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October 4, 2015

Top 20: 'The Hills' Catfights and Hook-Ups

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 13th 2010 1:00PM

For six seasons, we've watched 'The Hills' crew make out, fight, make up and fight some more. In fact, the hook-ups and the catfights have been among the show's most dramatic moments, and it's no surprise that one often follows the other. Here are our picks for the Top 20 'Hills' hook-ups and catfights, and it's important to note that the catfights are just the tiffs between the women of 'The Hills.' If we included all the Spencer Pratt freak-outs, well, we'd definitely need at least one more Top 20 list.
Hook-Up: A Bad Romance
Episode: 'Timing Is Everything,' Season 1, Episode 10
The Players: Lauren and Jason
The Sitch: He'd played her -- and several other girls -- when they were in high school on 'Laguna Beach,' and throughout the first season of 'The Hills,' their relationship had been up and down, to say the least. Yet, as the premiere season wrapped, Lauren had to choose: Go to Paris as part of her 'Teen Vogue' internship, or stay in Los Angeles and rent a summer house with Jason. She chose the big lug ... and by the beginning of season two, they had broken up. Fortunately, Lauren's timing wasn't all bad, as she did manage to ankle Jason before he began in earnest to rack up his lengthy rap sheet.

Hook-Up: Balcony Love
Episode: 'The Best Night Ever,' Season 2, Episode 3
The Players: Lauren and Brody
The Sitch: Despite her proclamation that she'd sworn off boys (understandable after her relationship with Jason), you knew L.C. was a goner when, after a successful first date with Brody Jenner, she and Heidi met up with Brody and Spencer at Area, and Brody started laying on the compliments with a heavy hand. "You have the most beautiful eyes, honestly, I've ever seen," he told Lauren. "I like you. I want to hang out with you." Just minutes later, Heidi and Spencer were left asking where their friends had gone, as we see Lauren and Brody leaving the club, and heading back to Brody's condo, where some balcony smooching and hugging took place.

Catfight: Bunney Did a Bad, Bad Thing
Episode: 'With Friends Like These ...,' Season 2, Episode 7
The Players: Lauren and Heidi
The Sitch: Before the sex tape rumors, Speidi's most evil misdeed towards Lauren was actually, more disturbingly, largely Heidi's handiwork, with help from Spencer, Jen Bunney and Brody Jenner. It was Lauren and Heidi's mutual friend Jen Bunney's 21st birthday, and despite the fact that Lauren had made a speech about how good a friend Jen was and presented the birthday girl with a diamond bracelet, Jen's only wish was to mack with Brody, Lauren's most recent hook-up. Did Bunney know Lauren would freak out? Yes. Did Heidi -- still Lauren's roommate and alleged BFF at this point -- know Lauren would freak out? Yes. Still, Heidi helped arrange the Bunney/Brody hook-up anyway, and, like so many other hook-ups on 'The Hills,' it led to a catfight, with Lauren blaming the situation on Spencer, and telling Heidi during a confrontation at their apartment: "Last night was the straw that broke the camel's back ... He's a sucky person! He's a sucky person! I hate Spencer ... He did a really messed-up thing last night!" Well, someone (or two, or three) did a really messed up thing that's for sure ...

Hook-Up: Bunney Did a Bad, Bad Thing
Episode: 'With Friends Like These ...,' Season 2, Episode 7
The Players: Jen Bunney and Brody
The Sitch: Again, Lauren had just given her diamonds, and made a heartfelt speech about how much their friendship meant to her, and Jen Bunney thanked her by sneaking off for a little b-day hook up with horndog Brody. Shocking and shameful, but at least we didn't have to witness it, as the dirty deed happened off-camera this time.

Catfight: With Friends Like These ...
Episode: 'You Know What You Did,' Season 3, Episode 1
The Players: Lauren and Heidi
The Sitch: The former roommates and BFFs had been on the outs since Heidi moved out of her bachelorette pad with Lauren and into a love nest with troublemaking boyfriend Spencer. But when Lauren and Heidi met up on this night at Frankie's birthday party, and Heidi pretended to be clueless about why L.C. was so upset with her, Lauren let her know that she knew Heidi and Spencer were behind the widely spread rumor (which had been even more widely spread via Perez Hilton) that Lauren and ex-BF Jason had made a sex tape. As the title of the episode repeated, Lauren's "You know what you did!" accusation tossed at her once-trusted pal remains one of the show's most famous quotes.

Hook Up: Wait, WHO Was Making Out?!s
Episode: 'What Happens in Vegas ...,' Season 3
The Players: Lo Bosworth and Frankie Delgado
The Sitch: It was a blink-and-you-missed-it moment. But if you were, in fact, paying attention when 'The Hills' gang hit Las Vegas to celebrate Brody's 24th birthday, you might have caught the scene where, in Pure nightclub, Lauren's BFF Lo and Brody's BFF Frankie were seriously making out. Nothing more ever came of the hook-up -- or, at least, was ever shown on camera -- which just makes its randomness all the more awesome.

