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October 8, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for July 12-18

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 11th 2010 3:00PM
'Rizzoli & Isles' (10PM, TNT) series premiere
'Law & Order' and 'NCIS' fans will be happy about the pairing in this new crime drama, as 'L&O' vet Angie Harmon and former 'NCIS' star Sasha Alexander are BFFs Jane Rizzoli, a Boston cop, and Maura Isles, a medical examiner. Despite the fact that their respective jobs find them working on the same cases, Rizzoli and Isles couldn't be more different, which adds to the fun of this 'Cagney & Lacey'-meets-'Quincy, M.E.' (with just a splash of 'Laverne & Shirley' thrown in to kick up the quirkiness) drama. In tonight's opener, Jane and Maura are trying to track down a serial killer, who might actually be a copycat of another serial killer. Either way, it's personal, since he once tried to kill Jane.

'Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated' – Like, zoinks, Scoob: Matthew Lillard provides the voice of Shaggy and 'Facts of Life' star Mindy Cohn is the voice of Velma in this 11th (!) incarnation of the classic Hanna-Barbera 'toon, while Gary Cole, Vivica A. Fox, Casey Kasem and Patrick Warburton voice other characters in the Mystery Inc. gang's Crystal Cove hometown (7PM, Cartoon Network) series premiere

'Toots' – The compelling documentary, which makes its U.S. TV debut, covers the life and relationships of legendary New York City restaurateur and saloonkeeper Toots Shor, who befriended famous types like Frank Sinatra, Jackie Gleason, Joe DiMaggio and the most notorious New York mobsters (8PM, Sundance)

'The Closer' – Brenda's got a messy murder case on her hands, but that's not what sends her running to her candy box ... she's also wigged out by the new high-tech police offices (9PM, TNT) season 6 premiere

'The Good Guys' – When Dan plants evidence from a cold case into a juicier investigation, he and Jack find themselves in the middle of a gun-running ring (9PM, Fox)

'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations' – Tony travels throughout the Midwest to find hidden food gems in Columbus, Ohio, Milwaukee and Minneapolis (10PM, Travel)

'Pawn Stars' – Among the goodies Rick and the fellas consider for the shop in back-to-back episodes tonight: vintage Mickey Mouse telephones, personal letters from the Kennedys and Super Bowl pins (10PM, History)

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' – When last we left the women, Teresa, Jacqueline and Danielle were about to start scrappin' at a charity event. Tonight, we pick up where they left off, which leads to a visit from the police (10PM, Bravo)

'Covert Affairs' (10PM, USA) series premiere
'Coyote Ugly' star Piper Perabo stars as a spy chick in this fun new USA drama, in which her Annie Walker, a CIA trainee, is thrown into action on a case because of her special language skills. Or so they would have her believe ... in fact, it turns out that she's got a special connection to a guy involved in the case, and her CIA bosses are going to work that connection, even if they aren't going to let her in on it. The show, which will definitely remind you of 'Alias' (and in a good way) is also a perfect addition to the USA 'Characters Welcome' line-up, with 'O.C.' dad Peter Gallagher and 'Invasion's' Kari Matchett playing Annie's husband-and-wife team of bosses, and 'Popular' star Christopher Gorham as the scene-stealing Auggie, the charming agent who was blinded on a mission, but is still the go-to guy for info, gadgets and the lay of the land at CIA headquarters.

'Major League Baseball All-Star Game'– The 81st annual game unfolds in Anaheim, at Angels Stadium, with the American League on a winning streak that goes all the way back to 1996 (not counting the 2002 tie) (8PM, Fox)

'Deadliest Catch' – While the boys struggle for control of the ship, Capt. Phil takes a final turn for the worse (9PM, Discovery)

'White Collar' – Peter and Neal go up against a crafty bank robber, who they quickly realize is even more clever than they thought (9PM, USA) season 2 premiere

'The Hills' – Will Heidi and Spencer return? Will Audrina and Justin Bobby reunite? Will Brody Jenner ever not be on our TVs? (10PM, MTV) series finale

