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October 9, 2015

'Last Comic Standing' - 'Week 6: Top Ten' Recap

by Gabrielle Dunn, posted Jul 13th 2010 12:00PM
Myq Kaplan(S07E06) Finally, we're down to the Top 10 finalists so hopefully these recaps become less like 'War and Peace' and more like 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven.' (Shorter. With less crying.)

The judges are not doing commentary anymore and now who moves on is decided by the audience at home voting. The results are announced the following Monday so the comics have a week to just sweat it out. Way harsh.

In the actual episode, there's a weird NBA All-Stars-esque intro with host Craig Robinson yelling all the comic's names and then Laurie Kilmartin is up first. She talks in her opening bit about how she's been kicked in the teeth a lot and considered giving up. Then she claims her teeth aren't real. It's cute.

She gets real quick with a bit about her cheating ex-boyfriend and his mistress who can't spell. Of course, the camera shows the women in the audience lovin' it. She gets more applause than laughs. Though at the end, her jokes about her kid do well.

My nemesis Felipe Esparza is up second. He makes a dated reference to 'Napoleon Dynamite.' I hope his set is full of jokes about 'Juno' and Skip-Its. He jokes about living with his brother in a bunk bed and about riding in a cop car for the third time and trying to be the cops friend. Oh my god! They just showed ousted semi-finalist Fortune Feimster in the audience. It's like the people who edit this show knew what I needed not to off myself during Esparza's set.

Roy Wood Jr. is third and he's been growing on me lately even though I definitely think there were comics in the semi-finals that were funnier than him. He does a joke about getting punched at a sports bar than includes the phrase "all up in my civil rights" which is clever. He's got these great first lines and then the stories that follow are pretty funny but the biggest laughs come from the crazy premises. (ie: "I got punched at a sports bar" or "I got kicked out of Career Day.") I don't know if he deserves to win but he should probably move on.

Robinson is dressed like Santa Claus for some reason when he announces the next comic is Maronzio Vance. His dry delivery is nice but his jokes premises take too long and it's too silent until he finally hits a punchline. He also kind of subtly messes up his last jokes ending. He's never been my favorite so I won't be too sad to see him go if he does.

I turned away from my TV for a second and when Rachel Feinstein started talking, it could have easily been Fran Drescher. Oy. She talks about dealing with rejection and finally feeling like one of the cool kids. She's all dressed up for her set. Her voice for her mother is pretty funny. Her mom actually sounds a lot like my mom so I'm laughing for the first time at Feinstein's set. She does a good job describing what's funny and really painting a picture with her characters. Again, I don't know if it's funnier than some of the semi-finalists who were let go last week, but it's not terrible.

Tommy Johnigan is next and he's one comic I'm definitely rooting for in this Top 10. He also talks about his mom and his grandmother but his aren't characters, they're punchlines. It's a total contrast. He's way more my speed. He even gets laughs and claps when talking about an ugly stripper. ("You can't smoke in here but that's okay?!") That's talent.

Next up is weird-but-lovable Jonathan Thymius, who always wanders on stage like he doesn't quite know if he's supposed to be there. He gets laugh before he even speaks. He opens with a 'Brady Bunch' joke and the audience doesn't quite know what to make of him but his second joke about being on a diet kills. His delivery is what makes him. He burps into the mic and calls it a sign from God. He also asks for juggling balls from the audience, who is so split on him that it's actually making it way funnier for me watching it on TV. He is such a weirdo but I love it.

James Adomian is another favorite of mine in the competition. He's kind of a drama king in his opening bit but its funny. He opens with a bit about Aesop's fables that is kind of a stretch but he gets laughs and applause. As soon as he mentions Paul Giamatti, I know he's going to go into the voice and it's going to be spot-on and kill. Oh, and it does. But it goes on just a little too long because the biggest laugh is in the middle. I still like him but I can't decide if he's a good enough comic, and not just a really, really awesome impersonator.

Mike DeStefano says he is here to win. His backstage video shows him pointing at his face saying, "This is the new sexy" but I'm more pleased to see another booted semi-finalist Chip Pope in the clip. DeStefano's yelling in a very Lewis Black manner and his punchlines are good if not a bit easy. He talks about wanting to be black and his best line is, "I want to be reincarnated as a big black guy. Not the next time. I want to be white one more time. But after that."

The last comic is my pick to win, Myq Kaplan. I like that they paired him with DeStefano, who though they share a first name, could not be more different. Kaplan immediately picks up on that and says, "Like the performer before me, I, too, am a tough guy." He also rips on himself for being a vegan but says vegans live 15 years longer than non-vegans "probably because we're not invited to do anything fun or dangerous." He gets enough laughs that I don't feel he's in danger of going home but perhaps he was too smart for the studio audience, who had gotten used to the style of the more "club" comics that came before him. Saving Kaplan for last was a weird choice. (I could be biased, but either way he's still my pick for the title.)

Who did you vote for last night and who do you hope goes home?

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