bed.

'All My Children'
Erica returned to Pine Valley. Caleb kept thinking about Erica. Ryan kissed Madison. David stopped Bianca with an injection. Angie suspected she was very sick. Annie came on to JR. After meeting with a deceased friend's widow, JR reassessed his life. Tad assured Damon that his adoption would be a good thing. Natalia was promoted to detective.

'The Bold and the Beautiful'

Oliver wondered if Brooke meant to be with him the night of the party. Nick couldn't forgive Bridget for cheating with Owen. Steffy questioned Marcus about what he saw at the party. Stephanie vowed revenge on the Logans for what Stephen did to Pam. Oliver feared Hope might see him with Brooke in the video. Steffy rattled Oliver with her suspicions.

rafe_days_of_our_lives_galen_goring'Days of Our Lives'

Brady and Arianna remained apart. Rafe and Shane returned to Salem. Carrie and Sami reconciled. Carly stopped Chloe and Daniel's wedding. The Horton family gathered for Alice's memorial. Chloe learned she was pregnant. Kate unearthed Madeline's secret. Mia decided to leave Salem.

'General Hospital'
Michael's sentence was commuted to house custody with Dante. Patrick got into a fistfight with Steve. Dante agreed work with Jason to capture Franco. Sam blasted Kristina for toying with Johnny. Sonny ordered a hit on Johnny. Luke was arrested on Tracy's order. Carly told Brook their deal wasn't over. Sonny warned Luke to keep Ethan away from Johnny.

'One Life to Live'
Bo questioned Ford's story about the night he was attacked. James and Starr were stunned to see David. Cole resisted making love to Hannah. Unable to sell her car for James, Starr and James stole a car. Blair and Todd were shocked by Starr's actions. Kelly found a clue in the rubble of a vase. Bull tracked down James. Dorian squelched Viki and Charlie's plans.

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