'Rescue Me' – When Tommy vows to stop drinking -- well, except for wine -- his suspicious family members tell him once and for all that they're done with him (10PM, FX)

'World's Wackiest Game Shows' – Examining goofy game shows around the globe, including one where a dude gets run over by cars (on purpose), while he sings opera (10PM, Travel) series premiere

'The City' – Oh, that Olivia! She just makes us so angry! (10:30PM, MTV) season 2 finale

'The Hills' Reunion Special – Post-finale, the whole gang -- yes, even Lauren Conrad -- returns to dissect the six seasons of catfights and hook-ups (11PM, MTV)

'Psych' (10PM, USA) season 5 premiere
The boys are back tonight, as faux psychic Shawn (James Roday) and his BFF/partner-in-crimebusting Gus (Dule Hill) try to find the missing daughter of a Chinese crime boss, and end up running into some baddies that ... well, let's just say an homage to 'The Karate Kid' ensues. Not spoiling any more of the fun for the premiere, but 'Psych' fans -- 'Psych-os' if you will -- should be 'Psych'-ed for the rest of the show's fifth season, which will include a Tears for Fears cover of the show's infectious theme song, guest appearances by Carl Weathers, William Devane, Nestor Carbonell and the incredible Jean Smart and, as Roday hinted in our recent interview with him, a little romance (finally!) between Shawn and Jules (Maggie Lawson, Roday's real-life girlfriend).

'Breakfast Special' – The special travels the country in search of the best breakfast dining experiences, including one in a shopping mall in Ohio (8PM, PBS)

'ESPY Awards' – 'Saturday Night Live' funny guy Seth Myers hosts the 18th annual star-studded awards fest (9PM, ESPN)

'The Fabulous Beekman Boys' – The guys head back to the city for a swanky affair with domestic doyenne Martha Stewart (9PM, Planet Green)

'Chasing Mummies' – Following the adventures of real-life Indy Jones, archaeologist Zahi Hawass (10PM, History Channel) series premiere

'The Real World' – Knight makes his move on Jemmye, while Ryan, the ever more nutty Ryan, decides that if McKenzie won't hook up with him, he'll go after her best friend (10PM, MTV)

'Mary Knows Best' (9PM, Syfy) series premiere
Meet Mary Occhino, who may just be the most interesting reality TV mom since Sharon Osbourne. Occhino is an author, Sirius radio show host and psychic, and a divorced Long Island mom to three grown children, who aren't exactly thrilled to have mom being a buttinsky at this stage of their lives. People on her radio show, 'Angels on Call,' phone in to get her advice -- psychic style! -- but sons Chris (a paranormal investigator) and Carl (a journalist), and daughter Jackie, aren't as anxious to get her input ... nagging might be the word they'd use to describe it. Still, the Italian-American clan is a tight-knit crew, and as much as they may hate it, and hate to admit it, mama Mary really does seem to know best.

'80s Teen Movie Marathon – A night of classic teen flicks starts with 'Better Off Ted,' continues with 'Sixteen Candles,' 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and 'Risky Business,' and wraps up with 'Fame' (8PM, TCM)

'Ace of Cakes'
– Tina Fey in the house! The '30 Rock' star asks Duff to make a cake that will appear in an episode of the show, then asks for another cake that she wants to use as a season finale surprise for her castmates (10PM, Food Network)

'Family Renovation' – In the opener, we meet the Grant family, a fam of seven who will continue to live in their home while it's totally gutted and renovated (10PM, DIY) series premiere

'Futurama' – In 'The Duh-Vinci Code,' the gang travels to Rome -- well, future Rome -- to find out what da Vinci's secret really was (10PM, Comedy Central)

'Royal Pains' – When a winemaker loses her ability to taste, she fears her livelihood is at risk (10PM, USA)

'The Jensen Project' (8PM, NBC)
If this Kellie Martin adventure flick does well, there's a chance it could become a regular series. That alone -- the chance to see the 'Life Goes On' and 'ER' alum, one of our all-time fave TV actresses, back on the tube on a regular basis -- is reason enough to tune in, so it's just a bonus that the family film turns out to be so fun. Martin plays Claire, who, along with hubby Matt (Brady Smith), was once part of a research team that developed a powerful project that has now fallen into the hands of would-be baddies (including a former colleague). So Claire and Matt, with 15-year-old son Brody in tow, take off to try to thwart the evil-doing, which gives them a chance for some major family bonding along the way.

