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October 8, 2015

'Rescue Me' Season 6 Preview (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jun 29th 2010 12:00AM

'Rescue Me' returns to fight fires, external and internal, for its sixth season, which kicks off Tue., June 29 at 10PM ET.

Follow me after the jump for a season 6 preview, but be warned -- spoilers ahead.

I have two words to say about Tommy Gavin: HOT MESS. "Demons" doesn't even begin to describe what goes on inside the damaged firefighter's head, and his friends and family aren't much more balanced. Remember the intervention? They all ended up drinking. "The family that drinks together, sinks together."

As our own Jason Hughes pointed out, the season 5 finale, 'Drink,' took some dark and comic and tragic turns, culminating with Teddy shooting Tommy and threatening to hold the bar hostage until Tommy bled out and died. Teddy's been carrying some serious baggage ever since Ellie's death.

Season 6 opens with not only a few tense moments between Teddy and Tommy, but 62 Truck under the gun of shut-down. They aren't the only ones. New York City is in a recession, but after everything surrounding Tommy's shooting, the guys aren't exactly on the best-behaved list (were they ever?).

But Tommy is back, and his first day out of the hospital (don't expect him to get sprung the normal way) includes a wild car ride, a tough-love talk from Janet, and a stunning revelation about Colleen. He even manages to piss off some people in the great beyond.

After rescuing a priest from a burning church, Tommy, looking more grizzled than ever, hopes to get some perspective on his brush with death -- but none arrives. Sheila can't handle Damian's decision to follow in his father's footsteps, so she orders Tommy to get him out of the brotherhood.

One of the funniest things at the beginning of season 6 is Tommy's demand about making his home a nipple-free zone. That doesn't mean what you probably think. It's because Franco and Black Shawn have been hanging around the house shirtless while Tommy's been recuperating in the hospital. Tommy even admits he's a little jealous.

As for the drinking, Tommy's legacy has gone over really well at the bar, but the fact that Tommy is STILL looking for a drink says loads about his psyche. One thing I've always said about Tommy is that a lot of females I know, including myself, are attracted to that damaged mess. Why? I have no idea, but maybe it says more about us than him -- that we like to have something to "fix," or maybe we like the idea of somebody who's worse off than we are to commiserate with.

But at this point, Tommy seems completely unfixable. He's his own worst enemy, and season 6 just continues that theme. It's not so much a matter of whether Tommy can be redeemed. It's whether he even wants to be redeemed.

Here's one more preview video. In this one, Damian asks Franco for advice on women.

Looking forward to the return of 'Rescue Me'?

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