Catfight: Heidi Ho
Episode: 'Forgive and Forget,' Season 3
The Players: Lauren and Heidi
The Sitch: And then there's another of the show's most famous quotes, also courtesy of a showdown between Lauren and Heidi. This time, the former roomies meet up at the apartment they once shared, as Heidi arrives with hopes that she and Lauren can make up and become friends again, and a bouquet of flowers. "Look out, there are a couple of thorns there, and they might prick you," Heidi says. A couple of thorns, indeed. After an especially tense conversation, Lauren tells Heidi she does want to forgive her ... "and I want to forget you!" Friendship over!

Hook Up: Whitney and the Rocker
Episode: 'Back to New York,' Season 4
The Players: Whitney and Jay
The Sitch: Lauren and Whitney were sent off to New York City on an assignment for People's Revolution, where Whitney would be reunited with Alex, the male model she had met on a previous trip to the Big Apple. But when she and Lauren hit Italian restaurant/lounge Il Bastardo, where model-esque Australian wannabe rocker Jay Lyon and his band were playing, Alex, to use Kristin Cavallari's one-time catchphrase, was dunzo. The normally reserved Whitney was drooling over Jay while watching him perform, and the two immediately clicked when they were introduced and started talking. An annoyed Alex stood by watching the connection happen, but he probably didn't expect that, without even so much as a goodbye, Whitney would ditch him and leave the restaurant with Jay!

Catfight: "I Would Rather Kill Myself"
Episode: 'You Did This,' Season 4
The Players: Lauren and Audrina
The Sitch: Several supposedly reliable sources have planted the rumor in Audrina's ear that her on-again/off-again/on-again/off-again etc. BF Justin Bobby had had a fling with Lauren, and for some reason, Audrina believed it. Lauren denied it, J.B. denied it, and viewers were no doubt yelling at the screen that it wasn't true -- let's be honest, it was always obvious that L.C. was skeeved by Justin. Yet, for some reason, Audrina persisted in bugging Lauren about the alleged hook-up, leading to a teary, shouty showdown in which Lauren finally came right out and told Audrina why she and Justin Bobby could never be. "I would rather kill myself than hook up with him," LC said. "He is disgusting. Justin disgusts me!"

Hook Up: "Feelings Are Feelings"
Episode: 'I Always Had a Little Crush,' Season 5
The Players: Audrina and Brody
The Sitch: He would later blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol when 'fessing up to girlfriend Jayde, but Brody nor longtime friend Audrina were thinking of significant others when Audrina, Lauren, Stephanie and Lo crashed the guys' season five trip to Hawaii. Flirting ensued, and egged on by Stephanie's suggestion that Audrina should forget about Justin Bobby, Audrina and Brody headed to his room at the end of the night. "I don't want it to be awkward between us," Brody said. "I think you are a very sweet person, I think you're a good friend of mine ... and if we decide one night late with nobody around, late night, feelings are feelings." Flash to the next morning, when his friends asked Brody what had happened between he and Audrina, and Mr. Jenner confirmed: "I messed up. I cheated."

Catfight: Audrina Vs. The Playmates
Episode: 'Playmates Bring the Drama,' Season 5
The Players: Audrina, Jayde and some random Playmates
The Sitch: Audrina kept trying to deny it, saying she and Brody and stayed up all night talking, but Brody had already admitted to girlfriend Jayde that he and Audrina had hooked up (using the old "I was drunk" routine) when 'The Hills' gang went off to Hawaii, sans Jayde. And they'd already had a minor beef before Audrina showed up at club MyHouse, where Brody and Jayde were chillin' with a group of Jayde's fellow Playboy Playmates. A rowdy Jayde and her pals let Audrina know she wasn't welcome, and when Brody refused to stick up for his old friend while his girlfriend was shouting in her face, Audrina slunk off, yet again on the wrong end of a 'Hills' hook-up.

Catfight: The Bee-otch Is Back
Episode: 'It's on B**ch!' Season 5
The Players: Kristin, Audrina and Stephanie
The Sitch: You don't poke an angry bear, and you don't poke a flirtatious Kristin Cavallari, or so Audrina found out when she and Stephanie took offense that Kristin was getting flirty with Justin Bobby in Kristin's first full episode as the new star of 'The Hills' after Lauren Conrad's departure. Stephanie started the brouhaha by telling Kristin she needed to respect Audrina and steer clear of J.B., and when Audrina herself jumped in, things only got more heated. "You f**ked with the wrong girl, dude! The wrong girl!" Kristin shouted at Audrina and Stephanie. And then spent the rest of the season wrapping Justin Bobby around her finger, much to Audrina's chagrin.

Catfight: Justin Bobby Dates, But Never Dated, Two Women
Episode: 'I'm Done With You,' Season 5 (Part 2)
The Players: Kristin and Audrina
The Sitch: In the course of this episode, Kristin would flirt with the freshly single Brody, break up with Justin Bobby and have yet another face-off with Audrina. Good old J.B. was, of course, the issue, as Kristin and Audrina met up at Heidi's birthday party (the one she asked Spencer to throw for her, then ended up planning herself ... but I digress) and Kristin tried to tell Audrina that, since they were never friends, she felt there was no issue about her hooking up with Justin. Besides, Kristin cattily added, Justin had told her he and Audrina had never been a couple anyway ("I know that must be hard for you to hear, as a woman," said Kristin. Meow!). Oh yeah?, responded Audrina. Well, he told me the same thing about you and him! Oh yeah?, said Kristin. Well, "F**k you, I don't want to be friends with you."