Nat Geo Amazing! – In this new, and definitely amazing, new NGC series, each episode spotlights some unusual people, places and things from around the globe, including, in tonight's installment, a community in Thailand where poisonous king cobra snakes are the family pets, an incredible rooftop green destination in Chicago and Hogzilla. And for more scoop, check out the companion 'Nat Geo Amazing!' book

'Wife Swap' – The McLeish family's daughters have been well-trained in the ins and outs of etiquette, while the O'Dell family's daughters like to race in the mud and tinker around in the family auto shop ... and now, the moms are swapping lives (8PM, ABC)

'Man, Woman, Wild' – It's Special Forces alum Myke and his journalist wife Ruth vs. poisonous reptiles. Sounds ... fun? No, definitely not that. Sounds ... like they're out of their minds? Yes, that's better (9PM, Discovery) series premiere

'DC Cupcakes' – Cupcakes are all the rage, and this series follows a pair of sisters who quit their jobs to open a designer cupcake (read: they're gonna cost a whole lot more than the ones you make with a box of Duncan Hines cake mix and a tub of frosting) bakery in Washington, D.C. (10PM, TLC) series premiere

'Flashpoint' – The SRU team tackles a fragile situation when they try to end -- peacefully - a hostage situation involving a young man and a baby (10PM, CBS)

'Haven' – As Audrey tries to adjust to life in her new town, she collaborates with Nathan on a case and finds, yet again, that everything that happens in Haven is accompanied by very strange occurrences (10PM, Syfy)

'24-Hour Restaurant Battle' (Sun., 10PM, Food Network) series premiere
Awesome idea: Famed New York City restaurateur/cookbook author/'Top Chef' and 'Chopped' judge is host of this new foodie competition in which two teams (of just two people each) go head-to-head in a race to plan, open and begin operation of a restaurant ... in 24 hours. That's right, the teams have just one full day to plan a menu, find ingredients, design and decorate the eatery's menu, hire a staff and get the joint opened and ready to serve customers. The overwhelming task offers a nice reward for the winning team, though: $10,000 cash, seed money to help the winners realize their dream of opening their own restaurant for reals.

'Pit Boss' – New episodes return with Shorty and crew being called by a woman who needs help rescuing a pit bull that may have been involved with dogfighting (Sat., 10PM, Animal Planet)

'A Lemur's Story' – You'll fall in love with baby lemur Belle, who runs with a tough troop in which only 20 percent of the young'uns make it to adulthood (Sun., 6:30PM, BBCA)

'Revenge of the Bridesmaids' – Raven-Symone and JoAnna Garcia play pals who want to become bridesmaids to another pal and ruin her wedding, because that pal ruined another pal's life by stealing her boyfriend (the groom). Me and ow! (Sun., 8PM, ABC Family)

'Leverage' – John Schneider guest stars as the team gets wrapped up in a scam in the country music world, and one of them even becomes a country crooner himself (Sun., 9PM, TNT)

'True Blood' – In an episode called 'Trouble,' Sookie and Alcide go to a wolf packmaster for help in dealing with Russell's cohorts (Sun., 9PM, HBO)

'Strange Sex' – Back-to-back episodes of the new show focus on 'Cougars and Cubs,' with a 72-year-old woman who's dating a 33-year-old father of two, followed by an episode in which a woman claims she can think her way to an orgasm. Hey, the title says it all (Sun., 10PM, TLC) series premiere

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