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October 8, 2015

'Memphis Beat' - 'Polk Salad Annie' Recap

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 14th 2010 7:00AM
Memphis Beat(S01E04) 'Memphis Beat' may not be interesting enough to delve into each and every week; it's too routine to be important and it's not even bad enough to have fun with every week.

It's just ... OK. And I'm getting a little sick of OK dramas.

Tonight's opening scene -- the gang eating at a restaurant and noticing that a criminal had come in -- promised to be witty and maybe a little exciting, but it was a rather dull way to start the show and go into the credits. Then we get a plot involving a barbecue festival and the attempted murder of one of the cooking kings, but (as I said last week) within this Southern world of quirky characters we get a rather routine light procedural.

Really, did anything surprise you about this plot? The hogs were ordered via Ann Elise's (Melanie Lynskey from 'Two and a Half Men') cell phone and she acted all sneaky, so I thought "oh, that's a red herring, it's going to be someone else." But it turns out that it actually was her? Snore. The way she was acting, lying and all that, was very similar to the way the wife was acting in last night's episode.

This show needs to be more clever and less quirky buddy cop show.

The bright spots? Rice's son getting arrested for urinating at the festival could open up some plots (though enough with Dwight and Rice arguing), and DJ Qualls should be on the show a lot more. Though I don't know why Ann Elise wouldn't know who he was, considering that he's a cop in town. And no one at the bar would start talking to him because they know him from his work as a cop? Ann Elise suddenly pouring out her troubles to a guy she just met? And wouldn't her directly stating that she wanted Sutton to kill her brother on tape mean they could arrest her immediately? Gah.

It seemed like they were dragging it out so they could have a big "gotcha" ending that was more complex than it had to be, with Sutton and the brother and sister all in a car, Sutton convincing them they need to be brother and sister again.

I don't know, I just want something meatier in this show. And I don't mean barbecue.

More thoughts:

• Didn't Dwight and Alex have sex at the end of last week's episode? And now she's having him come over to fix the sink and he gives her a toolbox and they banter about him butting into his life and he leaves? I wonder if these episodes might have been shown out of order.

• Dwight sang another song tonight (the title), but I read in an interview that it's actually not Jason Lee singing. I thought it was and they tried having Lee sing but he just wasn't good enough so they got someone to dub the singing voice.

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