Catfight: It Takes One to Know One
Episode: 'Can't Always Get What You Want,' Season 5
The Players: Kristin and Jayde
The Sitch: They'd already had a little smackdown at a club, as Jayde and her Playmate pals took issue with Kristin's closeness with Brody (Kristin's ex, Jayde's recent on-again/off-again boyfriend), so when Jayde asked Kristen to meet her for drinks to discuss Mr. Jenner, you knew the girls weren't going to be playing nice. Kristin got in her own good lines, but more than one 'Hills' fan had to be nodding their heads in "You go, girl!" agreement when Jayde told Kristin, "You don't think that in the entire city of Hollywood you can find other guys, other than Justin and Brody? ... It seems like a pattern with you." Responded Kristin: "You are such a b**ch,' Jayde, I have to tell you. You're a real b**ch."

Hook Up: What Happened in Vegas
Episode: 'Mr. Right Now,' Season 5
The Players: Kristin and Justin
The Sitch: Kristin and friend Stacie decided they needed to get away from the boy drama of Los Angeles, so they headed out for a girls-only weekend in Vegas. Problem was, when Kristin made a pack of particularly lame guys in L.V., suddenly the likes of Justin Bobby didn't seem so bad, and without telling Stacie, Kristin snuck off to make a booty call. Pan to the next morning, when Stacie pops into Kristin's hotel room to find her in bed, eating ice cream and drinking champagne for breakfast, while the shower was running. Who came out sauntering out of the bathroom, wrapped in nothing but a towel? Justin Bobby, who'd driven all the way to Vegas to hook up with Ms. Cavallari.

Hook Up: Kristin Kissed a Girl, and She Liked it
Episode: 'Mr. Right Now,' Season 5
The Players: Kristin and Stacie
The Sitch: During the wild weekend in Vegas that had already seen Kristin make a long distance booty call to get Justin to arrive in Sin City, she, pal Stacie and Justin headed off to a strip club. But not intent to watch the show on the stage, Stacie and Kristin decided to put on their own show for J.B, and played a quick game of tonsil hockey at the club.

Hook Up: Kristin Likes Vanilla
Episode: 'This Is Goodbye,' Season 6
The Players: Kristin and Brody
The Sitch: Though she'd once publicly declared that their sex life was "vanilla," Kristin went back for another scoop after she joined 'The Hills' cast. She and Brody, her ex-boyfriend, had remained friends, but when they started hanging out again on a regular basis, the friendship turned into a friends-with-benefits situation, including in this episode, where Kristin seemed to be Brody's consolation prize after Audrina, who was dating rocker Ryan Cabrera at the time, turned him down.

Catfight: Let's Duke It Out
Episode: 'The Company You Keep,' Season 6
The Players: Kristin and Allie Lutz
The Sitch: Brody's recent fling McKaela shows up where the gang is hanging out, with her friend Allie Lutz, a girl Kristin "hates with a passion," in tow. Why does Kristin have no love for Allie? She and Brody say Allie once broke into Brody's house, in the middle of the night, looking for a ring she'd left there during a party. Allie denies it, lamely, and then asks Kristin if she wants to "duke it out." Seriously? Because anyone who's been paying attention to Kristin all these years would guess that she's probably a pretty scrappy, and dirty, fighter, which Allie seems to realize too, as she decides to scamper off, with nothing duked out.

Catfight: Allie Cat(fight)
Episode: 'Between a Rocker and a Hard Place,' Season 6
The Players: Kristin and Allie Lutz
The Sitch: Just a week earlier, Kristin squabbled with Allie Lutz, alleged burglar of Brody's home. In this episode, they meet up again, as McKaela drags Allie to a party where the gang is hanging out. Shouting ensues -- Allie and Kristin, of course -- and yet again, one of the central instigators of the fight -- Brody, specifically the girls' jealousy over him -- skates through the fight not only unscathed, but with Kristin asking him to go home with her, because she felt he had taken her side vs. McKaela and Allie. You have to hand it to him, he's a smoothie.

Hook Up: Twisted Sister
Episode: 'Welcome to the Jungle,' Season 6
The Players: Kristin and Will the bartender
The Sitch: It was on when, during the gang's trip to Costa Rica, Brody told his friends, in front of Kristin, that he thought of her as a little sister. That was the spark Kristin needed to get her flirt on with hot bartender Will. And when her flirting irked Brody into telling her, in front of Will, that she was like a little sister, except a sister that he'd had sex with (a disturbing declaration on several levels), Kristin became even more committed to showing Brody what he was missing out on if he persisted in seeing her in a family way (so to speak). Commence Kristin making out with Will, and Brody left with nothing to do but stand at the bar and watch.

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